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Altair Club Cars 2020 GMC Sierra 3500HD SLE Review – Park Mazda

2020 GMC Sierra 3500HD SLE Review – Park Mazda

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What’s up everybody welcome back to parker mazza today we’re taking a look at our 2020 gmc sierra 3500 hd with the 6.6 litre duramax diesel this sle is in the all black colorway does have tons of features and it’s in great condition so let’s go take a look inside on the door handle here you do have your advanced keyless entry so you can lock with a nice easy tap

Of the button and unlock to get into the vehicle as long as the key is in close proximity now on the door panel here you have your soft touch armrest power windows power mirrors power locks up top storage in the door panel with two cup holders you get your power drivers seat with your lumbar support your all of the mats in the front here your cloth upholstery

In this nice dark gray as we get into the gmc let’s take a look around so now we’re inside the gmc here on the left hand side of the steering column you’re going to find your trailer mode and then your drive mode your two-wheel drive forward drive high four-wheel drive low and your automatic light control with your cargo lake and fog lights but let’s turn on

The duramax diesel here with the push button start you are going to see on the left hand side of the steering wheel your cruise control settings as well as you do get that heated steering wheel on the right hand side you do have a multi-directional pad with the answer and hang up and on the back of the steering wheel you do get a volume rocker on the one side and

You’re skipping and seeking on the other side now using the mode select here you can see you have your off-road and normal modes that is through this dial and as we turn it the other way you can see that trailer light turn on at the bottom there but using the directional pad on the right hand side we can go through this tachometer screen so right now you can see

If we go all the way to the top here you do have the digital speedometer your trip 1 and trip 2 your fuel range the oil life the tire pressure monitor your brake pad life as well as your fuel economy the timer the fuel filter life transmission fluid your trailer braking your camber there and then your def fluid and then the info page we can tap over to the right

And go into the different settings and then we can go all the way to the left here and go to the home page which will show the range until empty and and then your speedometer there so that is very nice and easy to navigate through but moving over to the infotainment here you’re going to find the nice gmc um my gmc screen here so you can go through here you have a

Home screen with the home screen your multimedia and your phone on the right hand side we can scroll over and get to the app page you can go into your audio for your am fm bluetooth usb connections there and then you do have your phone here connect your phone through bluetooth and then you can make phone calls send text messages and listen to music you do have the

Available wi-fi there different settings through here with the wi-fi hotspot all that stuff different settings for the apps for the apple carplay android auto that you get um different reminders and vehicle settings there you have the apple carplay android auto and then you even have the trailer light test there so we’ll test the trail light so you can get out of

The truck make sure all the lights are good good to go before you get on the road you do have the available onstar here with the wifi hotspot turn by turn directions and advisor call so that is available if you are interested in in that service there is the camera so we can tap in the camera and you have the two different guidance lines one for the trailer to back

Up and then one for just the guidance lines of the vehicle so we can put the vehicle into reverse as well you get that same camera setting but down below the camera on the screen you’re going to find your volume rocker home skipping seeking back and tune control you also do your dual zone climbing control with your auto and sink air here you also have that heated

Seat at three level settings for both the driver and passenger you can either heat just just the back or the seat and the back so it’s up to you it’s nice to you have the choice both have the three heat three level setting there you do have the exhaust brake here and then your tailgate fold your traction control and then all windows rolled down by the top of that

Button which is very nice especially the hot days in the summer you do have your trailer braking there your usb-c and a port connection for your multimedia a 12 volt here tons of storage down below here you can slip your phone down there won’t slide around because it doesn’t have a little bit of a blockade you have two cup holders with a center storage you have

Storage on both the right and left-hand sides of the console and into the center console here you’re going to find your manual as well as lots of storage down there which is quite nice but let’s go take a look at the outside of the gmc sle at the front of the sle you do have this beautiful front chrome bright headlights all chrome and black front grille very nice

Looking grill up front here your tow hooks up top your hood scoop nice hard lines here on the hood and throughout the whole gmc it does look very nice you do get your oem remote starter here on the key so you’re going to hold down the start remote start button you’ll see those led running lights start up they do look very very good with the rest of the gmc here

We’re moving around to our side here you’re going to find your gmc alloy on your michelin tires the nice black and chrome two-tone alloy you do have the little side visor lights that have this nice cool design they are kind of black out there but they still have that illuminance to them you do the duramax alice in the transmission with the 6.6 badging all blacked

Out there with the gmc around the gmc and then you do have the tow mirrors that you can fold here and so you do have these different mirrors that are nice and easy to adjust how you want you have the 3500 hd badging the oem running board the box side step here as well as you do have that same uh illuminator on the back the 4×4 badging as well as you do have the

Sierra badge on the back here and the cool thing about the new tailgates for the sierra is that they do have a multi-fold so they do have the regular foam fold there and then the top button actually will fold this top piece down nice and slowly at that and then you can also fold so you can fold either one down and then this will also help it turn into a step so

When this side is folded down like just like this so this can be folded down and now you have a step that does pull out of this button right here a little hard to do with one hand but you do have that step there to get into the back and you have a handle right here to help you up so a sturdy handle you can hold your body weight on that and then you have your fifth

Wheel connection in the back here rear light and then your fifth wheel holes there so you can add your fifth wheel jack no problem into the blocks here and as you can see the box doesn’t look like it’s had anything in it ever so it’s an amazing amazing condition basically look at the rear seating you do have your advanced keyless entry on the rear door panel here

As well so nice easy tap to unlock on the door panel you are going to find that soft touch armor just at the front power window controls storage in the door panel with a cup holder lots of liquid in the back of the gmc here you have those all with the mat fitted throughout the back here as well as you have your rear vents with a usbc a connection a 12 volt two cup

Holders up top there and the seats also can fold up into a 60 40 split here giving you a little bit of extra storage room the seat does fold down and on the 40 side you can adjust you see so you do have the child seat adjustments there that you can connect which is very very very nice but you have tons of legroom in the back here and it’s very comfortable with

Those seating and then you also have pockets on both the front seats thank you for watching this quick overview of the 2020 gmc sierra 3500 sle if you have a question about this sierra please visit parksmanager.ca at that time you find out all the information about this gmc as well as book this vehicle for a test drive with a qualified desktop via 25 visa gift

Card we’ll see you soon and have a great rest of your day

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