2020 jaguar e pace p300 se r dyn
Altair Club Cars 2020 Jaguar E-Pace P300 SE R-Dynamic

2020 Jaguar E-Pace P300 SE R-Dynamic

Basic feature walkthrough

Okay we’re going to do a quick video here on the features of this very beautiful 2020 jaguar e-pace s-e-r dynamic really nice car so first thing i’m just going to show you is in regards to the passive keyless entry system so if we walk up to the door we’ll see the mirror is power folded right now so what that tells us is the car is in fact locked to unlock

It like the key is in my pocket right now i’m just going to put my hand on the inside of the door handle it will unlock automatically to lock it you are simply placing your thumb on the little concave circle that’s on every single door handle and again you’ll see that the mirror will power fold signifying that the car is in fact locked i’m just going to hop in

And walk you through some of the features of this car okay first things first i’m going to turn on some air because it’s a little bit stuffy in here there we go so on the left side over here a little bit hard to see because it’s dark power mirror adjustment so if i press this left button and then i use the joystick in the middle here up down left right it will

Adjust the mirror accordingly with whatever you need same with the right side you just tap the right side and then it will do that mirror over there just like so if you tap these two buttons on either side of the joystick at the same time it’s going to power fold the mirrors press them again it unfolds them this is a child door lock system when that’s on what

That is going to do is disengage the use of the doors from the inside and the windows from the inside there as well press it again to shut it off um memory position seating is just over here so once you’ve set up the um driver’s seat and the exterior mirrors you can program them to be remembered so what i’m going to do is press m and then one right afterwards

And it will say memory one setting saved on the dash there you have two and three there for other drivers as well um on the steering wheel we have lots of different features and i’m just gonna quickly walk you through what this one button does which is the menu button when i press this once you’ll see what pops up on the dash there i’m just going to zoom in just

A little bit here so the first thing there is driver assistance i’m going to press the menu ok button again and it will go into that menu collision avoidance is the first menu and aeb is engaged which is automatic emergency braking so in the event that you’re not slowing down fast enough to an oncoming vehicle it will warn you on the dash and subsequently start

Pressing on the brakes if you don’t press the brakes in time cross traffic detection the reverse is engaged so if you’re backing up out of a parking space it’ll warn you if there’s cars coming on either side of the vehicle just going to press left to go back one menu then we have the lane keep assist option here which you’ll see this little guy over here has

Engaged and that’s showing you that the lane keep assist system is on and when those lines turn green that means it’s found the lane and the system’s active right now they’re gray because it hasn’t found the lane of course so if i go into lka settings that’s going to give us laying uh sorry steering assist or steering vibrate so depending on whatever you want

Once it’s found the lane you can have it lightly steer you um to keep you inside the lane or you can have it vibrate the steering wheel in the event that you’re drifting out of a lane without having your turn signal on just going to press the left button here and that’ll bring us back a menu speed limit awareness that’s just for your traffic sign recognition so

That is actually not showing on the dash right now but it is engaged um and that’s just going to show you the speed limit of the road that you’re driving on currently tsr speed alert so we can have that on so that’s traffic sign recognition you can have it warn you once you’ve hit the speed limit gone 10 over or 20 over right now that’s off but you can configure

That if you wish driver condition monitor is on right now so what that means is if you’re consistently drifting out of a lane without having your turn signal on it’s going to warn you on the dash it’ll say time to take a break when i press down once with the volume down button you have trip i’m not going to go through that that that’ll just show trip distance and

Fuel efficiency next one is display so if we press ok and go into that menu you can customize this fully virtual instrument display panel so for example if i press full map that’s going to engage this to be a very cool full map when i press left twice that will close that side menu and now i’ve got all the pertinent driving information at the bottom and the

Fully virtual instrument display showing the map i will go back into that menu disengage the map go back to our regular layout you can change the info panel which is actually the menu area screen there so for example let’s say we wanted to put uh the clock in the middle there i will tap that and now i’m going to press left and now i’ve got a clock in the middle

There you can fiddle around with that as you please you can change the theme the units so kilometers and miles and the language as well we’ll go down vehicle settings so there’s a few things that you’ll set up here audible lock warning is just a double honk sound that the vehicle will do in the event that you have one of the doors partially latched or one of the

Keys inside the vehicle so it’s a good safety warning and two-stage unlocking so when you come and pull on the door handle of the driver’s door you can have just the driver’s door unlock or all the doors unlock whichever you’d prefer right now it’s engaged for two stage which means only the driver’s door will unlock first so if i disengage that now it’ll do all the

Doors drywall locking the car is set to lock the doors once we hit eight kilometers an hour and exterior lighting auto high beam will turn that on in the event that you’re driving up north and there’s a low amount of street lights it’ll automatically turn on and off the high beams depending on the light conditions high beam information that’s just for testing the

Auto high beam assist and headlights um that’s driving on the right side of the road which is set up properly and headlight delay when you shut off the car the headlights will stay on for 30 seconds if you want to change that you can under that menu and you can also change the sensitivity so right now except for normal but if you like it to be a higher sensitivity

You can change it right there and i’m just going to go back here last one is convenience features so reverse dip mirror the passenger side mirror you can have dip downward when you put the car in reverse that’s just by engaging that guy i’ll leave it off for the time being window global open and close if we check off those boxes on the key fob you can press and

Hold the unlock button for five seconds it’ll put down all the windows to the car subsequently you can press and hold the lock button and it will put up all the windows to the car easy entry exit is a feature when when you’re hopping in the vehicle and you go to start it up it’ll slightly raise up the seat um and then when you get out it’ll slightly lower it down

To make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle wiper settings we have auto wipe engaged and winter wiper park if you turn on winter wiper park that’ll just leave the wipers propped up on the windshield in the event that you’re shutting off the car and you’re leaving it outside in heavy snowfall it’s handy to clear away all the snow gear shift paddles we have

It engaged in sport mode only so that’s this downshift there and the up shift over here um so what that’s going to do is now we’re um we’re going to only have those engaged when the car is in sport mode so the shifter has to be pushed to the left when it’s in drive otherwise you can do the other option which is sport and drive mode so the paddle shifters when

You tap them it’ll always engage whether you’re in drive or sport mode i’m just going to go back a few menus here and then vehicle information that will just show you tire pressure last time the alarm went off and then you’re in source which is just going to allow you to do the audio controls which um you’d probably want to do from this touch screen anyways but

I’ll show you on the um left side of the steering wheel you can use that as well just going to close that now um your volume control is right here track and tuning for your presets is left and right um this is to pick up and hang up your phone calls this is for your voice command which will not work for out navigation but it will work for your audio system and

For bluetooth phone calls um and then if you have your phone hooked up uh for the apple carplay or android auto it will give you siri if you press and hold that for three seconds um and it will give you the option to do siri commands instead mode is going between all your different sources for the audio system on the right side here this is your heated steering

Wheel this is a speed limiter function so if i press this and then i start to use the cruise control buttons you’ll see that orange sign there is saying limiter and we can program a speed that the vehicle does not exceed it’s like an electronic governor basically i’ll press that again and shut it off that’s canceled for the cruise and this is your cruise control

So to set it and activate it you’ll press set to accelerate you’ll press that same button to decelerate you’ll press minus if you press the break it’ll temporarily cancel it and you can press resume to resume the speed that you had set previously i’m going to briefly explain the wipers here for a second front windshield if i tap this down once it just does one

Single wipe of the front windshield if i press it up you’re using these commands over here now it’s in auto but you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors just right here a constant low and then at the very top is constant high so i’ll just lower that into the off position for the rear you have this right here which is intermittent and on to spray the front

You’ll pull it towards you to spray the rear you’ll press this button at the end moving over to the touch screen maybe it’s because i look at these cars every single day but one of the first things i do when i hop in the cars is i change the background so i’m just going to press this home button oops i didn’t mean to press that settings home wallpaper you can

Choose whatever you want there’s a bunch of different ones here you can select something funky if you want but if we just select this gives you a nice cool different background there navigation going to walk you through this real quick update your map if i tap that it’s going to update the map i’m just not going to do that right now it does take a few minutes

But um that’ll just get the map all updated with the latest software uh the nearby fuel stations is handy shows you the closest gas station depending on wherever you are um and this little uh six boxes here this will give us the option to pull up the nav menu so if i press on search you can type in the address right here but i like to press this guy and this

Will give us the option to type in something and it will auto populate what i’m typing in so if i start typing in oakville you’ll see it fills in right there i just press search and select it from the list nice and easy street same thing i’ll just start typing in john strait fills it in select it from the list and then i’m just going to type in the number address

Press ok then you press show place details gives you the details there you can see your alternative routes and then just press start and then once you meet up with the road there gives you all the turn by turn directions um nice and easy if you want to cancel it pull up the nav menu again and press stop guidance just like that if i press home that brings us back

To the main screen here audio is pretty straightforward i’m just going to turn that down a little bit uh so if i press source that will give us all the options now right now nothing is plugged into the usb otherwise it would give us the option for apple carplay android auto or usb stick if you wish or bluetooth streaming audio for that matter if your phone was

Connected favorites you’ll see nothing is selected here but for example if i tap this star now we’ll add that channel to the favorite list press the star again to remove it from the list fine gives you all the different options for the closest uh radio frequencies that give us the best reception i’m just going to turn that off right now uh phone um because i’m

Recording this with my phone i can’t really show you the bluetooth but it’s super easy all you do is you go into your settings of your phone click on bluetooth and it will pop up there saying jaguar e-pace and then there’s a code that will pop up on your screen and the touchscreen of the car and you press pair on your phone and pair on the screen and it just

Takes a few moments and it will set it right up moving down here you do have a heated rear window this car is equipped with a heated front windshield which is an amazing feature for the winter time that’s max defrost for the front windshield auto is for the air conditioning so now you’re not using fan speed control you’re just selecting whatever temperature you

Want the vehicle to do and it will automatically go to that temperature instead of using a fan speed sync will sync the passenger side temperature with the driver side this will pull up all your different vents that are available so for example if i want the air pointing at my feet and at me as well and not at the windshield then i would select those two if i

Select nothing it will just simply go through all events that are available max ac your ac button and then this is a recirculation button for the air there as well this will turn on and off and give us volume for the audio system and your crew or sorry your climate control down here if i start turning this now it does the fan speed control instead of the auto and

You’ll see i have air climate here which i can adjust just like so if i press it then it gives a seat climate this car is only equipped with heated seats so we don’t have cooled seat option but it will give you the um three different levels for the heated seat just like so press it again and it goes back to air climate down here is a button that’s called all surface

Progress control this is meant to be more of an off-roading feature when you press it you will select the speed using the cruise control between 10 and 30 kilometers an hour and the car will very slowly and surefootedly give you an acceleration forward um in the event that you want to just simply focus on the steering while the car does a very slow acceleration

Forward to optimize the traction this is to turn off your automatic start stop system so once the engine is up to normal operating temperature the vehicle will um when you come to a stop the vehicle will shut off the engine when you take your foot off of the brake it will automatically start it back up this is uh so if you want that feature off sorry that you

Just have to press that and the orange light will come on this here is for the um turning off of your traction and stability control system probably never be doing that but if you’re stuck in snow you may want to turn it off so you get power to all four wheels no questions asked and these are different driving modes right now we’re in the regular driving mode

But if i click it forward you’ll see on the dash here it says eco press it forward again you have rain snow ice which will lock some optimize your traction with slippery surfaces eco will save you up to five percent uh fuel efficiency then we have comfort and then at the very bottom there that’s dynamic so that’ll tighten up your steering ratio tighten up the

Suspension give you a little bit more of a sporty drive altogether i’ll just put it back to comfort which is your default uh driving mode shifter is super easy to use there’s a little trigger on the front you just press and hold the trigger move it back now i’m in drive sport mode you just literally move it like that and you can shift the gears downshift like so

And up shift like so i’m putting in reverse same thing i’m just going to press this trigger push it all the way forward now we’re in reverse and to put in park you’re not moving it you just tap the p once and then it goes into park just like so again that was just a little quick video there um of the jaguar e-pace uh features um feel free to reach out to me with

Any questions thanks so much for watching

Transcribed from video
2020 Jaguar E-Pace P300 SE R-Dynamic By Dan Stuart

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