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Altair Club Cars 2020 Cadillac CT5-V Is Almost Ready To Rip No More NEW Build Reveals?

2020 Cadillac CT5-V Is Almost Ready To Rip No More NEW Build Reveals?

This is epic!!! We finally have most of the parts for the 2020 Cadillac CT5-V and were getting this sucker put back together. We have been waiting for a couple weeks and now it is go time. The most important pieces were the frame rails and now we have them installed. Now we can move onto getting the body panels ready for paint and it’ll be ready for the road! Cant wait, thanks for watching!!!

Dude there she goes what is up guys welcome back to the channel so today we are here at the original goons guard garage as you guys seen in the previous video we actually went to the new commercial property where we installed our brand new office glass door i gotta say that turned out absolutely amazing and now we can officially call in the framers to just basically

Put together a lumber package we’re gonna go pick up all the lumber for them and i think they’re just gonna frame up that whole entire office then we can move on with the whole entire process so we might update you guys here today or just whenever those guys get out there but in the meantime we’re here at the original gun squad garage and we got a bunch of different

Options of course we did the jeep in the previous video as well we kind of just threw on some fender flares we got to throw on the other side and then a few other aftermarket parts maybe we will wheel this sucker put it to the extreme testing around here somewhere or we can go ahead and move on to this cadillac or get back onto this cadillac but it all depends on which

Parts are at the dealership so we called them this morning and they said like 15 to 20 more parts have arrived and we already got a bunch of parts in the garage we’ve got body panels we can start even painting honestly like the jams and stuff like that yeah underneath the hood and on the insides of the fenders and that’s pretty much it that’s all we have to paint and

Then later we paint the rest of the that’s right or we can jump back onto the trx but actually we don’t we can’t do nothing to trx there’s no parts for the trx the only thing we can do to that thing is just put the pedal to the metal and the steam in the air yeah and paint a little bit on the bottom but that’s uh we’ll probably wait until we get everything for the

Bed before we do that yeah that’s right so we don’t want to we don’t want to jump around too much but you know what we’re juggling like three builds right now and we could just reveal something new maybe but i don’t think we’re gonna do that we’re not we’re not doing that no no we’re not doing that that’s it we gotta finish three builds on our hands right now plus

A major build the building over there so there’s actually a lot of epic stuff we could do there and we got to do a lot of brainstorming in the helicopter don’t forget man we got big things coming for the helicopter we got a lot of stuff going on so we’re not gonna reveal anything new until something gets done up in here but anyways i say we go ahead probably start

With running up to the dealership seeing what cadillac parts they have for us and then we’ll just go from there it all right so back from the dealership with the whole entire slew of parts round two and this was around what like couple thousand more dollars 2 500 bucks right there 100 more bucks which that leads us to around 10 000 dollars so we’re

Waiting on two more thousand dollars worth of parts that’s it and that should be our frame rail so we didn’t have any luck with frame rails today we couldn’t pick those suckers up but you know what they’re going to be here in like a week or so but more importantly we got all of our body panels our front bumper which this thing is just already primered in beautiful

Got a little chip there no big deal look at this dude it even has vents already pre-built in they suck air into there and blow it out of there i don’t know what that does what that’s good for but it doesn’t dude maybe for the brakes or something who knows who knows and also we got our other fender so we can technically go ahead and sand down the bottom of the hood

The insides of the fenders paint all that stuff up buy some beautiful paint and i mean have that stuff ready for the front end because as soon as those frame rails come in that whole front end is going together that is right but we did get some other pretty important pieces we got the other headlight right there which is pretty sweet and it doesn’t have any xenons

In there yeah no newer cars now don’t have like a like a bulb they now have just led like lights basically so there’s three little led pods whatever you call them and they’re underneath there and they’re super bright man it’s the future right there got a box of miscellaneous stuff right there and also we got our front splitter for this bumper which is already

Painted black that’s always awesome but the most important thing out of this whole entire parts haul is this piece right here this right here is our transmission cooler line dude yep and ours are broken or like busted up or something like that and that’s why the car won’t drive hopefully that’s what we’re thinking that’s what we’re thinking so there’s no i don’t

Think there’s because there was leaking whenever we got the car and that was like the main thing where like the car doesn’t drive because there’s probably no transmission fluid in there then we looked at the lines are actually cracked so we got these brand new lines they actually like snake through the engine bay which is gonna be pretty crazy to change this

Hopefully we don’t have to do too much may have to take the whole engine out or something dude crazy dude it would be awesome to go ahead and replace that first that way we can throw on our transmission cooler which i think we got all of our coolers i’m going to believe we got all of our coolers we still got a ton of boxes to open up we’ll probably open up all the

Cooler boxes that look like coolers and once we get that replaced we can possibly throw everything back together throw it onto the car like for zip ties right now put the fluids in and see if this thing dries dude that would be super epic so i guess we’re just going to start with that and i guess we’re going to test out our training if not if not i’m putting it back

On the lock so oh all righty guys so check this out we are figuring things out moving right along and the very first thing that we did was install that brand new transmission line right there which honestly it turned out to be a lot easier than i expected all we have to do is just pop out this axle shaft over here which good thing we actually popped

That sucker out because we noticed that there was a cut in it and it was slinging grease everywhere so we’ll have to get that fixed we’ll probably just either buy a new boot and replace it or buy a whole new axle shaft and we even connected this brand new transmission cooler which it sits flat like that so i really don’t get the purpose of it sitting flat but that’s

Pretty neat i guess they don’t need that much uh airflow you know what i mean yeah well maybe it does get a ton of airflow the way it’s designed because the corvette’s like that in the camaro maybe you actually want your transmission fluid to heat up and stay nice and warm who knows but anyways we got that right there and also we then moved on to cracking open all

Of our parts just take a peek in there dude a bunch of just uh parts all over the place a bunch of parts over here and the reason why we cracked everything open was to find all of our radiators all of our coolers and we basically figured that system out and we just put it together let’s just hop over here show you guys exactly how it works so this right here is

Actually a turbo cooler which interconnects with the other two little coolers on the left and right side of the bumper and it’s crazy because that’s a lot of cooling for two little small turbos dude hey man that’s it i think is this an air to water or something cool air system whatever however these turbos work but it’s crazy there’s a bunch of them for this like

V6 twin turbo that is pretty wild so that right there is a turbo cooler and then this right here is your condenser and then you got a cooler for your radiator fluid that cools the engine flip it flip it up let’s see the fans the brand new fans and stuff this is probably super expensive this whole entire setup right here dude super expensive stuff right here but

You know what we’re not worried about that we want to test this sucker out so we got that figured out mocked it up and then we had to pop it back off because we can’t really um basically install everything until we get our frame rails which we just got a call while we were working on this is that our frame rails could be in either tomorrow morning or the day after

That then that’ll allow us to basically pop on this cooler in this section this corner of this section and then just connect to the coolers dude and allow us to start this car up and also we popped on the new air box right here because our old one was cracked and there is something else that we noticed that little box right there i believe is broken so we’ll have

To order that and also we were trying to get some transmission fluid which pops was running around town and did you find any no nobody keep it like this it’s a new cars you know a new model all dealership stuff so we’ll probably go to the dealership and get some transmission fluid top it off and uh maybe even get some coolant and just everything everything if our

Framework frame rails come in tomorrow dude that’s going to be awesome because we can go ahead and just smack all the coolers on yeah that’s going to decide if we could actually test drive this car or not as if those frame rails come in but other than that i think what we’re gonna do right now is just clean everything up and just probably put this car aside for

Now until tomorrow and maybe just hop onto that jeep over there and throw on those other fender flares on this side and also that rear bumper dude dude i’ll say we do that all the way because we got some epic stuff coming for that thing we’re not finished with it and i think we just got to keep moving sometimes let’s do it let’s go ahead and get that sucker looking

Right all right guys so it is the next day here and last night we ended up throwing on the rest of the fender flares and also the rest of the body armor on this side and now it’s super clean matching all the way around and also this morning we threw on our brand new rough country rear bumper which this thing just looks like it gives it way more clearance you can

Go up steeper stuff back into like trees perhaps your buddy’s jeep if he’s too close or whatnot and also got some shackles here that way you can pull your buddy out as well and don’t mention the flush mount a little reverse lights that we’re gonna wire up to the reverse lights because these little bulbs don’t like get put off no light at all that’s right man that’s

Gonna be nice especially at night and you even get a little tow package right that’s flush mount which means i don’t know but it looks good dude you put just a hitch in there and that’s all you need really yeah all your buddies boats yeah but for the most part this is pretty much it for like the body armor and stuff like that unless we ended up doing like some body

Armor on the doors which that’s an option we don’t know if we’re gonna do that just yet but we’re not gonna keep moving with this thing we’re gonna go ahead and off-road it but this thing is not really that capable right now because it needs lockers man it just slips really easily so we’ll probably put this thing aside because we got way more important things to

Do right now we just got a phone call from the dealership that our frame rails are actually in for the cadillac which that’s just super exciting because that can perhaps mean we can drive that thing you know that is right put the rails on put the coolers on get some transmission fluid um get some coolant man just everything and possibly see if that thing actually

Dries because as of right now don’t drive at all hopefully that transmission is not blown that’s my main concern but i say we just what head up to the dealership head up to the dealership grab what we can come back and see if we can get that thing moving thanks got our whole cooling system 100 dude would you look at that right there that was definitely kind

Of a puzzle but nothing that we can do once those brand new frame rails went right in its original spot i mean they went in perfectly along with our oem reinforcement bar here and the good thing about this being original is because i can see exactly where it screwed on from factory and they went right back in that spot dude that is awesome got all the coolers

In this spot as well look at this transmission cooler so i guess this is to kind of save space and it still like scoops and gets cools those off and it cools this off i mean it doesn’t need much for a transmission i mean as you can tell it probably like scoops it in from the grill which is really awesome got these little like air ducts for the little auxiliary

Radiators i mean this is just looking oem dude exactly what you said right there we are missing one of these ducks for this side i think we ordered two of the same ones no big deal we’ll order that little stuff a little bit later it’s always a little stuff and also one little hose that we have to order right here that we didn’t notice is actually cracked off so

We’re not going to be pouring any coolant today where the main thing is to pull it pour in our transmission fluid so we got the exact stuff right here the dextran ulv automatic transmission fluid hopefully we have enough and pour it up and uh before we do that we got to put in that suspension right yeah we’ll put together this whole entire suspension just the axle

Shaft and a couple bolts and uh i think you filled this up from the side yeah from the side of the transmission so we’re gonna have to find the fill hole unscrew it pump it up in there and see if these wheels will actually spin all righty guys so there you have it we finally got this cadillac driving under its own power which is a really good sign because that

Means that that transmission is most likely 100 a-okay we did put around six quarts of transmission fluid and i think it needs a little bit more so we’re not going to drive it around too much as long as we can move it around the property we can move it along with the whole entire process which next thing that we’re going to do is probably focus on the body panels

Probably paint all the jams and hopefully that radiator support comes in here really soon and like we’re just lacking a few little minor parts and then we’ll be ready to rip this sucker on the road pedal to the metal to see what that v6 twin turbo’s got you got that right just a few more little miscellaneous pieces and a paint job and we’re good to go that’s right

Also we ended up changing out this tie rod right here because the other one was bent so now it drives straight hopefully definitely we’ll need alignment and all that good stuff but you know what that’s going to be all in the next video which make sure you guys have your post notifications on so you don’t miss out on anything and also if you want to inside scoop

Before youtube definitely give us a follow on instagram at goon squad but with all that being said thank you guys so much for all the love and support be sure to drop your comments and thoughts down below we’ll catch you guys next time peace

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