2020 mercedes benz glc 63 amg su
Altair Club Cars 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG SUV | Video Tour with Christian

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG SUV | Video Tour with Christian

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Hello this is christian at mercedes-benz and scarborough maine i’m here with the mercedes amg glc63 it’s a v8 bi-turbo with the 4matic plus system formatting plus is special because it allows you to switch the torque distribution from each side of the vehicle allowing you to go rear wheel drive only if you so choose on tracks purposes for track purposes excuse

Me you do get the amg quad exhaust standard we’ll look at the the rear of this vehicle because this is the coupe variant uh it’s not the suv variant now with that said you’re not really sacrificing that much cargo space over a normal glc and you can fold these seats down as well if you so choose to click this button so you’re really not losing a whole bunch um

Now this is a performance vehicle through and through as you would expect with a twin turbo v8 powered amg checking out the back of the vehicle you’ll see that um there is dual climate in the rear so your rear passengers they like it a little bit cooler then they can have it a bit cooler they want it a bit warmer and they can have it a bit warmer it’s heavily

Optioned this one has a burmester sound system has the upgraded amg seats which are pretty coveted um the more performance styled uh gt style seats like i said burmester sound system in this vehicle i’ll hop inside real quick put into auxiliary mode so i can show you a few things here heated seats up front light controls your window controls your mirror controls

Um these are still adjustable these seats believe it or not so they do have quite a few functions um in terms of raising it lowering it this comes out as more bolstering for your legs which is nice um you get cup holders in the uh the bins on the right and the left hand side um good thing is too is there’s like two different variations plus the storage here which

Is just good in case you have a water bottle that might be thinner so it’s not running around all over the place in there uh carbon fiber throughout which is again another really popular choice um this has the the port here for your um excuse me for your usbc for your phone for apple carplay and android auto this does have nfc which is very good um so you do

Get the the wireless charging there as well two cup holders here um if you need them it’s an amg so you get the amg dash which means you get boost pressure you have a accelerometer for g-force readings again more boost and power outputs oil temperatures on the right-hand side you get tire pressure tire temperature uh which is good if you’re on track to know if

Your tires are warm enough or if they’re getting a little too overheated uh mbux display in the middle nothing’s really changed outside of you get the track pace uh on this i’ll turn the car on here um you do get the trackpad track uh race settings here where you can record lap times uh record sector times a whole nine yards very intuitive very great you have a

Drag race mode as well where you can measure your launch you can measure your quarter mile your zero to 60 your zero to 100 and so forth great telemetry in here as well you get speed options uh for each sector 30 seconds whole nine yards here uh trackpay’s app um will enable all of this you’ll actually be able to have tracks added and everything in between um

Your amg performance here is basically just going to give you extra things that you would see in the dashboard so you have your accelerometer um for your g-force you have the angle of suspension you have your acceleration deacceleration you’ve got your engine power here so this is 500 so if i mash the throttle here see that that goes up consumption dynamic

Select for your sport plus and then your mercedes me apps in the settings as you would expect from a mercedes what i’ll do now is i’ll let the car run for a couple seconds i’m going to go allow you guys to listen to the exhaust when i do a performance turn on which is the emotion start in this vehicle you basically hold down the left-hand side the paddle shift

And then also press the start button with your foot on the brake like i said this vehicle is listed for seventy six thousand five hundred and fifty four dollars if it is something you’re interested in moving forward with or you wanted to come down and take a look at it you can give me a call my number is two zero seven eight one five one two eight nine and again

It’s christian at mercedes-benz and i hope you all have a great rest of your day now bye-bye

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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG SUV | Video Tour with Christian By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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