2020 gmc sierra 1500 crew cab el
Altair Club Cars 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Elevation Power Tailgate Sunroof Heated Steering Oshawa ON #200086

2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Elevation Power Tailgate Sunroof Heated Steering Oshawa ON #200086

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It’s a great day at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa this is the 2020 gmc sierra 1500 4-wheel drive crew cab it is the elevation edition 5.3 liter engine 20 inch aluminum wheels with the bridgestone all terrain tires got the wheel locks installed 5.3 liter badging the elevation badging door-to-door assist steps cloth upholstery throughout the sunroof

Of bob we’ll see more of that just a second a power driver adjustable seat with lumbar supports woodgrain trim notes trailering mode four-wheel drive selects and you got your cargo lights on off right there an electronic parking brake pull up you got a leather wrap steering wheel here and it is heated got your cruise control and headlights and turn signals and

Intermittent wipers over here on the left hand side gear shifter with toll hall on the right and you’re also gonna find over here your hands-free calling and voice command and the driver information center menu which allows you to scroll through there using the arrow and the wheel to take a little spin through there and you get to see all kinds of information

You need to know here about your new 2020 elevation edition trunk volume control behind the steering wheel and it’s bose so you’re gonna get the best possible sound and an auto four start ignition touch screen is full color am/fm and sirius xm satellite radio and you have apple carplay and android auto built right into their with their own separate apps also got

The trailering app which allows you to check the lights and the brake lights and you can also do things like schedule service everything need to know for trailering right there and it’s gonna make life easier for you climate control available here on the touchscreen as well as manually down below and the camera function you can pop that up this is gonna operate

Both at low speeds as well as a full-color rear backup camera and you do have trailer trajectory and hitch views so when you’re hooking up a trailer it’s gonna be a lot easier for you heated seats both driver and passenger side ac button and fan speed operator your trailer brake below you can disengage the auto stop function your power down tailgate button hazards

Traction control and this will control the power going to the 400 watt outlet in the tailgate which we’re gonna see in just a minute three prong 12 volt usb and usb c storage space below and some cup holders here and that’s where i have the key fob resting right now so let’s take a quick little peek at that you’ve got the remote start alarm function and the power

Down tailgate button armrest flips up and inside you can charge up a device with usb usb c and auxilary and a bob you’re gonna find the slide and tilt sunroof manual sunshade and you also have a powered sliding rear window now your onstar services available again just above rear view mirror and overhead lighting on both sides and speaking of the onstar services i

Feel like i forgot to mention the the wi-fi hotspot which is located right there and of course you’ll pair your devices here for hands-free and bluetooth audio you’ve got the power down tailgate there and i was using the key fob for that got the liner here as well so that’s gonna protect your truck against scratching and denting you’re not gonna take a gouge out

Of it when loading things in and out your 400 watt power outlet the cargo lights 9 fixed tie-downs a total of 21 all together when you factor in the movable ones and that rev hard tonneau cover above and with the cargo lights enabled as they are right now you get that bright led light that shines down there towards the hitch your elevation badging in the right-hand

Side hookups therefore trailer and hitch and the large tailgate steps here both left and right and you also have a carved out handles to help you pull yourself into the truck there which is a embedded right into the bed rail all cloth upholstery again here in the rear of the truck deep tinted glass you got that sliding rear window again and you have storage space

Built right into the seats here on both driver and passenger side split bench seats 60/40 and that’s how easy it is to operate everything i’m just using one hand yeah there’s on the camera for power in the back you have 12 volt usb and usb c and you got the cupholders above for your passengers woodgrain trim notes and soft touch materials i get the fog lights up

Fronts body-colored bumper and grille accents and the front tow hooks as well and that’s going to complete your look at the 2020 gmc sierra 1500 4-wheel drive crew cab elevation if you want to see this one in person you’ll find us at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa where we always do whatever it takes

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2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Elevation Power Tailgate Sunroof Heated Steering Oshawa ON #200086 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.

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