2020 gmc acadia at4 gmc turned a
Altair Club Cars 2020 GMC Acadia AT4 – GMC Turned Acadia Into A BETTER Chevy-Blazer?

2020 GMC Acadia AT4 – GMC Turned Acadia Into A BETTER Chevy-Blazer?

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You you hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel today i have the 2020 gmc acadia this rides on the all-new platform of the chevy blazer this vehicle competes against the honda passport the chevy blazer the ford edge and the hunt hyundai santa fe so my question for today’s video is how does this compare to the other competition the other powertrain specs for

The 2020 pnc acadia 84 this is a 3.6 liter v6 it makes the tip 310 horsepower it’s more into the semi 1 foot pounds of torque and this doesn’t have a 6-speed auto they upgraded to the nice be automatic transmission as this insisted weighs 4,000 306 pounds and this control i’m asking or 4000 pounds so gm 3 tuned the suspension for the 84th even though this writes

On the same platform as the chevy blazer so in the front fascia of the 2020 gmc acadia 84 start of it these headlights gmc put led reflectors you also have a led daytime running light led turn signal here lower probably bump you guys have these led fog lights and an automatic high-beam and loving eyes like this brushed aluminum accents around your fog lights up

Your a tnt logo here the front pressure of this looks nicely of course is a refresh so the grille looks way more aggressive your wool business 112 0.5 overall about 193 looking at these all-terrain tires you are 25565 17-inch rims your clothes can be a gloss black it look nice me honestly i wouldn’t take this off-roading like touring you guys will go to like your

Jeep it’s not made for that but guess i have this blank cloudy to make this a little more rugged guys customs scientist here that’s how keen historic keyless entry for all four doors you got some black roof rails here’s the rear of the acadia this gives me some ford explorer thing with these leds t-shape headlights you do have an led transcendentally reverse light

Here lower part of your fin and her lower part of your bumper you guys we have dual exhausts there chrome tips as i have rear parking sensors but these reflectors also i have your acadia name here and a backup camera with your 84 badge and this is a power liftgate you have to took that well allison spoiler up you guys an ipad 13 cubic feet of space and suppose

Your seats down you have to pull of here like that yeah say my boy well that leaves you guys go subscribe to his page he’s trying to get to 500 guys so yes exactly take them out so with all with your second row with your third row floor than you guys think about 35 dispensing with all seats for l 79 cubic feet of space that’s 15 more to face in the chevy blazer

At the key fob here you have your jeeps gmc logo in the back of the key fob you have your lock remote story and your tailgate release also have your panic button so you have to keep this key popping your partner in your purse so welcome to gmc acadia you guys do have keyless entry you guys to christopher to lock the doors as you guys can see you guys have some

Of the door penny has have this hard touch material chrome accented door handle you have your lock controls here your lyric controls it is express office resolve for the driver and passenger trunk release you guys can put out a full mag 3/4 or you guys can just turn that off those are the bose audio sound system you’re like trying to park and break hurry up your

Dimmer switches for the sooner stack up here this is a manual telescope will act like the interior of t4 badge with this red 4 so getting in close in the door door has a nice all around to it i’m styling gmc gauges layout you have to rpm layout here you have your fuel also have your coolant temperature got this small lcd lcd display essence cycle do it with this

Hat over here it does read a sign road signs you have your radio presets here i’ll stuff your navigation your phone and also different settings you guys would like to go through this is that leather wrap stand will have these small aggressive bolsters you have your cruise control setting let’s have your gmc name here i actually like the stand would have your one

Wiper stocks and your turn signal sucks on this side this is a push button start also guys have this 8 inch display guys have your audio does have apple carplay and android auto display there this climate control you guys can turn that off this is a dual climate control guys have these big turnout with this rubberized material you also have this new shifter here

You guys can click back for reverse as you guys that this high definition camera you guys can turn your guylines off if you want this also have a trailer centurion mode and this canto 4,000 pounds you guys don’t have to direct three but also switch this is more good and you guys do get rear parking sensors you guys to click this for neutral you guys can click this

For drive you also have your different modes here there is no paddles on the will just your occupying us and click people park also have two cupholders have your auto on stop feature your stability control hazard lights and also your parking since the cart sd slot card here i also get your usb ports here as well any 12-volt it’s in soft touch plastic you act like

This carbon fiber phone look shrimp to this put me in the glove box it’s pretty it’s pretty decent of your 84 and better to the headrest i like this orange piping on this light brown piping the seats are very nice these are heated these aren’t ventilated seats they only heated guess i have to go to the denali trim you guys gonna get cool seats you guys do have

Your drive mode selector here you guys have two will yes can switch it to the right it does take a second in this is a all-wheel drive as a switcher to race small and it shows up here on this lcd screen here you guys also have it for off-road mode other tohono of course gonna be it’s gonna default to all-wheel drive and if anything you guys can just flip that back

It’s gonna go to a tool or drive you guys have your he’ll just sit right here as well because at the storage here that’s how this underpass you guys can put more additional things the center console is nice and padded fairly small though there’s no usb when a 12-volt inside here what about the interior in the front is really really nice actually i love how can that

Be this sits in mister but i’m gonna go into the camera mode it’s got to seem like i’m a dog will’s right there he’s on camera but that is some very nice resolution camera you guys can click this little home button here it’s pretty fast you ask your radio presets i’m gonna see if it’s gonna let me access the navigation now of course it’s not because it’s still

In like a demo mode but overall yeah the the front teeth feel nice you can take a look look at those back seats so welcome to the rear of the 84 as you guys see you guys have plenty of legroom and stuff back here this one has the captain’s just two standard seats in the back book they’re folded down right now so getting in to 84 some of the door pounding guys

Not the same material that’s in the front guys have this comb exited door handle gotta have some storage here i saw a cup holder and of course you guys have that bose audio sound system in the seats they do slide forward and back my particular tester is missing the sunroof or panel sunroof guys do get led lighting throughout the cabin you have to map pockets you

Also have tri-zone climate controls like i said mine is missing cool scene so you guys fight closer the denali trump you get your usb stations here you guys also get a household outlet with the street here with two cupholders with some more storage i track these captains chairs guys we get this nice unrest as well same coming and the in the seat just like in the

Front seats we get that third row third row phillips so to access that the rule you guys can pull this lever here in the seat world you guys have to basically put a lot of force to make this equal for good they always kind of tight kind of crown like but overall yeah the third row back here is nice usb station back here with two cupholders with a heart transplant

Material but the third row the seats feel even though they look thin i do hold you in place but that’s one a long trip i can pry step back here for additional two or three hours honestly three always gonna be my max but you guys can tell someone to push that second row a little but my knees are touching the seat back of the second row because the seats prasada me

Back somebody was nice enough to push that so we’re talking pricing for the 2023 nc acadia 84 unfortunately i can’t really talk about pricing because there is no window sticker from check our pricey one thing is give me is just a fuel economy but overall if you guys on the market for eight before you guys can come to win you would see especially thanks for storm

For providing me with the vehicle and also this is my floor view on the 20 2010 tak 84 awesomest you guys farm instagram and jutsu tunnel catch our next video

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2020 GMC Acadia AT4 – GMC Turned Acadia Into A BETTER Chevy-Blazer? By Drive On Reviews

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