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Altair Club Cars 2020 Kia Telluride Review – The Best 3 Row SUV of the Year?

2020 Kia Telluride Review – The Best 3 Row SUV of the Year?

We go for a drive in the 2020 Kia Telluride

I’m yuri i’m jacob and we’re in a telluride twenty20 kia telluride sx limited top-trim so this is the brand-new three row suv from kia and from what i can tell it’s pretty much the same as the hyundai palisade we haven’t driven the hyundai palisade yet but by the time we review that and release this video we might actually already have it out so we’ll let you

Know our updated thoughts in the hyundai palisade video so before a horsepower and torque i need to give this an award for what best lane key of the year of any car so far ever that i’ve ever driven it is incredible we’ll talk about that later but if you have to deal with rush hour traffic this thing is a dream machine horsepower and torque 291 horsepower and

260 to pound-feet of torque from a 3.8 liter v6 naturally aspirated definitely not the fastest i would say it’s slightly around dad fast i would say slightly around completely adequate and before we keep going we know a lot of you guys watched without subscribing so just hit the subscribe button you’re already watching you might as well subscribe and hit the

Notification button so we can get to a million for the end of the year this year come on so let’s start with the looks i love this thing what’s your favorite part on three one two three headlights obviously so the dr ells in specific because they’re amber yeah so they stand out this thing has so much presence because of that nothing else looks like this on the

Road and in today’s age for an suv to do that that’s incredible do you think it would look cooler if it was white instead of amber i’ve been debating that but i’m going with no it’s a good reminder knowing yes i’ve got a cooler looking car than everyone else exactly they stand out so much and you can’t stop talking about them the worst part of them is that you

Can’t have them on and when you leave this thing parked when it’s off i wish there was like a solar panel on the roof that i could just leave this thing on all the time there’s just enough amber glow so people knew yeah but then it would be like the gm’s where you always think a car is backing out when it’s just didn’t turned off yeah i guess whatever amber’s

Oh and other than the headlights we got that massive tiger nose grille it looks really good even though they’ve got fake grill behind the grill it looks good because they put in a pattern to make it look more like the rat what do you think of the big telluride badge on the front i think it’s a bold statement for them to do that and i like it it’s kind of like

Landrover ish i think exactly and i think that’s kind of the market that they’re trying to go for so you can get like a super budget land rover kind of with this yeah well if you look inside it definitely feels like that and when i say super budget i don’t mean that in a bad way because i really like this thing and speaking of that badge the name telluride i think

It’s kind of weird it seems like an african kind of safari name i think it’s a place in the united states or something but regardless of what it is the name is just a little weird especially because it’s plastered right on the front what do you think of the color of this i’m not sold on it but i do think that this is one of the better colors for this car for some

Reason what’s the color of this called i believe it’s called dark moss so it is a brownish green i would say like baby poop green brown yeah definitely baby poop but i think the reason it’s so good is because it matches the headlights so well yeah it does work exactly it’s complementary to that headlight color like i’ve seen this in white and it looks like a nakano

Van or something i still kind of like it in white but i do prefer to in darker colors and let’s talk about the side profile side profile looks great we have the coolest little touch ever there’s like a part that kind of goes up on the metal trim it looks very nice it does have a pretty cool looking shape it’s not the most outlandish thing ever it is still pretty

Chill i think the back end is where it kind of falls apart for me so let’s start those tail lights they’re good but they’re not great i think it would be a lot cooler if they made the tail lights go all the way up like escalades do but that’s kind of old styling i don’t know if that’s really ian anymore well what about the kia soul goes all the way across at the

Top yeah yeah i don’t know maybe if that kiss old tail lights it would be better it’s just something weird in the back but it’s pretty all right how about the wheels the wheels look good they are 20s but they don’t stand out yep plain old and what’s the continental recommended tire the cross contact lx 20 but overall looks wise love this thing absolutely one of my

Favorite looking suvs especially from the front especially in this color it just has so much presence which is hard to do in today’s age and make something that looks different well you can spot these headlights from a mile away anywhere anytime oncoming traffic coming you’re like okay telluride tell you a teller eyes because nothing looks like this and in the

World of su these and everything with led drls and everything they actually made it stand out so like i said this is just great job for them to do that i think this is probably one of the first cars from kia that people are gonna say like they’re not gonna say it’s copying someone else yeah yeah exactly so before we talk about the interior which we both really

Like i want to get into why the lane keep is the best do it because it’s really good so i’ve always liked kia hyundai genesis lane key but they’ve changed it up for this yeah it’s been updated and it’s called advanced smart cruise control and it has the lane follow assist now so what the old one did was they would keeping in your lanes whether you’re in cruise

Control or not so we’ve got highway driving assist and what that does is keep you in the middle of your lane while you’re on the highway you’ve got radar cruise and it works perfectly but the thing is it never bugs you to put your hands back on the wheel and by never i mean once every five minutes or so and when you have to you just give it the lightest touch

And you’re back off for like another five minutes like this and that’ll do it it’s incredible it’s such a good system yeah it doesn’t have a radar that checks your eyes like bmw it doesn’t limit you to below 50 like bmw it doesn’t dial it back if you don’t put your hands on the wheel enough like tesla it just works this was better than tesla this is better than

The bmw thing it’s really really good i’m shocked if you have a bad commute i highly recommend you test drive this on your commute and see if you buy one or not like let me know because this made old crappy driving so much easier so with lane keep out of the way i guess it’s my turn to drive all right and actually drive it well people drive it it drives you i’m

Gonna floor it not bad off the line definitely not the fastest once you’re going that’s when you notice the slowness off the line it’s like 90s minivan fast yeah pretty much i think maybe a little slower but saying that i have no issue with the drivetrain is just not remarkable in any sense of speed so i kept it in eco mode pretty much the whole time and my fuel

Economy no joke was like 9 liters 400 kilometers we pretty much never talked about fuel economy only when it’s really good or really bad this is really good for a three row suv yeah and we took a couple long trips on the highway maybe that’s why usually we’re just ripping it in town no i tried in town too when i got around 11 which is really good for a three row

Suv it’s better than i get in a miata and by the way for you americans here is that miles per gallon what about gallons per football field by fahrenheit and then we’ve got an 8-speed automatic and it is buttery smooth it is not a cvt so thank you kia because now kia is starting to do cvts and this is much better i hope they continue with the regular transmissions

But we don’t have paddles but you can shift with the normal shifter which is actually surprising that they have a normal shift there yeah exactly you move the shifter to the left you can choose your own gears but i would recommend just leaving and drive we’ve got four different regular drive modes and then we have three different terrain drive modes we haven’t

Used any of the terrain modes because they’re for off-roading kind of stuff but the regular modes like here you said eco is good and comfort is just great i pretty much left it in comfort the whole time i touch sport here and they’re not really necessary and the steering is also really nice and light especially if you just leave it in comfort mode in sport it

Gets a little bit firmer but not really that much the moral of a story to leave it in comfort or you go pretty much this is one of those cars and the other thing that i noticed it’s so quiet in here like really quiet yeah i didn’t really think about that but it is very quiet yeah it’s really nice i would thoroughly enjoy my commuting this man i did like seven or

Eight hours of crappy driving in traffic and i was not stressed at all now let’s talk about suspension again for commuting and everything this is great it’s so smooth over bumps and when you send it there’s obviously a lot of body roll so let’s send it into cliche corner and prove that point it’s actually pretty good it does have torque vectoring which you can

Feel i notice coming on to an on-ramp yeah i got through a lot faster than i thought i could for the size of this thing it’s really really good it’s pretty impressive like it actually rotates it does it’s not like acura super handling but it’s really good for what it is and the suspension is not adaptive so if you change between the modes it doesn’t change the

Suspension but with this trim we have self leveling rear suspensions so if you load up the back it’ll actually level itself oh which is pretty cool oh interesting yeah so loading up with boxes box test 16 17 18 our newest box test guy thank you for joining and 19 caps key bops thank you so much you’ve been with us for one year get your own box on patreon.com

Slash the straight pipes true gas sports true gas sponsors box family so should we now move on to the interior with all the driving stuff out of the way yes we should so i guess the weiser test yeah as well 3 2 1 yes class obviously and they feel really nice and then a small cup of coffee fits perfectly in these square-ish cup holders yeah i noticed squared off

Cup holders and then we got some back here too we actually have a lot of cup holders in this should we make a cup holder joke lick the subaru ascent nope nope it is a three row we usually don’t like three rows this is one of my favorites well i think the reason why is because there’s more room in every row than pretty much everything else and it’s a lot easier to

Get into the very back than everything else because we have the top trim with the captains chairs so you can get a trim below without them and just get a bench back here to fold the middle seats down to get to the back there’s a little button that you can click on the top that will move it forward that’s nice yeah it’s like an electric release and we can also push

Those buttons from the very back if we want to fold down the middle row as well there’s tons of room in here but to fold down the back row we’ve got manual straps which kind of makes sense yeah exactly and the coolest part literally is that we have cooled seats in the second row cooled and heated the second row is almost just as comfortable as this yeah it is and

We have heated and cooled up here and then we also have a heated steering wheel as well in the front okay back to the back row the middle row has ratcheting arm rests and the middle row also has peasant blockers oh it’s so nice back there it is so we do have a sunroof in the back but then we also have another sunroof up here that opens up but you know where else

You see from the back really well what’s that this gorgeous headliner yeah the headliner actually does stand out it’s really nice it feels nice it looks nice white alcantara i think so it looks very luxurious the visors are luxurious that’s what i mean they feel really nice how about the rest of the quality and luxurious isness of the rest of the car i’m gonna

Start with a steering wheel so the steering wheel feels very good but i don’t like that it’s a four spoke i think it looks nice i think this pattern here right in the middle looks different than everything else kia makes yeah it looks like it’s stitch leather which is not but it looks like it which is nice and then we’ve got some gloss black on the steering wheel

Which i don’t like and then we have gloss black on the center console which i really don’t like but surprisingly they didn’t put gloss black around the infotainment i did notice that as well so let’s talk about that infotainment cuz it is huge it is a wider infotainment but it’s pretty much got the exact same kia hyundai genesis infotainment layout we have android

Auto apple carplay android auto does not stretch across the full screen yet the whole car plate does yeah there’s an update coming for apple carplay and android auto so we’re going to do some comparison videos be ready for that it’s coming then we also have rewinding light radio stations but we don’t have to mix yet i have not gotten an answer for that from anyone

At hyundai kia or genesis i’m waiting i actually hate that this doesn’t have to mix anything else cool in there yes so it has a very high-resolution 360 camera and backup camera then you’ve got cool modes where you can see the wheels in front the wheels behind you’ve got a motor you can look straight down so you know if you’re like parking over a curb or anything

Like that i just want to say that this gives lincoln a run for its money it does however the stitching isn’t as accurate as lincoln i think okay but their actual resolution everything but it’s like do you want resolution or do want accuracy i think they’re very close so let’s keep talking about cameras where else do we have cameras when we hit our freaking turn

Signals right in the middle of the gauge cluster that is so cool that is the best way to do it way better than what honda did because when honda did it it was in the center display and you had your android auto running it would take that over bring it back flash the screen for a second it was really frustrating and then this is the best way to do it and they only

Did the right signal this does both sides that’s exactly it and since we’re on the gauges pretty much the exact same gauges as every other kia hyundai genesis but i did notice that they’re more fluid less laggy that’s my description for less leg it looks like maybe a little sharper i think they raised their resolution they raised the refresh rate that’s what it

Looks like to me okay and then more infotainment stuff we have hard buttons for everything a volume knob and a tuning knob we’ve got the favorites button which will get you right to your phone projection it’s pretty much perfect and then our climate controls are the same thing as well nice hard buttons we have auto climate rotate some knobs everything’s really

Crystal clear this looks classier than any other kia climate though it does and then we have wireless charging and a usb port in there so i found a flaw with this one yuri tell me about it close that right now with your phone charging now open it i know the tricky exactly but if you didn’t know the trick yeah i i generally never close these i didn’t realize that

Did close until you pointed that out yeah it’s just weird that there’s a usb thing in there and then it doesn’t close because you have to have the cable in there to have your usb phone charging and still talking about this area we have porsche cayenne inspired grab handles i think i did notice that they look pretty cool and then you know behind the shifter we’ve

Got buttons for our parking camera and all that stuff let’s talk about the rest of this interior because it looks really cool we’ve got nice wood everywhere and we’ve got soft touch all around that as well at the bottom we’ve got a lot of hard plastic that travels across the whole car which i think is the worst part of it yeah and it is at the bottom so you don’t

Really notice it unless you start touching it but what you do notice that soft soft elbows everywhere and the seats are very comfortable yeah i actually haven’t found anything weird about the seats at all the whole time i’ve been driving it and because this is a top trim we have napa leather and the thing that i noticed the headrests are really soft like really

Soft almost bmw extra optional soft let’s talk about the price because there’s nothing else left to talk about hit me with it fifty three thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars all the competition is pretty much priced around the same price we’ve pretty much driven all of them there’s too many to list yeah watch all of our other older videos is there any

Of the three row suvs that you would take over this and why what features this is absolutely my number one favorite right now outside of a luxury brand and honestly even with the luxury brand i would take this over a bmw x7 personally i know that doesn’t make any sense for anyone else but personally i get more joy out of this i can explain that to you nothing

Confusing in here everything is how it should be it looks cool it’s new it’s got the lane cape that works better than the bmw yeah you’ve got some pretty valid points the sound system is also pretty much as good as most of these luxury manufacturers anyway it’s a harman kardon which is what they put into those two it’s always got that volvo style echoey thing i

Would take this over a lincoln navigator so is this your favorite as well i like the cx-9 infotainment a little bit more than this but other than that like this lane keep seals the deal for me like it absolutely seals the deal compared to all the competition this is way bigger than a cx-9 – but doesn’t feel big no it doesn’t when you’re driving it it really does

The driving position is great you’re nice and high but it’s like not too high it that’s everything about this is so good so with this being the award winner for best l’équipe in the world and i guess the award winner for best drls of the year this is the best three row suv of the year oh you can’t make the title that but maybe well anyways let us know what you

Think of the telluride have you driven one here two driven the palisade don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification valve check out patreon.com/scishow straight pipes join our youtube membership and check out teespring for six swag i’m yuri i’m jacob we’re going for a drive don’t forget my surprise subscribe right now subscribe we didn’t even we didn’t do that

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