2020 honda pilot lights at night
Altair Club Cars 2020 Honda Pilot lights at night

2020 Honda Pilot lights at night

Hello guys and welcome back to another video in today’s video i’m going to be showing you this 2020 honda pilot at night so i’m going to show you the interior and exterior lighting of this 2020 honda pilot so coming to the headlight this one is the touring trim so it has long and high beam leds and of course it has the led daytime running light that goes around

The headlight and i like the design of it and it looks really good so let me go ahead and turn on the low beam so you guys could see how it looks like i just turned on the low beam and it looks like the high beam is on as well but if you actually go a tiny bit down you will see the light is actually coming from the left only and there is no light on the right of

Course because the high beam is not on and if you of course move back you will see the low beam is actually turned on and the high beam is off but in the bottom right here here is the fog light and the fog light is actually led and the turn signal is right above the fog light so i’m gonna go ahead and turn on the turn signal so you guys could see how it looks

Like so i just turned on the turn signals and i just don’t like the fact that actually honda goes with normal bulb for the turn signal on the pilots i wish it was led and if it was led would give to the pilot a really nice look but right here i have the low beam on fog lights and turn signals so i’m gonna go ahead and turn on the high beams so i just turned on

The high beams and the high beams are actually super bright and i believe there’s six reflectors inside of the headlight so right here on the mirror this one actually has the turn signal indicators on the mirror and they’re actually leds coming to the back of this pilot the turn signal and the reverse lights are actually not leds and the taillights and the plate

Number lights are actually leds but i like the design of the taillights but i just don’t like the fact that actually honda is using normal bulbs for their first light and for the turn signals so there’s two reflectors on either side of this suv and of course if the light is shining on them you will see the reflection coming here as i said those are going to

Be led lights and of course here is the backup camera and next to the backup camera is actually button so click on the button and the trunk will open here is the button to close and open the trunk and right here coming to the back of this pilot there is not too much lights right here but of course there is a light in the back in the middle and all the way up

There and it does actually look bright in here but i have to take the back seats down to actually see if i could get more lights right here so i just folded down the seats and the most of the light is actually shining on the back seats right here and there is not too much light actually in there i wish a honda actually adds another light for the trunk right

Here so right here on the door there is this light and then coming of course inside the pilot it’s actually really bright in here and the lights are actually super strong for just the normal yellow lights coming to the second row of this pilot actually there is a good amount of light and there is this light right here and then there is another one and it’s doubt

They’re actually making the interior of this pilot very bright so right here on the door you will see two blue lights one by the handle and one by the storage cubby in the bottom and then of course you will see the window switches door locks and then right here up top here is the memory seats mirror controls and then you have a couple honda sensing controls and

In the bottom all the way down there they’re going to be the fuel release and the trunk release right here on the steering wheel they’re going to be the radio controls bluetooth controls coming to the right of the steering wheel honda sensing controls and you have the cruise control coming to the gauges of course everything is nice and bright and then coming to

The screen right here i believe this is an eight-inch touchscreen and the screen is actually really nice and i like the fact that actually honda uses really nice colors here just makes it really nice and it’s actually super smooth it does have the plastic wrap on it but other than that everything is actually really nice i like the fact actually this one has a

Volume button and everything looks really nice but coming down here of course you have your and just start stop and then you have your hazards underneath the hazards you will see the climate control i wish actually honda changes the climate control on the pilot they do look a little bit outdated right underneath that you will see the heated seats on either side

And then you have a cd player and it’s actually super hard to see but there’s a cd player between the heated seat buttons coming down here i like the fact that actually honda did the blue lights around the cupholders it gives it a really nice look and right here this is the button shifter the honda actually uses on the top trims and it looks really nice when you

Change it you will see the lights turn in two different colors and for parker neutral they’re actually red and for driving reverse they’re blue and then underneath you have the mode selector basically you could click on it and it will change from normal snow mud and sand and then right underneath it is the engine stop and start up tab you will see the sunroof

Control and then you’ll see the door light controls sos and link and then of course you have your lights and they’re actually not that bad and they actually do a great job making the front row bright but i just hate the fact they’re actually pointing at me instead of actually down but they do have a good amount of light actually going everywhere which is a good

Thing i’m like the hyundai sonata the hyundai sonata that i actually reviewed the lights actually point down instead of actually pointing up but i just don’t like the fact they actually point up and they’re directly actually in my eyes now so here is the climate controls for the second row and right here on the door there is this really nice little lights on

The doors i really like that nice i’m sure if they come standard on the two ring or they are an option that you could actually add so just show you how the lights actually look like at night i’m gonna go ahead and turn off the fog lights as you see guys the fog lights are actually completely off now fog lights are on and i’m gonna go ahead and turn on the high

Beam and of course the high beam points a little bit up and then it goes all the way right there by the snow and of course you if you turn off the high beams you won’t see the snow that much but that’s how the lights look like at night so right here i’m gonna drive the pilot in the parking light just to show you how it looks like and of course you could adjust

The brightness so the pilot looks really nice and drives really smooth but that’s it guys for this video i hope you guys liked this quick video and if you guys did please subscribe and as always i’ll see you next time

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2020 Honda Pilot lights at night By Legend17

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