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Altair Club Cars 2020 CRV Hybrid – Does Hybrid work on a motorway ??

2020 CRV Hybrid – Does Hybrid work on a motorway ??

We take a quick motorway drive in a CRV Hybrid to see if it can be economical in that type of environment.

Morning everyone i’m up in dublin and i collected a crv hybrid if anyone wants to test drive a honda crv hybrid this weekend we’re going to have one at the garage got a couple of people coming in that want to specifically test drive them so anyone else who wants to know about them definitely do uh so i’m here in uh city west and we’re going to head down the road

Just for uh curiosity i’m going to reset the trip here so it’s down at zero uh 500 kilometers i’m going to see how we get on fuel wise i’m going to drive the car in a completely normal fashion i’m not going to duck my driving style or anything like that just because it’s not a long spin it’s only half an hour drive down the road but there’s plenty of motorway

And as a lot of people think moderates are the enemies of hybrid cars in terms of efficiency let’s see how we get on anyway i think it’ll be okay but let’s see how we do the first part of this journey then is going to be 100 kilometers an hour that’s where you leave city west and you get down as far as nace at which point you get up to 120 kilometers an hour

And again like this entity i’m being as realistic as i possibly can here one thing you do have to factor into hybrid cars is that they are super comfortable because they’re automatic and they’re quiet and they’re just nice to drive so when you’re factoring in pricing and stuff like that hyper cars yet they can be more expensive but you’re getting a better level

Of specification in the car from the point of view of enjoying the drive and being comfortable with hybrids i always like to see exactly what’s going on for no you don’t have to by the way it’s just for novelty so anyway while we’re driving here at the moment in 100 kilometers an hour you can see the petrol engine is driving the wheels which is the blue line

Which comes down as far as the cog and the power goes out to the wheels and you can also see uh from the cog back as far as the battery essentially what the car is currently doing is it’s recharging the battery so while that recharge is going on then we’ll see the battery level goes from when it’s quite low it starts moving back up as far as never gets too full

It always gets to about three quarters and once then it has recharged to sufficient level you can see at the moment we’re doing 100 kilometers an hour and the car is being driven by battery only so you see the battery the bottom bringing power up as far as the center and diverting that out to the wheels so we are currently in a full ev mode doing 100 kilometers

An hour my experience on these then is you will normally get at about 100 kilometers an hour you’ll get somewhere in the region of maybe 30 to 40 seconds or so a full ev mode at that stage then the battery will have depleted and you’ll see that towards the end the battery and the engine start driving the car and then it gets to a point where the engine starts

Recharging the battery and also starts diverting power out of the wheels it’s just interesting to watch how the car but the whole idea is i suppose and why i’m saying this to you it’s just constantly trying to recharge the battery and allow the battery to be able to work in a full ev mode and then sometimes in a combined petrol and electric mode as well next

Section of the journey then from nays down as far as kill air is going to be 120 kilometers an hour so we’re going to speed up the cool thing about it is you don’t need to know any of this at all i just look at it for fun i just find it interesting to watch how the car behaves but you don’t need to know any of this let the car do its own thing and for this

Particular journey normally when i’m driving a car like this i’d all be watching the fuel efficiency just for curiosity to see how it’s going but you know what in this case i’m going to do like a lot of normal people do get into the car drive it don’t actually care what’s happening so when i get back to the garage i genuinely have no idea how we’ve ended up on

The fuel efficiency and let’s face it this is the least friendly environment for a hybrid car so technically it shouldn’t actually be a great result when we get back but it’s just it’s one of those things i want to know if you don’t think about it if you just buy the car like a lot of people do without having to think about and adjust their driving styles and

Do these kind of i suppose less efficient types of drives how do they really get on with a car like this another thing i always know in crv it’s actually not essentially just because it’s hybrid the cabin is really really quiet on these cars i’ve noticed that over the last uh couple years since this model came in it’s a really really quiet cabin and i suppose

The fact that it’s actually hybrid that definitely helps as well like you’re saying you can never tell what’s happening unless you were looking at a screen like that you actually have no idea what the car is doing it does all the work you don’t need to know um so maybe after looking at that someone might have a slightly better understanding of how the crv hybrid

Works over 100 kilometers an hour i find the battery is less effective and so it’s really under 100 kilometers an hour that’s where i see the major advantage of it however when you combine all your driving all the way through that’s where you start to see whether efficiency works and that’s why i was just curious on this journey to see how we’re going to end up

So anyway we’re pretty much nearly at the garage in cars like these also hills will become your friend so when you’re going down a hill the camera’s actually going to get a charge so the battery is being charged by your movement downhill this wheel is turning create energy which is transferred back up to the battery so both the engine and movement like this can

Charge the battery right yo i’m back at the garage so let’s see how we get on into park i have absolutely no idea how we did here so feel this way okay before i do it guess i don’t know i’m gonna say six point something point six five points i am genuinely pleased about that because i had no idea there i’ve covered what 38 kilometers 39 kilometers 5.6 liters

Right and like i went down the motorway and this that is the crappiest way to drive a hybrid car that is the environment that they are least effective in and we’ve still actually done okay um so 5.6 liters um i don’t know 50 odd miles again there’s a big old car like this is a big hair so 5.6 liters hold on a sec 5.6 liters per hundred kilometers is just under

51 miles per gallon that’s damn good i don’t care what anyone says actually where’s the key others um that is really really good uh pleasantly surprised if you want to see the car it’s going to be here for the next couple of days uh this one here is an elegance model uh we have more in the showroom anyway so uh get in have a drive these are a really really nice

Car nice car to drive and actually to be fair that is some realistic information for you there so anyway anything you want to know on these cars oh it’s six eight four three one nine four five brian is my name honda garage here in clare hyundai as well uh give me a shout thanks for taking time to watch

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2020 CRV Hybrid – Does Hybrid work on a motorway ?? By Brian Doolan at Fitzpatricks Garage Kildare

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