2020 mercedes benz gls 294250
Altair Club Cars 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS – #294250

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS – #294250

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Hey kevin this is gerardo here at perkins motorplex in mayfield as you can tell i’m standing in front of the perkins motorplex building here uh and then we’ve got one of the 104 service departments here um if you were here and you were to head down that road down there you would find that we’ve got four shops and then we’ve got two detailing facilities and then

We have another uh two to three hundred vehicles in the back but anyways uh i’m actually standing here in front of the mercedes that you and i have been talking about uh again thanks for being patient with me here so i’m gonna walk around it i’ve actually walked around it already before um i really didn’t see a whole lot to pick out uh but usually on the second

One i can kind of find things that maybe i didn’t see before but again uh here’s the video on the 2020 mercedes it does have two sets of keys and it does have that 30-day powertrain plus warranty that we talked about so starting out here with the front of the vehicle as you can tell the hood is in great shape no dings no dents that i can see uh of course you know

With it being a used vehicle if we look close enough uh maybe you’ll find some small little uh you know minor little scratches but you know you really have to get up close to it i mean the the hood is in great shape though um so you can tell the headlight here on the passenger side looks good uh that camera it off just some dirt uh looks like there is a few little

Rock packs that have been touched up there on this side so you can tell the front of the grille here looks to be in great shape though no rock picks on this side i don’t think i am noticing a minor little scratch here a little scuff right there but overall the front looks great i’ll show you the wheels there so as you can tell the wheels look great no scuffing no

Curved rash and then plenty of trail life on that one until the door here looks to be in great shape small it was just some lint or something as you can tell there’s a little touch up that has been touched up there with some paint a couple feet away we’ll take a look at this wheel here for you as you can tell the wheel looks to be in great shape there plenty

Of trade life not noticing anything i have to point out on this side looks like there’s a little watermark or something there as you can tell gate looks good look at that third wheel there as you can tell it looks to be in good shape playing the entire life on that one as well not noticing anything else there’s a small little rock pack that has been touched

Up one of their small little rock pack foreign does have a little bit of uh looks like some of that chrome or uh whatever that is uh has came off just a little bit plenty of trade life on that tire as well so that is the outside of the mercedes and i’m gonna pause this video and show you a detailed video walk through the inside

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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS – #294250 By gerardo bartolo

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