2020 lincoln corsair suv unveili
Altair Club Cars 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV Unveiling

2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV Unveiling

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Ladies and gentlemen this is the lincoln corsair entering the fastest growing luxury segment artistically crafted and expertly designed and infused with our unwavering attention to detail the corsair is unapologetically lincoln delivering what defines us beauty gliding human and sanctuary their name corsair is a natural fit the inspiration

Comes from the latin word that means journey or course we design corsair for men and women who have moved beyond the frantic pace of an early career and for clients who are ready to discover what else is out there now some of you may recognize that moment you spend years putting in long hours on short deadlines because you know you have to earn

Your success but as time passes you realize that you’ve done pretty well and now maybe it’s time to enjoy the journey at lincoln we believe that these clients deserve a little recognition they deserve a little celebration they deserve a vehicle that takes them above the fray away from the everyday chaos and stresses of their lives into a soothing

And peaceful vehicle unlike other suvs corsair doesn’t attack you with hard edges instead it greets you with elegance handcrafted by our designers from the contours of the s-curve to the fast falling roof line the artistry of the vehicle interacts with shifting light and changing environments it’s a reflection of the driver’s own experience

Inside the cabin the lincoln sanctuary is both luxurious and practical from the sophisticated color combinations to our signature noise isolating technology corsair gives clients the redefined driving experience that they have earned we’ve reimagined the beauty that we’ve always insisted on the gliding experience when you’re behind the wheel

The sense of refuge that is at the heart of every lincoln of course the corsair is equipped to perform with two turbocharged four-cylinder engine options it sets the bar for agility and with an intelligent all-wheel drive it gives drivers confidence on every road in every season corsair is customized with five lincoln drive modes which handles

The suspension and powertrain mapping so that the driver can focus on whatever journey they are on corsair has been designed to fit effortlessly into our clients life leaving them revitalize it’s packed with connectivity and purposeful technology like phone that can replace your key we’ve redesigned these standard electronic alerts with six

Beautiful chimes recorded by the detroit sympathy orchestra and this feature is one of my favorites so whether you left the field door open or you forgot to buckle your seat belt instead of a loud beep you’ll get a little dose of the symphony designed in america and built in louisville kentucky we’re excited to bring this vehicle to clients

Across america and around the world corsair will be introduced in both the u.s and china this year opening up an exciting path for lincoln’s journey and introducing lincoln’s to new clients we are energized by our start to 2019 and we’re eager to continue the journey that is taking us to new heights but we are nowhere near satisfied we know

That our clients who have worked so hard to get to where they are deserve our very best they deserve the luxury they have earned that’s why we’re so excited about the all-new lincoln corsair a vehicle for people seeking to rise effortlessly above the fray a vehicle for someone embarking on a journey and a vehicle for the individual who is

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