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Altair Club Cars 2020 Lincoln Aviator Wheel Bearing Replacement – How To – Multiple Noise Fix – Diag Part 2

2020 Lincoln Aviator Wheel Bearing Replacement – How To – Multiple Noise Fix – Diag Part 2

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So good update ford already got back to me within 10 minutes of leaving for my test drive we lubricated the center support bearing for the axle knowing that it’s cold out we’ve had several zero degree days salty roads and stuff like that so blew up crap ton of silicone inside that bearing to push out anything that may be there and then ran it in the air for a

While to make sure that the sound the screeching sound from the center support bearing didn’t come back and it didn’t come back i took it for a test drive put in the air re-drove it again ford got back to me really fast and said you know what just do whatever you think needs to be done any kind of noisy part or something like that replace each one individually

And address the customer’s concern obviously but um those front hub half shafts they are kind of noisy that’s why they put so many uh so much shielding and stuff underneath the vehicle so it can’t be heard so i’m going to start with the driver’s side wheel bearing and see if it gets rid of that ticking because there is a faint tick sound coming from it so far

Pretty easy pretty self-explanatory it’s actually easier than most of the other wheel bearings it’s just a bunch of 21 millimeter nuts to get the wheel off and once you get the wheel off you just actually pull the whole caliper off and hang it from a caliper hook and it’s just two 18 millimeter bolts that hold it into through the actual knuckle into the backing

Plate and then once you get that actually i forgot here there’s an eight mil that has to come off that’s attached to this brake line bracket and then there’s to get the wheel speed sensor out and you just wiggle it side to side and twist it back and forth and eventually it’ll come out it actually holds it a wheel speed sensor right there and then um then you

Can work on getting the 18 millimeter bolts out of the back of it here there’s four of them and then there’s two on the other side as well i’m working on getting them out right now okay i got four bolts out i broke them loose with a half inch drive breaker bar and a shorty and i’m just using a 3 8 long ratchet and a long 18 millimeter socket got them out

Now i’m gonna tap on the wheel bearing on the outside and see if it’ll come right out of there okay i just kind of tapped it one way tapped it the other way until it just slowly walked its way out got to clean up all the rust inside the housing the part number for the wheel bearing lb5z 1104 a i’m going to go ahead and clean everything up with a nice soft

Wire brush and then uh install the new wheel bearing okay got the hub facing everything all cleaned out i’m gonna wipe it out one final time i had to get a little aggressive with it because there was a lot of surface rust i actually had to take a file in this bottom area down here and i had to just lightly rub my file back and forth until all the surface rust

Chipped out of there um yeah so let’s uh install the new wheel bearing and i’ll show you the bolt kit and stuff that i’m going to use okay the four bolts you’ll need comes in this package w seven one nine nine six nine s 900 and there’s four of them in here that’s what holds the hub on and then your cb axle nut is a lb5 bravo 477a now i’m gonna go ahead and

Torque everything down so i pulled up the specs for it um your cv axle nut is 98 foot-pounds uh if you want to torque down the little nuts here it says it’s 106 inch pounds and your hub bolts are 66 foot pounds and then plus 45 degrees everything’s put back together i’m going to go ahead and put the wheel and everything on and torque everything down shows you

The pattern on which they want you to torque basically star pattern 150 foot-pound torque and that’s the just of it i’m going to put it back together and let’s go test drive it actually going to hang it up for tonight the little chattering sound that i heard from the wheel bearing and how rusty it was and already failing at 6 700 miles that did go away but that’s

Not the distinct sound that’s being heard inside the cabin of the vehicle that tick sound is still there so there’s going to be another part to this and ford said what they wanted me to do is any part that does not sound right that you think needs to be replaced replace it probably because they don’t know what’s going on the next step will be actually replacing

The front axle drive actuator and it’s a sleeve that the cv axle slides into and then it slides into the assembly bolted to the side of the engine and it has a electronically actuated device in the center of it that opens and closes or applies and and doesn’t apply based on whether or not it needs that cv axle on the front left side to actuate so uh that will

Be next and that’s where i’m leaving this right now so here’s the video on how to replace the wheel bearing and what it takes to get it on and off in the part numbers but this did not fix the distinct problem that you’re hearing inside the cabin there’s more to come i got to get to work tomorrow and then order that hub that uh front axle drive actuator assembly

Which is probably going to be on back order it’s probably not something that’s just sitting on somebody’s shelf because it’s a very unique part and when i have the electronic electronic tester on my ears and i’m listening with my chassis here’s to that bearing it’s not like any of the other bearings it sounds really chattery really lumpy almost like it’s got a

Little howl to it like it’s starting to go out so that will be the next step on this rotational issue i thought at first did i just look at this wrong could it be that there’s a rock in the tire and that’s what i’m hearing so i get it back in the shop put it in the air shirt off i start rotating the tire there were a couple big rocks in the tire that could have

Caused that sound so i cleaned out the tire tread went back out and redrove it again thinking that man are you just you you’ve missed one of the most basic steps which thankfully that was not the problem because i would have felt silly and i cleaned the tread out because there were a few rocks that had some nice wear spots in them that were stuck in the tires

For quite a while it seems and the tick is still there so the front actuator dr or the front axle drive actuator will be the next replacement so there will be a part three

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Wheel Bearing Replacement – How To – Multiple Noise Fix – Diag Part 2 By Ford Boss Me

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