2020 jaguar f type r coupe revie
Altair Club Cars 2020 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Review- Prettier, faster and louder than ever

2020 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Review- Prettier, faster and louder than ever

The designers at Jaguar must have had sleepless nights trying to figure just how they were going to improve upon one of the best car designs of the modern era.

The thing that’s really impressed me about this new f-type r coupee all-wheel drive is that when you’re just coasting along not particularly in a hurry it’s incredibly quiet very refined and then when you want to bring out its sort of evil side it’s actually quite a fun procedure you knock the gear shift into manual switch your pops on exhaust for people

Overseas flick that little switch into dynamic dynamic mode confirm drop one or two gears here we go wow wow each gearshift is like a punch in the back okay that’s fun let’s uh let’s do some more of that so welcome to the brand new 2021 jaguar f-type r coupe all-wheel drive supercharged v8 british sports car i do like this thing it’s so pretty and it is

Also very nice to drive very very very nice to drive for the 2020 f type r jaguar haven’t messed with the formula very much but they won’t sell you a rear-wheel drive v8 anymore although i’m not sure it will be that missed you do however still get one of the best rear ends in the world of motoring okay let’s start with the basics up front under that long

And beautiful newly styled bonnet is a five liter supercharged v8 which has been in jaguar land rover products for quite a while now but for this application they have beefed it up to produce 575 ps’s which also gives this car its name but in a more useful metric of kilowatts that translates to 423 which is a big number especially in a car like this all of

That translates into a 0-100 time of 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 300 kilometers an hour remember this is not the fastest f-type that they’re going to release that will be the svr and so they have to leave a little bit there in terms of numbers for the svr to claim otherwise what’s the point but all of this comes at a price so you can get a new f-type for

About 1.2 million rand and this one that i’m sitting in starts at 2.4 million rand so it’s twice the price but is it twice the car the problem jaguar has is that the f-type standard interior is already pretty remarkable so all they can really do is add an r badge here and there and hope for the best but the reality is the cockpit of this car is a luxurious

And comfortable leather cocoon that does make you feel like you’re driving something special and that is for me where the jaguar pretty much knocks everything out of the park this car is absolutely beautiful inside and out it really is a triumph of design when i heard they were going to try and better the f-type design i thought wow good luck that’s a really

Tough one and i think they’ve done it i mean all they’ve really done is sort of sleeked out the front headlights the back is pretty much the same but from any angle this car is absolutely stunning and then you put your foot down and you’re instantly and very loudly reminded that you’re also driving something very powerful exhaust pipes on confirmed sport flappy

Paddles enabled give it a bit of left foot brake ready ready okay straight into a corner we’ve closed the road out here in the wine land so i can really hammer this thing that’s third gear i like the fact that there’s not much body roll the exhaust is so angry these are some really tight corners i think this car is a very good compromise between a gt and a

Sports car i think that’s where those cars talents really really lie hard on the brakes here huge 390 mil brake discs up front absolutely anchoring this car and they say they’ve worked on the brake pedal feel and i think they have it feels very nice feels very supportive like it’s got your back but the way this thing picks up speed is unbelievable that’s

With gear let out peak power is it six and a half thousand rpm and we’re up to 200 there okay wow sheesh let’s slow down wow okay this is fast this is a fast car if you’ve ever wanted to pretend you own a v8 jaguar f-type just gargle aggressively every morning just put some mouthwash in and then there you go that should terrify your girlfriend okay let’s go

Back into karma mode here let’s dynamic off we’re back into sort of comfort type 5 and then listen to that how serene is that absolute banshee when you want it to be calm cruiser when you don’t very impressive i think the best way to think of the f-type is almost as a british muscle car it sort of straddles that world between big brutish talky v8 muscle car

And light on its feet sports car they really have done a very good job of somehow getting it to do both i think its breadth of its ability the scope of its ability is wider than say cars like the 8 series it’s very evenly matched in my opinion to the mercedes gt that’s about as close as it would get i think to something like this mercedes also quite famous

For their big brawny v8s but there’s something about a supercharged v8 it’s a very unique feel you get that very linear acceleration you get that very linear pull from the engine and that makes for a really great sports car experience so what are some of the downsides to owning a large supercharged v8 well jaguar claimed that this car will average 11 liters

To the 100 which is about as optimistic and unrealistic as anything boris johnson says over the few days i’ve been driving it it has done nothing better than 18 liters to the hundred yeah other than that though i love it i love everything about it the first time i drove the f-type the first one good couple of years ago i remember thinking wow small sports car

Big v8 engine amazing sound incredibly beautiful and they’ve managed to retain all of that but i also remember thinking at the time that the v6 even though it was less powerful was actually a better driver’s car than the v8 i think having less weight over the front axle made it feel a bit more dynamic a bit more involving a bit easier to chuck around so

If you are looking for a big noisy sledgehammer and you’ve got 2.4 million rand then go for it but if you’re looking for something that’s maybe a bit more interesting to drive definitely not as fast but with a fantastic v6 hull going for it as well then i think for half this money you will definitely not be disappointed with a lesser f-type coupon there’s

Some good buying advice for you there huh some good consumer journalism this the thing is though this v8 is quite addictive maybe it’s just the noise did you know that we also sell really awesome car themed merchandise check out our range of custom t-shirts and prints at our online store now simply click on the square box on your screen and we’ll take you

There or the link is in the description below thanks for watching

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