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Altair Club Cars 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 2.0 SE Explorer

2020 Land Rover Defender 110 2.0 SE Explorer

We’ve sold lots of new model land rover defenders no questions asked this is the best and highest spec one we have had here at the garage one owner from you d240 land rover defender 240 brake horsepower but with 10 000 pounds worth of options explorer pack which is the big one so if you want to go and order one of these cars and try and order one with an explorer

Pack trust me you can’t get one because there’s a backlog of explorer pack so it’s got the explorer pack the color zyga gray it’s got beautiful extras and how well does it look it looks like a big defender and you know this car was reviewed last night on top gear it got rave reviews the one on top gear wasn’t a patch on this one but here it is 62 990 pounds

There’s probably five to six thousand pound off the list price there let me show you what this car’s got so it’s an sc so we’ve got the full matrix led headlights not just your standard led headlights the matrix headlights full black styling pack so you get your badging that center strip finished in black bonnet decals with a 110 which just looks superb you then

Get the 20 inch five spoke gloss black wheels again extra mud flaps all these inserts on here are black the mirrors thick side steps and with it being the explorer we’ve got the big roof rails contrasting black roof again extra privacy glass you get this on the side as well which i’ve got the keys for so that’s just an extra compartment for storage which again

Part the explorer pack when we move around the rear spare wheel cover again extra you’ve got the great led lights and the mud flaps on the back the car just looks absolutely superb it’s covered just over 4 000 miles it’s you know it’s what a defender should look like isn’t it how well does it look and i think that explorer pack again then you get the snorkel on

The side for the the air breathing snorkel there which just again just makes it look chunky aggressive and a big off-road unbelievably spec’d car now then so you’ve got the exterior which has got all that big presence about it but let me show you what you’ve got on the interior so it’s keyless so they press that and the car opens you’ve got electric ford and

Mirrors you’ve got all your blind spot assist as well so you can see the little section there with the that you’re supposed to show you like two cars so something coming in your blind spot you then get the luxury element with the car so we’ve got meridian sound system we’ve got memory seats keyless start all electric heated seats the other big one which again

Extra sliding panoramic sunroof which opens all the way like that and then you’ve got other extras so you’ve got your full digital display if we go into our cameras and show you the camera and 3d system on this it’s unbelievable so you’ve got that there you’ve then got another camera here so you’ve got another extra camera in your in your mirror there um and

There’s your cameras you can you can go into your settings it’s all 3d which is was really really well you’ve got all your automatic light automatic wipers cruise control it’s you know it’s it’s absolutely superb all your charging points the interior on them we’ve spoke about i love them the way they drive the way they are inside it’s um it’s absolutely superb

And then in the back again keyless optioning feature move in the back you’ve got the extra speakers built in for the meridian you’ve got all your different charging points and do your research go online and look at these cars because when you want to buy one you might be able to get a basic looking one yeah they’ll sell them for fun but when you want to buy one

And want one looking like this with the extras you can’t physically go and get one again the lettering at the back there you’ve got the 240 horsepower boot space on them you’ve got the big passes over there’s an extra liner there to to protect the boot and there’s an actual suspension there so you can adjust the suspension it’s got all adaptive air suspension as

Well but that car eye grip black styling plaque black contrast roof explorer black wheels it’s as good of a defender as we’ve had it’s gone on the website now this car just sell instantly 62990 if you want to call me direct my number’s on the bottom of the screen and i can answer any of your questions

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2020 Land Rover Defender 110 2.0 SE Explorer By Acklam Car Centre

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