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All right so special thanks to northern neck chevrolet uh for loaning us out this vehicle address and link to the website and in the comment section down below hit them up they have a great great selection of vehicles all right what’s going on everyone welcome to emt my name is emad and today we’re going to be reviewing this 20 this 2020 cadillac xt5 beautiful

Color black obviously the classy classy looks of the cadillac you can’t go wrong there look at this grill gorgeous gorgeous grill can’t go wrong with this beautiful beautiful car the color is also amazing beautiful beautiful color this particular one has pirelli wheels almost brand new right there go around back see the chrome little line that runs around the

Windows there beautiful beautiful as well as the chrome on top of the roof gorgeous gorgeous car dual exhaust out the back this is the all-wheel drive gorgeous gorgeous car all right now before we head inside of the vehicle remember this vehicle’s for sale at northern neck chevrolet here in montrose virginia link and link description and everything available

Down below all right now to get in here obviously here’s your key gorgeous gorgeous little key there textured on back beautiful remote start everything got unlock lock remote start pops the trunk open and panic so that’s pretty much all you need right there this is nice and nice all right gorgeous gray with the light or like off-white leather here on the door

Got memory seats lock unlock power windows you got automatic for up and down for both the passenger and the driver there folds the mirrors in right there you adjust the mirrors right there window lock right there gorgeous seating power seat obviously i believe it’s also power for the passenger as well let’s climb on in here all right so obviously it’s a

Key fob so just put on the brake and press that fires right up love the way this is all an hd display right here it’s kind of like a mixture of both dials and and gauges i love that i think that’s gorgeous uh again beautiful steering wheel gray leather wrapped got your cruise control here your voice is uh voice activated the phone button there this navigates

Through the menus on the dash and i got all your link your lane keep assist um distronic or you know you keep your distance here with this heated steering wheel you got your climate control here and get this yo this is a touch panel right here so this is really cool and you can also it’s like a haptic feedback touch so you can’t this is like a haptic feedback

Touch which is really really cool all right got our auto start stop uh park assist you know it’s a nice it’s a nice screen there hazard lights and again this is also touch this is kind of like more of a haptic feedback uh automatic climate control this little dial here controls the uh controls the little screen up top here or you can just use touch this is

The volume knob you can adjust volume uh traction troll you can control your modes here uh this is the uh transmission lever here very very unique and uh yeah that’s that let’s hop in the back again same design all the way through you got the gray leather with the off-white leather off-white leather back seats beautiful beautiful all right back here you

Got the ac vents going panoramic sunroof beautiful beautifully very well optioned vehicle here again um 511 almost 300 pounds and i’m you know that’s a comfortable driving position for me up there and i have more than enough legroom here that’s that that concludes the review of the 2020 cadillac ct5

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