2020 lotus evora gt one take
Altair Club Cars 2020 Lotus Evora GT – One Take

2020 Lotus Evora GT – One Take

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Hey guys before we get to this video give me a quick second i am super happy to have these guys on board clear water lights you may have seen them without knowing what they are these are fog lights but they’re not really for fog they’re for motorcycle and motorsports visibility they’re easy to install i put them on my yamaha zuma 125 scooter with just the general

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Led lights for motorcycles and that’s what i installed and truth be told you have to dim these things all the way down to low just to ride in the city and once you turn them up whoa they are bright you’ve also got the sky blue lenses which are a little more ideal for riding at night and the quick on quick off yellow lenses for riding during the day sort of that

Opposite color spectrum that makes you visible these guys are all about safety and i actually do feel much safer and more visible with these lights on my scooter so go to clear water lights come find the kit to fit your car find the kit that fits your bike and use code the smoking tire and check out during the month of august to get five percent off your order

Hit the link in the description and i got the best price around for you stay safe out there now enjoy this video hey everyone welcome to the canyons and well i’m gonna be totally honest with you this is the evora gt and in most ways it’s very similar to the evora 410 that i’ve already driven frankly they’ve added a little bit of horsepower they’ve added some trim

They’ve changed the tires they’ve changed the arrow a little bit and that’s basically it so it’s they’ve aerodynamically optimized it it has it weighs thirty one hundred and seventy-five pounds wet though there’s zero to 16 3.8 seconds 416 horsepower and 317 pounds of torque this one is the manual you can also get an automatic there’s a trans cooler has a limited

Slip differential at the same embodiment extruded chassis ap racing brakes four piston calipers with three hundred and seventy millimeter discs in the front lightweight forged wheels they have gone with cup twos and if you read to my story about the evora 400 the track days i had come to i started with super super sports and i put cup twos on it there was a big

Difference there so let’s have a drive and see how the evora gt compares to its predecessors as i said before when talking about quarrel 400 pluses this is the car that if you’re mad acura doesn’t make the old nsx anymore this is the car for you roughly the same weight and weight distribution as nsx an older one but it’s more comfortable are powerful modernized

For our current day and age and it’s got the sound it’s got the speed and it’s got all of that analog ness i’m a sports car this car is a perfect example of how you can make an analogue car still feel you know it’s a six-speed manual with an old-school limited slip diff the steering is rack and pinion you know the shox it’s just one shock setting and yet the car

Has a balanced ride it’s extremely fast is extremely he’s easy to live with everyday they have managed to build a well-rounded vehicle awfully simple components and methods there’s no there’s fenced piece of anything in this car them the engines from a camry and yet the driving experience truly second to none this whoa the chassis is so-so understeer just

Doesn’t exist these big bumps i just drove that roof smarter by one oh on this road these made books were send to that thing bouncing around the lotus is perfect for those kinds of made of road bumps let’s see how the turning radius not amazing but pretty good pretty good they give you two point six turns walked along this thing’s 120,000 as-tested of but it

Hasn’t many options the base price is 96 this one has 10,000 in carbon fiber 6000 in green paint and 8,000 exhaust the titanium exhaust is the one i would keep the rest can probably go i’m totally okay with silver and plastic trim if the alternative is spending $10,000 things that don’t really change it also has the carbon fiber rear hatch with the slats instead

Of a shifter is so great mistakes short correct nachi but without any real extra shifter efforts however the asterisk on that is it takes point reprogram your right foot to do the slow let than you need to do in this car the throttle is a drive-by-wire throttle it doesn’t it sort of dubs down those being blips and so if you give it like unclick hard stab it

Just won’t do anything you have to give real slow elaborate blip to get the engine rev up so look that was a slow deliberate lift right now go up to fourth year now the quay stabbed it did in venice i don’t even hear it but it did certainly a smaller blimp i love the steering it’s not too heavy it’s not too light it’s not very appreciate doesn’t need to be the

Seats are just basically like recaro like manual seats are possibly sparco but there’s behind them to store my camera case or i guess you can put little kids there if you were so inclined dare you the driving experience of this car is so good that he honestly even though the differences from the last car to this car pretty minimal smaller than what would usually

Make me review another version a car i’m so happy to have another one of these for five more days to make the video anyway even though there’s not a lot new to say about the car oh tires so didn’t read my last story where i did five track days in a four of 400 i did four of them on super sport tires and the fifth not cups what happened with the cups was that i

Warmed up with one lap i ran the fastest lap around streets of willow that i’ve ever run and that and catch that time ever again where is with the super sports my lap times were like a second to a second half the cup jews but i could run the same time we’ll burn over on the street i feel early no difference with the cup two’s except that they are going to burn

Through it like 2500 miles but that’s what come to two down here now we’re really loading this thing is fast great highway car it’s got great power but what it really does is the dance or you can shift the weight around super super precisely and balance the left versus the right and the front versus the rear with your feet and the tires honestly satisfying

Is anything up you really wait up that nose and stick the fro see i had to give it to blips there because the first one was too stabby get it to flip so i’m used to giving it a back up flip that’s my one right with the dynamics of this car i wish the stemi lived lovely isn’t it very nice car so that’s the idea they continue to improve via fora incremental e

This is the last one this is it in europe they get the gt 430 here it’s just the evora gt they are fundamentally the same car and they are they represent the the last of the evora line before lotus and their new owners keeley come out with a whole new range of sports cars so thank you for watching thank you to lotus for letting me have this car for a couple days

I really appreciate it it’s it’s always just delightful and i’ll see you guys next time thanks bye

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2020 Lotus Evora GT – One Take By TheSmokingTire

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