2020 mercedes amg glb 35 4matic
Altair Club Cars 2020 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 4Matic – Fast SUV

2020 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 4Matic – Fast SUV

2020 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 4Matic – Fast SUV!

Hello before we start make sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell to receive updates when we upload new videos keep watching until the end of the video to see the interior shots exterior shots and the full preview mercedes-benz has been building the highly successful g-class suv since the late 1970s originally designed as a military suv

The g class aka the g wagon has earned a legion of followers over the years despite its devotion to off-road rather than outright luxury the second generation g class revealed in 2017 successfully fixes those flaws but mercedes also felt it was necessary to capitalize on this suv success by developing a new car based crossover with similar styling the glb class was

Born and now mercedes amg has unveiled its high-performance version meet the 2020 mercedes amg glb 35 a three hundred and six or spyro suv crossover with sedan underpinnings and its own unique personality this military wagon is aimed for those who desire power and performance with an suv ish attitude although it’s not anywhere near as capable as its big brother the

Glb 35 seems to be determined to leave its own mark on an emerging segment even ford will soon enter off-road crossovers with boxy styling mercedes always plan to use the platform that underpins both the a-class in cla class sedans to build suvs the glb class features the boxy and semi rugged look that has successfully worked for the g wagon for so many years the

Glb 35 officially called the glb 35 4matic will explain shortly can be distinguished for the bass glb with an amg specific grille a front splitter standard 19-inch five-spoke wheels 21 inches are optional and even a rear spoiler the overall interior layout is nearly identical to that of the glb class but there are some notable upgrades there’s the amg specific

Multifunction steering wheel with a flattened bottom and perforated leather in the grip area on either side of it a galvanized gear shift paddles the seats are covered in our tico man-made leather and dynamic a microfiber with red stitching and seat belts there’s also the latest version of the automaker’s infotainment system touch control buttons located on the

Steering wheel can also be activated by voice or gesture control another nice amg specific feature is the display styles classic sporty or super sport these vehicle functions are located on the left side of the instrument cluster and in the touchscreen display on the right mercedes designed the two displays to be under one shared piece of glass that blends into the

Widescreen cockpit and like the glb the glb 35 has an optional third-row that can fit an extra two passengers these seats can actually be lowered into the load compartment floor for additional cargo space the second row has a 40 to 60 split throughout the interior there are usb charging sockets storage compartments and cupholders amg will also offer the optional

Night package which offers those above elements in high-gloss black along with a black chrome-plated exhaust pipe basically if you already find the gl bea’s boxy look appealing chances are you’re going to like amg’s approach it’s a somewhat understated look at first glance but a closer inspection reveals those amg specific exterior enhancements power comes from

One engine option a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder making 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission sends that power to the 4matic all-wheel drive system hence the vehicles full name expect a 0 to 62 miles per hour time of 5.2 seconds in an electronically controlled top speed of 155 miles per hour amg added a multi-disc

Clutch with electromechanical control that splits the power from the front to the rear wheels remember the glb rides on a front wheel drive platform but this function allows for 50 to 50 power discs tribution the system is also capable of using braking to keep the wheels from spinning during tight cornering or acceleration amg also retuned the suspension and

Steering for a more thrilling driving experience drivers can also tune the suspensions characteristics by way of one of three driving programs comfort sport and sport plus amg also added its own high-performance brakes that can be identified with silver calipers and black amg lettering mercedes amg has yet to announce official pricing or a launch date but given

The glb 35 4matic is classified as a 2020 model it’s fair to assume sales will get underway in the coming months pricing the base glb class is expected to carry a starting price of around $42,000 option packages will quickly push that price further north with this in mind we would not be surprised to see the amg gl b35 4matic starting at around $55,000 as far as

Competition goes the glb will face off against the audi q5 and bmw x3 this more powerful amg version is aimed at the audi sq5 and bmw x3 m4 ti not the x3 m4 that we wouldn’t be surprised to see mercedes amg launched an even more powerful glb say the glb 43 or 53 thank you for watching and don’t forget to like subscribe and share this video subscribe to oto tv you you

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