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Altair Club Cars 2020 Ford EcoSport Review | The Budget-Friendly 4WD SUV

2020 Ford EcoSport Review | The Budget-Friendly 4WD SUV

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2020 Ford EcoSport! I’ll test out acceleration, braking, steering feel, ride quality, cargo space, rear legroom, sound system & much more!

I’m tony i do car truck suv reviews on youtube today we are in the new 2024 deco sport courtesy of bob ruth ford in dillsburg pa it’s why i’m in this one today though because this very well may be the very most affordable way you can get four-wheel drive in an suv and not only that is 12 degrees out here in pennsylvania today i got heated seats on i got my heated

Steering wheel so it is very possible you can get quite a few features on this thing as well so what do you say let’s just go ahead and jump right into it and as always let’s start with pricing and so as expected there are several different trim levels for the 2020 eco sport first one being the s starting at $19,995 se starting at twenty three thousand four hundred

And fifty dollars titanium for twenty six thousand two hundred and sixty-five dollars and lastly the ses which actually is the one we were in today this one is going to start at twenty-seven thousand three hundred and eighty dollars and so if you were curious that was all pricing for the front-wheel drive with the exception of the ses coming standard with four

Wheel drive for those first three trim levels however to add four-wheel drive to any of those simply out one thousand five hundred and ninety five dollars and so if you put that together with this trim level that gives you twenty one thousand five hundred and ninety dollars for a four-wheel drive suv and of course that does not include dealer discounts or any

Kind of factory rebates so it is 100 percent very possible you can get four-wheel drive on this suv for under twenty thousand dollars and that is a heck of a deal let me tell you but when it comes to the powerplant there are actually two different engine setups available for the ecosport first one being a 1 liter turbocharged three-cylinder coming standard on the

S se and titanium trim levels this one puts out 123 horsepower at 6,000 hour 125 pound feet of torque once again available at 6000 rpm again set two front wheels or all wheels to a six-speed automatic giving you mpg numbers coming in at 27 in the city 29 on the highway of course taking regular unleaded fuel but then there is the other edge and setup the one that

Comes standard for the ses and optional on the titanium being a 2 liter naturally aspirated inline 4-cylinder this one that we currently have today puts out 166 horsepower available at 6500 rpm 149 pound-feet of torque available at 4500 rpm power sent to all four wheels through that intelligent four-wheel-drive system through a 6-speed automatic this one comes

In at 23 mpg in the city 29 on the highway once again that was taking regular unleaded fuel but said that before we do any kind of acceleration in the ecosport at first i want to mention there is a sport driving mode it is not a button setup that you typically find on a lot of other vehicles out there these days but it is just part of the shifter so if you push

The shifter all the way to the back that is gonna give you that support driving mode it did just immediately downshift for me so it is gonna hold the rpms at a much higher level of course and the cool thing about this mode is you can also actually shift through the gears yourself and so the way to go about doing that there are buttons on the side of the shifter so

If you did want to manually shift through the gears yourself that is certainly an option as i just shifted down to fifth gear i could shift back up to sixth gear so that button is actually located on this side and really you’re probably not going to use that all that much except you may need it for engine braking if it starts to snow outside so that’s probably

More than likely why it’s there but anyways having covered all that now what do you guys say let’s do a quick little acceleration test in this one and let’s see how quickly we can get the new 20-24 to ecosport here up to speed a little bit of a rolling start here but here we go hey the cloud good not bad you’re not gonna have any issues merging onto the highway

But dag this edge gets loud when you really put the pedal to the metal you’re with the eddying inline 4-cylinder you’re not gonna have any issues the merging onto the highway certainly not the fastest thing in the world but it’s pretty much as expected for the ecosport it’s happen anyways to go along with that acceleration as always braking is equally important

So you will find of course four-wheel disc brakes coming standard on all trim levels of the ecosport a source of braking foe goes it’s been perfectly fine for me today so certainly no issues with bringing this one to a stop touching on suspension and handling up front you’re gonna get a strut tight front suspension in the back a torsion beam rear suspension i

Did want to mention there is a sport-tuned suspension if you were to go with the ses trim level that we have today since i mentioned it as far as the steering feel goes it is actually quite nice in the ecosport i gotta admit just got done driving the nissan rogue not too long ago that is definitely a looser steering feel but i do like not a very minimum this

One is heavier than the nissan rogue so i do like the weighted steering wheel a little bit and this one is not the heaviest but it’s not as heavy as my mustang of course but it certainly is a nice weight to it as far as ride quality goes it’s been perfectly fine for me today so definitely no issues there i told you going cabin noise a little bit there is acoustic

Laminated front glass for actually all trim levels that’s definitely a plus so as far as the exterior wind noise goes that is quite nice but i will say again the engine noise is quite pronounced when you really hit the gas otherwise it’s really not a big deal and also when you’re sitting at a stoplight or a red light i didn’t notice you can hear a bitter like

Rattling in the engine or whatever the case so there’s a little bit of that too but other than that the wind noise is definitely on point so you’re not going to have any issues with that but touching on visibility again it comes down to the shape really when it comes to visibility so because of the shape of the ecosport i can see perfectly fine out that so

Visibility is 100% onpoint there do want to mention rain-sensing windshield wipers coming standard for the titanium and ses trim levels so that is one of those deals where they’re going to automatically turn on for you when the ecosport detects rainfall so it’s one last thing you have to worry about better focus on keeping your eyes on the road so it’s really a

Safety feature in itself they’re also windshield wiper de-icer coming standard on the s each from level and up of course we have that on first thing this morning when it was 12 degrees out when i first turned the ecosport on here so that is definitely a big plus as well but that about rounds off the performance segment of this review let’s now go ahead and take

A look at the exterior of this brand-new 2024 deca sport all right here she is you guys in one of the cooler locations i think i found recently this is the 2020 forward ecosport let’s go ahead and start up front here alright and so starting with the front grille there is a black front grille that will come standard on the s and ses trim levels that of course

Is currently what you’re looking at right now chrome horizontal bars you will find on the se and titanium trim levels itself the s and ses being more sporty or trim levels se and titanium being more i don’t know i guess you could say upscaler luxury trim level so to speak but to the sides halogen quad beam reflector headlights coming standard with the s halogen

Quad beam projector headlights coming standard with the se trim level end up led signature lighting coming standard across the board and you will find fog lights just below if you were to go with the s ii trim level and up and i did want to mention in addition to that currently what you guys are looking at right now there are black projector surrounds on those

Headlights of black housings essentially coming standard with the ses trim level it so of course with the ses being the most sportiest trim level of the echo sports i guess that kind of makes sense but let’s go ahead and make our way to the side on this one now and so when it comes to the side you will find no roof rails if you were to go with the s trim level

You will get black roof rails for the se and ses that is of course what you’re looking at right now and you will find silver roof rails if you were to go with the titanium trim level and of course looking towards the back rear privacy glass is going to come standard with each from leveling up it will not come standard on the s so i did want to mention that power

Adjustable black side mirrors coming with the s trim level you will get body colored side mirrors with integrated turn signals with the se and titanium and gloss black side mirrors with integrated turn signals with the ses and of course since we have the black exterior today you’re not going to notice that contrast but if we were to have a white exterior or any

Other color you will still get those gloss black side mirrors with the ses trim level so i did want to emphasize that but taking a look down at the wheel set up 16-inch aluminum alloys with the s and s ii trim levels 17-inch aluminum alloys with the titanium and ses again what you’re looking at right now i did one adds that chrome beltline molding coming with the

Titanium trim level and black door handles coming with the s trim level and so you will get body color door handles of course with all other trim levels besides the s but let’s go ahead and make our way to the back on this one you will find a shark fin extended antenna up top there just below that rear spoiler with an integrated brake light just below that rear

Window way pour all of that coming stated across the board of course and i do want to add to that there is a more pronounced rear spoiler if you were to go with the ses trim level kind of a more aggressive appearance i guess you could say so didn’t want to show that to you guys a little bit but so anyways down below you guys know i always have to do it there is

A single exhaust outlet pointed towards the ground so i think you guys know what we have to do next here as always here is that exhaust clip are you soon now since we are still around back first they wanted to mention to you guys this is what is the coolest opening rear lift gates that are out there right now when it comes to suvs and crossovers let me explain why

Here when it comes to opening that rear liftgate there is no button on the key fob we do have the ses trim level is the highest trim level yet still there is no button on the key fob but that’s fine there is however a hidden button to open that rear liftgate within the passenger side rear tail light it is kind of a spy or secret agent kind of way of opening up

This lift gate i personally absolutely love it there is nothing wrong with being different and this different is very cool so essentially that is how you were going to go ahead and open this rear liftgate up once opened up cargo capacity is gonna come in at twenty point nine cubic feet if that was not in the space those rear seats of course do fold down bumping the

Cubic feet miss of 250 cubic feet even so decent amount of space actually for the size of the ecosport honestly and of course in that cargo area you can find four cargo floor tie down anchors there’s cargo lighting a cargo cover adjustable cargo shelf if you were to go with the se trim level and up and just overall a decent amount of space back there and make your

Way to the rear legroom that is gonna come in at thirty six point seven inches so for reference i’m an even 6 feet tall this is how much space i have back there do you want to also mention though for all trim levels even the base trim level there is a rear center armrest with cupholders a lot of other manufacturers will add that rear center armrest with cupholders

To the upper trim levels but it does come standard on all trims for the ecosport that’s definitely a big plus front seat bat mac pockets of course coming standard as well nonetheless let’s go ahead and make our way to the front seats manually adjustable cloth seats coming standard with the s trim level s ii is going to add to that six way power driver seat with

Heated front seats that’s how you’re gonna get the heated seats with the se trim leveling up titanium is gonna add a perforated leather finish and the se is gonna add active ex seating and so this essentially is which of course your which you’re looking at right now but it’s going to be a durable stain resistant sin that exceeding material and of course it’s got

Leather on the exterior of that as well so that’s kind of cool i actually do like the seats they are quite comfortable especially with the heated seats i definitely am a big fan of that but now let’s go ahead and make our way to the steering wheel it is a tilt steering wheel it is not telescoping but overall was still able to find my perfect driving position but

It is leather wrapped for the se trim level enough and it will come heated again with the titanium and the ses trim levels and i absolutely love that you can get a heated steering wheel on this one especially since we are in the teens today outside so quite cold but nonetheless let’s go ahead and make our way to the startup let me first start by showing you guys

The key here you do if your ford logo on the one side and when you flip it over it’s pretty basic key lock and unlock so do want to mention though you really don’t need to take the key out of your pocket it is all keyless entry with a push button start if you were to go with the se trim level and up at least s trim lovely you’re gonna have to take key out of your

Pocket but still push button start coming with the se trim level and up so all i am going to do is simply just put my foot on the brake and press that engine start button which is actually located just to the right of the gauge display there it’s so once started up tachometer is all the way on your left speedometer is on your right there is a small digital display

Front and center which is pretty cold and to control what is on that digital display simply use the steering wheel mounted controls on the left side there and so that’s gonna give you a bunch of information actually how many miles you have left until you’d hit empty of course trip h or b there is a digital speedometer readout if you wanted to go that route of

Course you have a compass up there outside temperature telling us it’s freaking cold today you have a picture of the ecosport if you would rather display that i found that pretty cool as well but overall it’s got pretty much everything you need up on those gauges but touching on overall interior quality a power moonroof is gonna come with the s each from leveling

Up it’s pretty cool that the se uh a lower trim level i guess to get se gives you a power moonroof but here’s one of my favorite parts about the interior quality ambient lighting with several colors actually coming standard with the titanium and the se s there’s actually seven different colors you can choose from up there so i did find that pretty cool also i’m

Gonna try to show that to you guys right now i’ll give you all the colors so you can see what they look like but it is gonna be displayed throughout the vehicle perhaps the best part to show you guys right now though is in the cupholders but i can see it’s around the footing areas well so i do love when manufacturers put ambient lighting it really allows you to

Customize and make the car your own so that’s always a plus but of course you have an overhead sunglass holder up top here just above the passenger side glove box you have a little storage area with a rubberized tray in there some things don’t slide around speaking of the glove box it is definitely a smaller glove box i will say but then again the vehicle is a bit

Smaller as well but there is a second owner’s manual area just above that glove box as well so it’s always a plus just in front of the shifter you have another little area with a rubberized bottom so things don’t slide around perhaps the perfect area to store yourself in once you connect it using one of the two usb charging ports again right above that there is

A 12-volt power outlet just to the right of the shifter just behind that you have a little tray area as well as your dual cupholders there another little cubby area behind the cupholders and of course you actually have a little bit of storage just underneath of the center armrest between the driver and passenger when i say a little bit i do mean a little bit of

Storage this is perhaps the narrowest deepest kind of storage i’ve ever seen it’s it’s just interesting there’s a little tray you can actually pull out with a pen or pencil holder in there but is very extremely narrow but it is yet very deep so that is kind of cool but now let’s go ahead and make our way to the tech display because this is perhaps the main the

Biggest new feature for the 2020 ford ecosport and so that base trim level the s trim level is still going to give you the 4.2 inch display screen however with the se trim level end up and this is the big change because previously the se also gave you the 4.2 inch display screen you now will get an 8 inch color touch screen display aka ford sync 3 system again

For the se titanium and ses trim levels where previously the sc again gave you the smaller infotainment but either way with both systems you do get bluetooth and audio streaming however if you go with the sync 3 you will get android auto and apple powerplay meaning if you have a smartphone simply hook it up to the ecosport and therefore you a free navigation

Displayed up on that tech display as well as the ability to liken this like your pandora songs and there’s a couple other compatible apps as well factory navigation is actually gonna come standard with the titanium and ses trim levels of course you can check out your radio settings up there as well and by the way when it comes to the sound system you will get six

Speakers if you were to go with the s4 s e trim levels however if we were to go with the titanium or ses that we have today you will get a 10 speaker banging olsen sound system so i do believe you guys know what we have to do next let’s go ahead and turn on the radio here see what we got playing today and let’s test out the clarity this one feel like alidium has

Been on fire so much nice stuff coming out but dang that sound system was on point especially considering the size of the ecosport plenty of base for the size of this thing plenty of clarity plenty of loudness really a well done sound system by bang & olufsen as expected really but last thing i wanted to mention to you guys on that tech display is when you

Do put the ecosport in reverse you will find the rear view camera for all trim levels across the board letting you know who or what is behind you which is always is going to lead us in the safety it so to start front side side curtain airbags but also driver and passage your knee airbags up front that definitely doesn’t come standard on every suv out there in

The back you’re gonna have latch aka lower anchors and tethers for children for the rear car seats also rear child the relaxed back there a tire pressure monitoring system comes standard but do you want to mention the se trim level is gonna add a reverse sensing system meaning when you’re backing up and you’re getting too close to an object the ecosport is gonna

Kind of beep at you letting you know you’re getting too close to an object so you don’t go hitting anything that’s always a plus and the titanium and ses trim levels are also gonna give you a blind spot monitoring system with rear cross traffic alert meaning those little car icons in the side mirrors so you don’t go turning into anybody in your blind spot and

So that about wraps up this review you guys thank you so much for watching feel free to follow me on social media bottom of screen there if you be sure to hit the subscribe and the bell notification button if we’re gonna do car reviews that’s what we do here on this channel after all to appreciate guys watching more than you know and i will see you guys all in

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