2020 ford f 450 by dbl design th
Altair Club Cars 2020 Ford F-450 by DBL Design – The Baddest Truck Money Can Buy

2020 Ford F-450 by DBL Design – The Baddest Truck Money Can Buy

Check out this nasty 2020 F-450 with upgrades from DBL design. Follow me over at Thanks for watching!

How’s it going everybody this is brian over here at ken wilson ford in canton north carolina and just luck of the draw we happen to hit this super sick i think it’s a 2020 maybe 2019 f-450 started out life as a cabin chassis and now it looks like this let’s go and take a walk around this thing this thing is sick alrighty all i can tell you about this is exactly

What you can see on the side of the truck i guess this whole bed and fender and wheel and tire and everything is done by this dbl design and this thing is nasty i have never seen a 450 look so good i’m always a fan of these bigger trucks where they actually especially a regular cab where they put the big dually long bat on it and i even thought they just looked

Good with the dually wheels like that but man these are like military grade wheels and tires you can just see how huge these bead lockers are this thing is nasty let’s get up in here and look at these bad boys so these are a looks like a 365 80 20s that’s a 20 inch wheel with those massive continental tires on them just look at these things look at the tread

Blocks on this that’s like what they put on like an lmtd or something like that in the military looks like we’ve got a spray-on liner on the fenders here falls all the way down gosh this thing is nasty we’ll check out the suspension setup here so it’s got it looks like it’s got their lift on it which what is that what do we think three inches or so just on the

Blocks the spacer blocks we’ve got the fox struts up here let’s look up underneath of it also looks like everything else is stock up here looks like now i think i was told they had to do some work with the axles looks like the um the axle gears are original ford but to do something to get those wheels and tires on they had to do something with maybe the axle

Shafts or something there with the hubs this thing is nasty let’s go ahead and crank it up let’s see huh sounds quiet this thing is sick check out the massive breaks underneath of this thing so clearly these would normally be covered up by the dually wheels but when you uncover those brakes those calipers are massive and that’s the rear calipers it looks like

A four piston setup and that is insane yeah look at that i think the only thing i know about this truck is that it was originally ordered here and then they took the truck down there to that wherever that shop is i think it’s in texas that dbl design and they did the rest of this so yeah super nasty truck uh this is apparently something that we can do we didn’t

Do the work on it but again if you’ve got questions on getting a truck like this uh definitely come by and let us know we’d be more than happy to get you whatever you want with these cabin chassis setups but thanks so much for watching have a great day

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2020 Ford F-450 by DBL Design – The Baddest Truck Money Can Buy!!! By Ask for Bryan

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