2020 chrysler pacifica hybrid li
Altair Club Cars 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited Premium Full Video Tour for sale 12 2020

2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited Premium Full Video Tour for sale 12 2020

2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited Premium Full Video Tour for sale 12 2020

Hello my name is mike johnson i’m taking you on an inside and outside video tour of this 2020 chrysler pacifica plug-in hybrid this is a brand new car that was never sold to anyone actually the manufacturer fiat chrysler the factory took this one instead of sending it to a dealership to be sold they sent it out and used it for tv commercials and creating photos

For the brochure and the website so this was never owned by anybody that’s why it only has 1 600 miles on it those are original miles nobody ever bought this car not yet you’ll be the first private owner so we do have two of these in stock as of right now that’s an older one that’s a 2017. it’s still really really nice but it’s a little bit less money because

It has a little bit more miles on it but on this video we’re talking about the 2020 they’re relatively uns not significantly changed from 2017 to 2020 and they’ve had good luck with these these are really nice fans this one has an original sticker price of 50 000 like 50 250 approximately so it’s over 50 000 the sticker price this is the tippy top of the line

And it’s this uh clay gray metallic color it’s a a newer color this is some of these new 2020 colors that some of the manufacturers are coming out with it’s an interesting color it’s a nice gray it keeps you from getting tickets because the cops don’t notice you as much because it’s it doesn’t stand out like the the bolder colors and being into this top of

The line i’m going to put some graphics on the screen here first of all this car qualifies for california’s newest color carpal stickers maybe it’s blue orange whatever the color they change the color every year and this can get the newest one so you can get it 2021 through 2025 up to four full years if you get it in january the sticker you got to get this car

First then you get the sticker that’s never had stickers before because it’s basically a brand new car um it’s got the parking sonar sensor on the front you know when you get close to an object it goes beep beep beep but it also has front and rear radar it has a surround view camera so there’s a there’s two cameras on the front this one is gives you a drone eye

View here let’s show you a picture looking from the top down it’s a drone eye view you can see all around the vehicle and on the lower portion is a millimeter wave radar sensor and up here on the windshield is your other front camera you know when you take someone’s picture with your smartphone and it draws a little box around their face the computer in this

Vehicle draws boxes around the vehicles in front of you and it uses a radar to measure how far they are and the camera to coordinate how close you’re approaching them as they near the vehicle so it’s a smart cruise control so you can use the cruise control even in heavy traffic and it’ll bring the vehicle automatically to a full stop if traffic comes to a stop

And that’s something that really lowers your stress level of driving driving in traffic driving in the city is very frustrating but on this vehicle you can just set the cruise control and all you got to do is steer and it’ll even help you steer a little bit but it’s not self-driving but it has some of these uh new technologies there’s cameras under the mirrors

For that surround view camera very very nice vehicle because this belongs to chrysler motors they never sold it to anybody you’re going to be the first consumer to ever buy it it has three original keys so all the keys are present the chrysler gives you three of these awesome smart keys and these keys have power doors you hit the button and open the doors from

The remote control open the rear hatch from the remote control this one is a fully loaded top of the line so it’s got the blu-ray disc player it’s got tv screens in the in the back rest of the vehicle it’s got usb charging ports so if you just want to plug in an ipad you can or if you want to stream hdmi you know you can stream from an iphone through the hdmi

Plug you can stream your whatever’s on an ipad if you have movies on your ipad you don’t even need the disc you just plug in the usb adapter and stream your movies right onto the display here it’s a pretty cool setup so you can stream from your apple movies right on to the kids so they don’t have you know the little ones don’t want to sit there and hold an ipad

All day it’s nice to put it on the screen there’s all kinds of ways to open and close the doors they have side window shades there’s a lot of videos that review these vans now i really like them i keep buying these i’ve i’ve always bought toyota siennas but i have to tell you i think i’ve been faithful to toyota for what 19 years longer than that but chrysler

You know this is a fiat designed fiat chrysler designed vehicle it’s not like your grandmother’s chrysler not like grandpa’s old dodge dart this is this is a modern vehicle and uh it’s built a lot better than the other ones like those dodge caravans and things like that it’s a whole different design full flat seating it just flips down flat into the floor and

Because nobody ever owned it there’s no cheerios in here no little kids been running around here this is basically all a sterile vehicle it still has a very strong new car smell to it so you don’t have to go out and pay fifty one thousand dollars plus tax which would put you at about fifty five fifty six thousand dollars to buy one of these brand new we have a

Great deal on this one think uh the price can vary it can go up or down but i think i have this one for about 42 000 and that’s a really good deal that’s saving you about eight thousand dollars on a basically brand new vehicle that’s uh that’s that’s not five percent off that’s that’s not ten percent off that’s more than ten percent savings versus buying a

New one and while we’re talking about all this savings this also qualifies for cash rebates it qualifies for edison is offering a thousand dollars if you buy this vehicle they’ll send you a check for a thousand dollars if you are eligible for the edison ev rebate program there’s also the la department of water and power ev rebate program they’ll send you 1500

Check if you can qualify under their terms so buy the vehicle and they send you a check for 1500 because it’s a plug-in hybrid we need to talk more about that so i’ll get to that so because it’s a plug-in hybrid it has two electric motors in addition to the gasoline engine so when you get home at night you pull up in your garage or your driveway and you plug the

Included charging cord into the outlet just like if you had a tesla don’t you like those teslas they’re full electric cars they’re very quick just like this one but you go home it charges up at night and then the next day it’s good to drive maybe 30 35 miles off pure electric driving so you might not have to buy gas for months save you all those trips to the

Gas station with all those dirty gas pump handles spilling gasoline all over your hands and shoes and all that smell you don’t have to deal with it but when you want to jump the whole family in there and go to a national park or drive to another state that’s where it sets itself apart from vehicles like tesla because it has that big gasoline engine under the

Hood you can jump in here and you can drive you don’t have to plug it in you could you could own this car your whole life and never once plug in the charging cord you don’t have to plug it in you want to because that 30 miles let’s do some quick math here okay i like to whip out my calculator to explain what i’m talking about it makes more sense let’s say you

Do 30 miles a day times 365 days in a year that’s 11 000 miles of pure electric driving like a tesla where you use no gas no pollution nothing there’s nothing burning to put pollution into the air so that means you’re part of the solution not part of the problem and that’s 30 000 miles of driving in a year that you don’t have to go to the gas station to refill

The tank the rest of the year you probably will you know every couple months or so have to buy gas or for those long trips just go you want to drive from california to um florida just get in take your long trip go down to texas driving down the 10 freeway you never have to stop and charge it you don’t have to charge it at the motel you just buy gasoline and drive

It just like if it was a rental car the plugging in feature is just something you can do at home or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a charging port at work so that means your boss is saving you 30 000 miles worth of gasoline that you don’t have to buy it’s a pretty good deal so over the time of span of say three years you know 11 000 miles a year 12 000 miles

A year that’s over 30 000 miles of driving that you didn’t buy any gas that’s a that’s a big savings over time if you have solar on your home even better charge it up from the solar power this one is special though this is the more expensive version so it has the harman kardon audio premium audio system and this one has the driver memory this is the first one

We’ve had with the programmable memory settings and i’ve had the pacifica limiteds and pacific tourings and not all of them have that you’ve got this panorama view sunroof just hit the button and then it opens up there’s sunroofs all the way back you’ve got a rear sunroof the center sunroof and front sunroof so when you’re driving under those nice tall trees

In the national park your passengers can look straight up and check it out i want to keep this video short i don’t want to ramble on if you want to learn more about the vehicle you can you can talk to me by giving me a call or you can you can watch some of the other reviews on youtube there’s some really nice ones anyways to keep the video short it’s basically

Almost brand spanking new 1 600 miles on it 2020 it’s not even a year old yet it’s only a few months old vehicle owned by chrysler motors never sold to the public not yet not until now you’re going to be the first individual to ever buy this so as i wrap up my video i want you to check out my website see if it’s available my website is mybestcar.com and the

Company name who you’re going to pay the check to the order of is a buyer’s choice we are a california dealer we do like these plug-in hybrids we’ve been having really good results the customers aren’t complaining they’re not having problems with them so really good and this one is basically brand new um effectively it’s virtually brand spanking new so my name

Is mike johnson if you have questions give me a call 951 951-681-2101 thank you for watching you

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2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited Premium Full Video Tour for sale 12 2020 By mybestcarcom

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