2020 kia forte ex practical na s
Altair Club Cars 2020 Kia Forte EX | practical na sporty sedan?

2020 Kia Forte EX | practical na sporty sedan?

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What’s up guys adrienne here welcome to motorist adventures so today guys nandita das sakia have a and er city boosah national highway and young idiot of unit and today is the kia forte e.x check not engine exterior that was in there and then engine and kia forte guys soon guys it’s a young teen a four-day stretch evening design compared to before and then

Come mock it and you guys soon headlights nia it swept back men shouting projector headlights dito i don’t know if it’s halogen parang each idea that young headlights nipple and then you have your turn signal lights down here and then learn shown are an intake vent dito cap assumed an apple on you i’ll get a young fog light nandito then marin deny young tiger

Nose grill which is much better-looking than the previous model of the kia forte yeah this is the front or young hop nakia for the guys and sorry imagine with the limit on the sensitivities kabila okay so the configuration for this one is a front-wheel drive top was aneesha sedan version a long hot bath as of the moments a kia forte saudi tosa side marianne

Rochon turn signal lights i so totally code didn’t a man made another merit ion when uh brake lights which are halogen and then their time for tina lobito we also have your reverse camera and that that pl logo right there then d tournaments of about my titania i’m gonna turn signal lights diva so instead of being here and it’s about important signal i spent

I may differ on diffuser you do something they click on okay so if i only caught nine kia forte e^x so i am proceed i attic denominating johanna young wheels so at a young i know young women and kia forte it has this button gunmetal finish ali code and put on silver finish sahara and then young tire size polonia is two to five by forty five or 17 we also have

This brakes a liquid this brakes didn’t set up so four-wheel disc brakes young kia forte another so when guys when tournament is interior nine kia forte didn’t attend the condom the bar go from the previous generation open at enjoy toppling inky and kia forte switchblade then lee – yaaaah yuma button so lock unlock and then you can open the trunk by pressing

This button alright so not nothing alright so guys right now we are inside the kia forte and then it’s a very pleasing interior very sporty looking take a look at the doors first no ii understand kia forte is padded so soft touch not very high quality barrentine tyonne i know ya know black finish dita and then your door handles at the power machine finish not

A silver that a plastic top hey so did on a man this is plastic in society no doors valentine fake stitching deeper in the tournament padded your armrest right and then de tomar nothing we have here your adjustment for the windows and then you have one touch up up and down for the driver and then all the manual toggles for the passenger windows and a maritime

Window lock function here okay so these are not mine on this side mara things very nice air convent i don’t yet know and i said i couldn’t adjust your air vent so really like this one the tournament sababa market a tiny adjustments and an advent instrument cluster so it a young up young bright and then eat an ammonium theme depend once again that you have your

Traction stability control toggle reddish on you off and on okay all right so be tournament is a – so first impressions of the dashboard so kia forte is it’s very premium very nice very sporty you know and the details padded laptop so soft touch with this stitching here very nice i love its premium looking and deet on a man as a steering wheel we have here your

Your buttons for your call function and then d tournaments are right side your cruise control and other buttons such as trip not then you wanna steering muniya guys is enough this is leather young steering union and then also is it is stitch very nicely designed i know very nicely designed steering wheel i love it okay so merit an airbag beto alright so moving

Out the center stack we have an 8 inch screen it’s a 40 and i think this is apple carplay and android auto as well enabled already we have your manual toggles for the volume and then also for the tuning here already tournament sababa we can see your air convinced you have really a really nice design air convinced here you come on you’re not hazard light and then

Moving down we have here your dual zone air conditioning digital at the guys so you have you can choose between separate temperatures for the driver and passenger ito maritime place to put your phone ok you can put your phone here and then also we have down here your 12-volt accessory outlet and your charging port here so this is charging port and then your usb

No outlet here and then you have an oxygen as well alright now this is piano black as well surrounding the shifter then para machine finish young shifter nuttin okay so automatic transmission basing on the specs guys this is a 4-speed automatic transmission with sequential mode okay so yeah but didn’t a man you have your cup holders here and then you have your

Traditional handbrake on the center console it is padded but it’s not leather its soft touch plastic and if you open it up malave on space or storage space dito center armrest alright so marin the entire charging port here very nice okay moving on the tournaments i know passenger side very also very nicely designed a toyota is a no silver no silver finish data and

Then suburb of merit i own glove compartment okay and then on this side again let there padding’s and then meriting bottle holders down here alright so i on let’s go up top norte on day and night just meant for the rearview mirrors and then d tournament we have here your lights or dome lights up top and in time sunglass holder very nice so i on we saw operators

And you guys school and a young man on infotainment system no setups so if you turn on the car yeah and so you know that no more gauges nothing now you have your so on this side you have your rev counter and the other side you have your speedometer and then detail among your information which is an lcd screen then you have all your indications right down here

So you have apple carplay as well as android auto enabled for this one so teknon you guys um toggles little very nice because a bubble is michelle and i move you know menu by menu if you have any questions guys regarding the kia forte let me know down in the comments and mccrary play delgado syndrome okay so hey on let’s go to the back and then check now daniel

Space now sucky afford a rastaman yoga so move-move-move colonial ship guys soon the driving position go okay so young steering wheel apple on you guys is the nisha telescope up and down young diving position capacity good okay to tie oh so very good legroom dito sake afford take a silly code you have lots of no leg room and then you tie so forth very very good

Very supportive so long travels very very comfortable here and then you know room mutton is also very good man adam no okay and indeed us adores padded as well okay because the doors and then melt and i’m gonna blood inserts here veronique io switch for the non for the windows and then father daniel as well so do what i really like is this marin die young we’re

Convinced it is a kia forte so american bands but you cannot control the pooling not done sahara parade throw at least my advanced idea to silicon ok and then you centerton anomaly at the smell a pod so if you’re on the center seat well known problem yoga is like a new line you feed mo dito succeeded and then you’ll be fine ok jamaat a stunted again raja machado

Tai support okay and then digna nothing better and so i know marisa recall this mention armrest eat asada code okay so you have bottle holders here and then a very good quality armrest yeah guys this is the back of the kia forte e^x okay only konya so i own put that i’ve seen a fella code check not in your trunk space the last man your tongue space tayo okay

So if a young trunk no no and he forte nothing guys so milo walked a lagunitas alley code you have lots of room not to place your things and the merit i own spare tire and a shot spacesaver spare tires not gonna be the same size as with the tires on the car actually folding you and another universe’s presentation fold but more space top of my codify own muhabba

Waiting 20 so i engaged in the monotony oh i know your engine on here for tina to check nothing okay so let’s open up the hood okay so guys it a young engine on kia 14 attend this is a 1.6 liter engine for this model here and then initialize mullah home power figures now so lock icon on the screen once i found out companion horsepower and then mechana d new on

A young turk newtonian ginetta so if your engine guys didn’t allow okay so for safety marathon abs ebd and introduction control for pricing guys like i couldn’t even pray son of the sub video no alright so guys it a young and anatta and young kia forte no so if you have any questions regarding the kia forte let me know down in the comments guys and if you like

This video please hit the thumbs up subscribe click neon bell icon guys so that you will be notified on any future videos savan channel alright so once again guys this adrian you are watching with tourist adventures and i’ll see you guys on the next video peace out

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