2020 mercedes amg glc63 s coupe
Altair Club Cars 2020 Mercedes AMG GLC63 S Coupe | BRUTAL Drive Full Review 4MATIC + Sound Acceleration Exhaust

2020 Mercedes AMG GLC63 S Coupe | BRUTAL Drive Full Review 4MATIC + Sound Acceleration Exhaust

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Good ah so hello guys welcome to birdsband’s king today we are here with the glc63s 4matic plus coupe it has a v8 bi turbo and in this video i will show you the complete activity of your interviewer and you will take it for a drive including the autobahn trip so this glc63s is brought to you by a swiss company it is called flex rent and the license plate

Is also from sh shaft housing and that you might remember from the iwc shelf housing clock in the center console so let’s first start here with the exterior where you can see a very aggressive front bumpers everything is blacked out it has a gorgeous graphite gray exterior color it’s not completely black but a little bit grayish furthermore the panamericana

Grille and this glc63s really leans forward aggressive and beautiful with a small swiss license plate in the front it has the new led multi-beam intelligent light system with these blue lines inside 84 leds per headlight and the combination of the graphite gray and the black-tie bumpers are amazing with these multi-spoke amg ramps gorgeous it also has an

Amazing design inward sloping a gorgeous mercedes star in the center and a nice contrast with the red brake calipers which says amg the size is 265 40 21 inch a v8 bi-turbo 4matic plus emblem with the gorgeous red plus furthermore on the side you can see the gorgeous coupe line of this dlc suv and this can be considered as the larger border of the c-class

Amazing shape and also identical interior so moving over into the rear side you can notice this spoiler very large and thin and i love this new tail light design round shaped also on the trunk area and just check out these exhaust pipes quattro so double on each side and very in your face design blacked out overall the complete exterior color matches amazing

With this white license plate and having a swiss license plate is a huge plus it matches the formatted plus badge on the side so let’s have a look at what is in the trunk and i will show you the practicality you can also open it with your foot underneath and here you can see the trunk opens all the way alongside the coupe line you can take this cover out and

You can see there’s enough space a little bit less than the suv and i love this spoiler on the top it really looks amazing with the trunk open so let’s close it and now it is time to take it for a drive and we will listen to the sound let’s go it has a lovely invitation screen in front of us with the glc63s front and let me press the button for the electronics

To work and there you can see a lovely interior with the ambient lighting in a blue color and guys make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have some amazing content special for you on all new mercedes-benz vehicles including amg and maiba so let’s go by the way it has the all new mbux of mercedes-benz it includes the hey mercedes

Hey mercedes how may i help you change the ambient lighting color to red okay i’m changing the color hey mercedes how may i help you change the ambient lighting color back to blue okay i’m changing the color and now you can see it is amazing let me press the button again and if you increase the temperature this light will become red if you decrease it it is

Blue a gorgeous steering wheel with alcantara on the sides a flat bottom amg and i love the door panel with the stitching all around the interior i have to say that the previous touchpad was a little bit more intuitive with the scroller but it looks very sleek and clean with the design of the center console i will just show you one more thing and of course

We will not forget to have a look at what is under the bonnet of this beast so here you can see this is a v8 bi-turbo with 4 liter capacity producing over 510 horsepower and combined with this 4matic plus system all-wheel drive it sprints from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.6 seconds that’s for the coupe the suv is 0.1 seconds slower it has 700

Newton meters of torque and the top speed is not limited to 250 kilometers an hour so let’s try our best and we will take it for a drive on the autobahn we are going downhill so i will put it into sport plus and this way the suspension stiffens the steering wheel is sharper and the engine is also set to support plus so the gas pedal is very responsive and

It uses lower gears amazing crackles go closer sunroof so we can enjoy the interior sound there’s also a way to change the 100 meters display in the infotainment system let’s hit the menu and i will swipe all the way to the right to stealth and display design and let’s select the super sport menu again to the left navigation and this will show you which way

You need to drive but i will leave it on amg so you can see the boost let’s take a turn to the left as i mentioned it has the newest mbux so also the ar the augmented reality combined with the navigation system so it has a camera behind the rear view mirror to show you exactly which way you need to go so in 200 meters i have to turn to the left right here

The a810 such an aggressive card so guys thanks for watching merge bans king i hope to like this video with the glc63s formatted plus copay and i will see you guys next time bye

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2020 Mercedes AMG GLC63 S Coupe | BRUTAL Drive Full Review 4MATIC + Sound Acceleration Exhaust By MercBenzKing

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