2020 lincoln navigator l reserve
Altair Club Cars 2020 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve 4WD

2020 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve 4WD

A lot of fun things we’re going to get to cover this is a reserve package it’s got full drive on it like everything that you ever wanted on the inside maybe even a kitchen sink truly the they really have upped their game when it comes to the 2020s just everything about them just the way they look inside of them the screen sizes um all the amenities just when

You’re driving down the road i mean you’re if you’re this level of a player that you’re going to be driving a navigator um then you’re going to probably want want all those amenities and be worth your money so let’s go ahead and start here at the front you’ll notice the grill uh how they’ve changed it up it has that nice little lincoln logo the emblem just like

This all right kind of insets there i like the black grille under here instead of bringing it all chrome because it honestly can be just just too much you know sometimes just too much chrome really you know exemplifies that that top piece now you have your led lights these are extremely right the the lincoln’s navigator lights are like nothing else um they are

Blinding anybody in front of you is probably not gonna like you they’re going to think that you’re trying to brighten them when you’re not got your bliss all the way around nice big giant tires you have to chrome um the incense i like the the weave look so we used to do a whole lot of chrome wheels and it’s really got to be almost overbearing um on the vehicle

I like chrome to balance out a vehicle it shouldn’t be so much that draws your eyes to only one thing though so if we look on here let’s see what size we got um 22’s i knew they were going to be really big so to give you an eyeset you know trucks come from wheels they’re start with 17s this is a 22 inch tire so a lot it really lifts it up and uh looks magnificent

Navigator logo it actually has the this here is a texturized it’s not just smooth it’s texturized it’s lifted out they put a whole lot of effort into making that logo and the backs of these are black all your handles when you go to this this will unlock it and this will lock it you have your keypad entry um that you can get in that you can also start this vehicle

With your remote also the lincoln way app you can start to speak anywhere you have access to the internet once again we have those chrome roof racks i love a roof rack on any kind of suv it really finishes out lifts it up and gives that finished look we’re going to open up inside something that a lot of people realize uh they have easy fuel and what that is

You don’t have to worry about putting your knob on all the time you’re just sticking in there and you go very convenient all right we’re gonna look around here at the back you’ll notice the lenses nice lincoln you’re never going to forget you’re driving lincoln because they’ve got it everywhere um so this has your option you’re going to double click this it’s

Going to open up for you and before we go checking out on the inside of here we’re we’re gonna note you have your toe package underneath here this comes off and you can uh you can heal that i actually put my foot in my hand over there so it closed back down on me and that’s just something else that lincoln has within your lineup if you wave your foot it’s the

Kick closed it’ll close the vehicle for you so i have a dress on right now once again you have all kinds of fun bins stuff is stored separately back through here i love the kind of carpet that they have in here as well it is a very short nap but it’s plush it feels really good and it’s it’s more resistant to dirt it’s not that long stuff that used to just like

It gets fuzzy i hate i don’t want to see fuzzies in my car right um so we have all these power options back here too so we’re going to go ahead and close that up and you just hit that it’s going to close for you okay and then you also have that second row that’ll snap down i’m not going to do that though because i don’t have to fold them back up here in just a

Minute so we’re just going to go ahead and all you do is one time it opens it up for you these are beautiful vehicle um it’s really just a very nice feel when you sit inside of them very very quiet because they have a lot of padding you notice the road noise that’s out here when we get in there and i close it up you can’t hear anything any of this is out here

Um they have a very this here this keeps out the dirt inside of here if this wasn’t there that you would see all that dirt buildup and i’m glad that they’ve gone to these closed class you’ll notice the chrome here along this edge just gives it a more finished look we’re going to close that back up we’re going to walk around here once again you’re going to notice

That the side pillars have the black just kind of compliments it brings it they they use that as a method to not necessarily draw attention to other areas it gives a very streamlined look all the way down the body now what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and check out the inside and we’re going to see what options we have in there as well okay the

Gray i just love this color gray it’s most of the time when we have grades either it’s way too dark or it’s silvery and it’s not that this is um like a heather gray and um it just looks fantastic it really does looks very uh and like i said it looks like a cockpit in here in the back you have lots of room for these people to sit back here that way they’re not

Setting up this one has the center console as well um and it’s great you know if you’ve got somebody if you’re in any kind of business and you want to have customers in the back then they have that same feel as someone who’s sitting up front um and we look up here in our roof this completely extends so those in the back that can have that as well um we’re going

To put this down too so you can see the back seats i like even like a nice little detail they put in here cup holders usb boards all the way around too see that you have a usb port over there no one has to share stretch cords um there’s even a little cup holder that’s back here for the people in the back now i’m going to set the seat up i’m going to step in here

Real quick um i do want you know it does have the reveal audio you’ll see all of the speakers there um so up here uh has the access they can open and close the the roof as well not just necessarily the people that are up front very handy and uh once again we have these cup holders the screen is not gonna be active right now because the vehicle is not on but this

Here lets people control their um heat and whatnot as well dual usb ports plug-ins i always like to address plug-ins are very handy for anybody and you have um the cup holder too i like this it doesn’t just drop out it has a slow release just a nice all those little things add up to very nice finished product the backs are here they fold out they always stay nice

And stuck too that’s one thing i have always liked about the ford lincoln is their backs here are always well supported the right here you got a little chrome accent that goes around here now we’re gonna check out the front there’s a whole lot that goes up here first of all i also know you do have your power extend foot boards you step in and out it closes up

They’re always a lot better because it gives you that extra room i always feel like the ones that are manual or and sit in a position that aren’t necessarily comfortable to step up so um we’re going to see on this door a whole lot of stuff to cover okay this is what you’re seeing this is your for your massaging seats um it just this thing has a whole lot of stuff

Going on for it power foot pedals we got your heads up display and this is a very long video because there’s just so much to cover anyway let’s go ahead and do your seats real quick so you can see kind of what those are about um first of all thing you’ll notice it has the independent for your feet for your legs there so you can adjust that how you want the back

All this moves independently it’s very um in in tune you can drop it however you want to do it okay so everybody’s body shaped different everybody rides differently we’re going to step up in here and if you have any questions on ease options i can always go over with them in another video at length this is really just a general overview of the lincoln navigator

Reserve product up here they’ve gone to some really nice hard keys that are handy let me go ahead and turn the radio off you’re gonna notice first of all this huge screen that’s up here um turn the fan down a little bit and i’m to turn the the sonde so this is a completely digital screen that’s up here and whenever you turn it on and off i’m going to clear out the

Screen so you can see what it does whenever it first clicks on okay hang on just a second let it close out now we’re going to open it back up and you’ll see that screen a whole lot of stuff going on there we got obviously of your basic stuff your bluetooth it has 911 assist instead of with with uh cadillac’s onstar that you pay 13 a month for uh this automatically

Hooks up to your phone and if you have a crash it will alert your local um uh responders you have bluetooth and excuse me you’ve got a cooled and heated seats um it’s got heated steering up here we’ve got within like your heads-up display i’m hoping maybe yes these are so bright you can see it that’s your heads-up display tells you got 133 miles currently on

Spiegel is 91 degrees outside you can adjust that to whatever you like that’s why i went and hit right there so you could kind of see that and when we come over to here there’s a there’s a lot that goes on here you’ve got park assist you’ve got adaptive crews adaptive cruise is where if you have someone in front of you and you don’t want to have to keep adjusting

To their speed it’ll adjust to them the one thing i always say is if you are going slower they if they go slower you’re going to go slower too that’s something to be aware of okay and then of course here is your integrated uh for your foot pedals i love these if you’re tall or short they’re very handy just that way you don’t always have to have it the thing

Is if you have long legs you have to push your seat back to accommodate that this is a way you can also push it back as well nice big bend these are all velvet lines i really like this crushed velvet too very easy to blow out and something that’s kind of interesting how it’s split there let me see if i can get it it has a split arm rest reminds me airplane cup

Holders galore and i love everything is sealed so that weight of three but they’ve also got this is for your charging pad and before they had it flat but truthfully when you put your phone you can just set it in there just drop it like you normally would and you could pick it up as so you got your hard key for your drive modes and whatnot i’m gonna go ahead and

Show you that too all the nice little emblems excite conserve normal okay and there’s your 4×4 um settings go on go ahead and show you the last one right look at that little snow on your screen it has onboard navigation but also has a new apple system so if you want to use your own maps you can we’ve got the different camera angles on here as well that you can

This one here is one that goes completely around your vehicle um put it in reverse for you that’s in front and back and just all kinds of stuff that you can cover that’s around the vehicle um but each i mean this thing has just everything even down to the little baby mirror all right you got a kid in the back you want to keep an eye or maybe that adult you can’t

Trust back there you’ve got something right there for him so we’re going to go ahead and open this up all the way back this is uh one of those where you don’t really think it’s a super important thing to have in your life and then you think you know what why not these are all sense of touch you don’t have to it’s not a hard key you just touch it it just comes on

For you you also have your integrated uh uh garage door opener so uh if you’ve got any questions let me know i’ll definitely go over it with you i mean like i said i could spend you know oodles of time on this and i’m going to let you see this hopefully you can see this a little better the um this up here this this wood grain uh it’s embossed is what it is it’s

Not it’s a it’s still just so pretty a lot of this stuff you just don’t really see in the videos very well so but if you have any questions i’ll definitely go over it with you

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