2020 jeep wrangler rubicon unlim
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2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

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With an iconic design, refined interior & advanced safety as standard the Wrangler Rubicon is the ultimate off-roader that can tackle any terrain. The only Trail Rated Wrangler with the badge to prove it excels in manoeuvrability, ground clearance, articulation, traction and water fording.

Now this is a bit different isn’t it this is the first one i’ve ever done a video on this is a jeep wrangler rubicon unlimited it’s done 14 000 miles and it’s it’s it’s completely different to anything i’ve ever videoed before it’s the ultimate really off-road vehicle it’s a convertible it’s five seats it’s automatic it’s a two liter eight speed 200 brake horsepower

Engine but i’ve just been reading up on the reviews and things on them and they’re an unbelievable off-road vehicle it’s got all the different options inside to adjust the axles and the different four-wheel drive motions with it being a rubicon as well it looks the part as well doesn’t it it’s in black you’ve got them huge archers you’ve got them 33-inch tires

Diamond cut wheels which i think are beautiful with the red calipers and then you’ve got the the rubicon red badging which works huge grill at the front which you can adjust and drop down led headlights led strip lights there as well and to drive it’s fun it’s fun to drive like i said off-road it’ll be unbelievable and it’s in beautiful condition it’s only

Done 14 and what i’ve found with these cars as well great warranty you get five years warranty with these cars so this car’s just gone a year old so it’s got four years warranty remaining it’s got bags of space which i’ll show you when we when we open up the cabin and everything inside but it’s a really cool looking car and we don’t get many of them well it’s the

First one we’ve had and i like the way they’ve been done i love them these led lights at the back are completely different to anything i’ve seen look at that finished in red big big spare wheel on the back diamond cut as well and i think it’s a really cool looking vehicle and it drives really well i’ve got a shock to be fair when i drove it drove tremendous and

Um and it’s a different you know we sell lots and lots of defenders which are an off-road vehicle which are very very expensive at the moment but i think for this type of price bracket i think this car does a lot of things you can clip the roof off you can take it all the way off to the back you know if it’s a lovely sunny day and have some real good fun in it and

That follows throughout the interior as well if you look you get that that red theme stitching that read throughout the dashboard and you can see you’ve got your automatic get your box in there heated lever throughout and passenger as well but other little luxuries with this car as well so i’ll show you when the and we’re looking at this here so we’ve got all

Your lift your things like cruise control automatic lights automatic wipers but this digital section you can see you’ve got your driver heat and you’ve got your passenger heated seats there heated steering wheel which i think is great on a four-wheel drive reversing camera and then you’ve got all your digital climate controls you’ve got a mirror dimmer um dab

And then as we move down you’ve got there’s the different axle options so you can put front and you can put rear on you’ve got a swear bar option you’ve got the two wheel four wheel drive features heated front windscreen and you can you can do all them off there and they’ve also got the simple buttons on here so you’ve got your heated steering wheel there your

Heated seats there but i think inside you know you’ve got the rubicon on the back of the seats there which looks really well and it and it’s finished off really really smart inside you’ve got four auxiliaries into the front cabin here as well so yeah it’s um it’s got everything really in the back look at this you know bags and bags of space and when you’re sat

In and driving it doesn’t feel like a big car but you can see you’ve got rear auxiliary points you’ve got bags of room for the rear passengers as well and then you’ve got you know privacy glass on the back and then when we move into the into the back here you’ve got a split folding boot this car’s got a fantastic alpine stereo system throughout you can see the

Big speaker there in the back with alpine you’ve got extra charging points throughout got the big roll bar there so when the roof’s down that looks really cool and that roof clips off but look you’ve got great boot space so it’s a there’s not many convertible off-road vehicles which look like that you can buy it it’s a rare rare and obviously the roof as well

I know i’m saying it’s a convertible it’s a solid solid roof so there’s no you’re not going to get wind noise and things like that four years warranty remaining it looks superb it drives really well and it’ll sell because it’s unique vehicle there’s not many available we’ve got one it’s ready to go ring me my number’s on the bottom of the screen and you can make

Arrangements to come and pick it up thanks for watching

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2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited By Acklam Car Centre

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