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Altair Club Cars 2020 Hyundai Tucson – Changing Headlight Low Beam Bulb on Passenger Side

2020 Hyundai Tucson – Changing Headlight Low Beam Bulb on Passenger Side

I’m showing you in this video how to change a light bulb for the low beam passenger side. It’s for a 2020 Hyundai Tucson.

Hello everyone today i’m sitting out here waiting on my wife to get done at target and i have bluesy with me and i decided i said you know i’ve been needing to change my headlight beam low out on my hyundai uh my 2020 hyundai tucson and i did buy the bulb for it it is a h7 uh by sylvania and uh i’m gonna go ahead and change that out and show you the best i can

Because sometimes it’s kind of hard to show that underneath the hood there so hopefully this will help one of you and if you have any questions make sure you leave it in the comment all right here we go okay first of all you pop the hood which is located inside your car not to insult anybody but in case you didn’t know i always like to put this in my videos so it’s

On the driver’s side and all you do is just pull it out all right it then rained around where the hyundai emblem is in the front of the car you reach inside there and there’s a little um there’s a release in there for the hood you lift it up and here’s what the release looks like and then give me a second i’ll put the standard okay so the stand is located here

And then you just put it inside this little um inside your hood here to keep your hood up while you’re working in here okay so the low beam which is on my passenger side it’s not they will not be the first uh light here but it actually is over here which is really hard to see it’s gonna get the camera in there right here okay and you want to turn that so you

Want to turn that counterclockwise okay then it releases it and you’ll see something like this okay set that aside all right so then same deal with the cover you want to get in here this is where your light bulb will set you twist this as well counterclockwise i already did it and it takes some strength let me tell you all right so you pull it out and there it

Is there’s your bulb so get it out of here all right so what you do you kind of have to jiggle this loses it’s kind of there it goes i got it out okay now when you go to put your new bulb in make sure you do not touch this okay because uh you can ruin your ball by doing that okay so i’ll put the new one in give me one minute here all right here’s the new bomb

It’s the old one i’m gonna put it in here okay so now i got the new ball band and i’m gonna go ahead and put this back in and screw it back into place hopefully i’m gonna line up those grooves voices really okay switch hands because i need some more strength okay let me let me see it’s here all right i heard it snap in place that’s good you can see i got it back

In there okay and then of course the next mission impossible is to put this lid back on and as you see close goes to and put it on there to the right this shouldn’t be as hard all right i did get it back on there let’s go ahead and get the car stir it up and uh make sure that uh the lights are all working now and then my air is gone on the dashboard scoot over

There boozy foreign oh wait i still see there what oh wait there did reset itself all right i’m happy with that okay so i’m turning the lights on let’s go take a look got those ones and of course it was on the passenger side so guess what i guess i did it right is installed so hopefully that helps all of you who are trying to do this and as always thanks

For watching guys and uh help me get to a thousand subscribers i appreciate all those who are already subscribed tell your friends and uh you know again if this is something to help you on your car if you have a 2020 hyundai tucson great it actually isn’t hard it took about 10 minutes to do but you know you do need some strength to take those gears off i had to

Get a little bit of leverage but uh it wasn’t too bad all right see you next time thanks for watching

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2020 Hyundai Tucson – Changing Headlight Low Beam Bulb on Passenger Side By Audio Man

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