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Altair Club Cars 2020 Ford Explorer | Blackdog Speed Shop

2020 Ford Explorer | Blackdog Speed Shop

This sleeper Ford Explorer ST is not your average SUV to just drop-off the kids at soccer. We installed a bunch of go-fast parts such as AFE cold air intake, Whipple intercooler, Borla exhaust, a Blackdog Speed Shop custom tune and a Mishimoto oil catch can! To make it more fun, we also upgraded the handling with Steeda lowering springs and strut tower brace. Wait and see the dyno numbers!

Foreign welcome back to the speed shop today we have a 2020 ford explorer stn for some performance upgrades we offer multiple packages for these from appearance to engine handling exhaust you name it we’ve got it we’re going to be installing an afe cold air intake mishimoto catch can some steeda lowering springs all the way around steeda rear sway bar a borla

Exhaust system which comes in a couple different flavors from loud louder and screw your neighbors last and most important is this whipple intercooler this is a substantial upgrade from the stack one considering it is almost four times the original size time for you to get out of here and golf while i do some real work or baseline results are in we got 333

Horsepower and 403 foot-pounds of torque we’ll see what we could improve from there first thing i’m going to attack here is get the old exhaust out of the way because it hinders a couple different things we’re doing here foreign now we got the rear sway bar and rear lowering springs in let’s move on up to the front it’s really nice steeda strut tower brace

That’s a lot better than the stamped steel factory one here’s our borla cat back that we’re installing this customer chose to go with the quieter version this will let your baby sleep in the back of the car while still gaining you some performance here’s your factory intercooler upgraded whipple intercooler substantially larger should cool air way more efficiently

Foreign behind the grill stack as far as the air shutters and everything else does not interfere with anything let’s move on to the cold air intake now this isn’t your typical cold air intake that just throws an air filter into the end of whatever is existing in the car this is all new duct work the box is sealed off a little better than the factory one and

Still retains all the stack hoses and pcv hookups oh i’ve been gone all right let’s move on to the front lowering springs pull the struts out break them down slap springs over get this stuff back in the car and we can move on to our alignment thing to note about these explorers is the camber is not adjustable therefore you can only lower it so much before you

Affect the dynamics of the car all right now let’s give her a listen to try not to wake the kid up in the back seat and to our alignment get this thing going down the road straight all right now we got this thing all wrapped up with strapper back down in the dyno and do a little tuning see what we can get out of it say that’s a considerable increase 390

Horsepower and 439 foot-pounds from some simple bolt-ins i’ll take it foreign thanks for watching everybody follow us on social media don’t forget to like subscribe and hit that bell

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2020 Ford Explorer | Performance Upgrades By Blackdog Speed Shop

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