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Altair Club Cars 2020 Cadillac CT4-V Interior Review (Beth + Matt)

2020 Cadillac CT4-V Interior Review (Beth + Matt)

Beth and I review the interior in the new 2020 Cadillac CT4-V. Like the ATS, the CT4 still doesn’t have the most spacious interior in its class, but it does get all the new Cadillac components to make the interior feel nicer than the old ATS. Thankfully the pricing is also competitive with its German competitors even before discounts, with this car having an as-tested price of $52,165. But, outside of the Germans, other competitors like Genesis do still give you more for the money. And Cadillac’s own CT5-V is much more spacious for only about $4,000 more as well. What do you think of the CT4-V interior? Thanks to Cadillac for providing this vehicle to review.

What’s up everybody i’m matt and i’m beth and today we’re going to be reviewing the interior in the 2020 cadillac ct4v so ct4v is this new model here um now it replaces the ats and this veeam version isn’t a full-blown v like they used to be those are now called the v blackwing so this is more like a mid-grade trim like you see with your amg c43s and those mid-grade

Things the a35s you know it’s not the full-blown crazy amg this is kind of the same way with the v’s now so anyway if you want to hear how this drives i will link my driving review above if you want to hear all those thoughts but as far as the interior here in the ct4 i really like it i think they did a nice job here with these new cadillac sedan interiors and we

Just reviewed the ct5 interior not too long ago and that’s a little more spacious a little nicer feeling than this but this is you know a few thousand dollars cheaper and a little bit smaller so that all makes sense but um i really like these like copper brown kind of uh stitching and piping to the seats and yeah it’s kind of like a saddle brown it’s definitely a

Really nice touch because most of this interior is just straight black so you have your black plastic you have your black leather and stuff like that so you’ve got everything but it’s all black so it’s really nice to have just a little hint of color here and there yeah and if you are interested in getting a more colorful interior they do offer a few other color

Choices so you don’t have to have a black interior but obviously that’s the popular choice a lot of people go with and so that’s why this press car has that uh but anyway uh first thing with sitting down in these seats here um they’re pretty soft comfortable seats and they have a lot of adjustability too your normal power adjustments but you also have adjustable

Bolstering there’s also adjustable lumbar they have a massage function for the seat which is a very nice feature just as a lumbar massage so it’s not too advanced but is better than no massage at all and i think maybe the mercedes offers a massaging seat in the a35 but otherwise uh none of the others offer a massaging seat so that’s a really nice feature you also

Have an adjustable manual um thigh extension which is a nice feature to have if you you know on longer trips and stuff that’s give you some extra support there they’re also heated and cold seats here and the cooling function works pretty well uh it takes a little while to work down to your lower back but the upper back part gets nice and cold pretty quickly and uh

So overall i think they’re really great seats yeah and the best thing is is that the passenger has all of the same features that the driver has so it is really nice yeah it’s nice whenever they do that because a lot of other cars you know the passenger seat gets all the cheap stuff and it’s not quite as advanced you do also have memory seats here on the driver

But you do not have that on the passenger but that does something that’s pretty rare for passenger seats so nice to have all those other features that for you next is the steering wheel here in the uh ct4v which is great same wheel as the ct5v that i just reviewed has a great nine and three grip nice 10 and two notches a pretty thick wheel too i’m pretty impressed

With how it feels you have a few metal buttons here on it otherwise the rest are plastic that’s a heated steering wheel as well which is nice you also have these magnesium shift paddles here on the back of the wheel that feel pretty nice or a little bit cool to the touch and uh i really like this wheel i have no complaints with it i think it’s uh you know just

Really works well the gauges are also pretty nice here in the ct-4 so they’re the same gauges you get in the ct5 and these are analog gauges uh but there is gonna be an option for 2021 to get the full digital gauges here in these so if you’re looking for that feature wait for you know the new model you’re here coming in a few months then you’ll be able to get that

But uh these gauges are still fine i don’t have anything against analog gauges i think they look good you do still have that nice large digital portion there in the middle which gives you a digital speed readout as well as you know giving you all your basic you know trip information and also display your audio all that kind of stuff in there and there’s also the

V menu here which will give you a g-meter 0-60 timer lap timer tire temperature um and so cool to have all that built into there as well but the one curious thing that this car doesn’t have that the ct5v had is a boost gauge you did have that and this is also a turbocharged vehicle so i’m not sure why you don’t get that here and this since it’s already built into

The menus in the ct5 and it’s the same gauge cluster so that’s a little bit of a weird exclusion it’d be nice to have that you also do have a heads-up display this one has that option uh but this one in this car at least was a little bit crooked and so it was a little bit annoying to look at because it was just off center a little bit and kind of annoying so

I actually didn’t use it during the whole week but i did use it in the ct5 it was aligned correctly in that one and it’s nice to have it’ll also show you uh your attack as well as you know speed limit that kind of stuff and so good to have that if that’s something you’re into coming over to the side of the dashboard here right up top you have this eight inch

Version of this cadillac cue infotainment system it’s the same basic menu structure as you get in any of the other chevy buick you know they all have the same menus basically this just has a little bit of a nicer font uh to everything um but otherwise it’s the same and it is worth noting this screen is a little bit smaller than the ct5 which does give you a 10

Inch screen this is just an 8 inch screen it’s a little bit smaller a little less high-tech feeling than the ct5 in that regard but it still works great so it has touch screen capability it has apple carplay and android auto although that is not wireless that is something that also might be added for 2021 since gm seems to be adding that for all their vehicles

For 2021 but you know it’s really easy to scroll through everything you do a volume and a tune knob thankfully which is great to have although my minor gripe with this gm system is that whenever you change the radio stations with the tune knob it does bring up a sub menu of showing you all these radio stations instead of just changing the station just one extra

Little step it didn’t need to do but that’s the only thing there and i will say it does ever so slightly tilt towards the driver but it’s not as noticeable as a lot of other cars it’s definitely easy for me as a passenger to use so i think it’s fine yeah so it’s good they didn’t go too crazy with this like they did with the new corvette um and also if you don’t

Like having this as a touch screen you still do have another volume knob down here by the shifter as well as this little knob that can also change things that’s kind of nice if you don’t like having fingerprints and stuff you also have a few button shortcuts around that little knob as well it has this nice heavy metal feel to it a little bit of notches in it and

Stuff and so that all feels very high quality coming down beneath the screen you have this row of climate controls and they’re all these nice little switches that are plated in metal and feel cool to the touch as well and you know it feels a little bit more up market than you know maybe some of the other stuff in this segment that has a little bit more plastic

And things like that and all looks very nice and just a little row of plastic buttons beneath that for your seat controls and stuff and so nice and simplified here not too many buttons in this interior you do have a few other buttons back here by your cup holders for your drive mode selector but that’s basically it also in this center tunnel area here one thing

That i’m not in love with is although you have this nice looking stitching this is all still rock hard and it looks like it’s padded but it’s actually not padded and there are a couple others that do give you a bit of padding down here and this does not so that is the only thing that i wish was a little bit softer and you know detracts from the more luxurious

Feel of this car and also in the center tunnel here it is very wide towards the bottom so for me as a passenger i have to kind of sit at an angle so that i’m a little bit more comfortable because if i was sitting straight on then my foot would just go straight into this center tunnel and it wouldn’t be very comfortable i don’t really know how else to explain it

But like it’s just it just feels like i’m on a school bus where the wheel is and the wheel is in the way yeah that little extra hump yeah yeah so that’s uh i think that’s just because this is a small car and it has a large transmission maybe that you know is kind of the way they packaged it just had to be there um and that wasn’t bad in the ct5 so that’s another

Reason to maybe spend a few grand more for the ct5 just have a little bit of extra space a little bit more tech with the bigger 10 inch screen there’s not a large price difference between the two of them as equipped uh equally you know they were about four thousand dollars difference this one’s 52 000 as tested that ct5 was 56 000 so um you know pretty small price

Difference to get a lot more space and i’ll talk more about that in a minute when we go into the back seat but first with the storage space up front here you still do have an average amount of space for a vehicle in this segment you have a pocket the door that’s decent size and does have a small bottle holder in it in the middle here you just have this wireless

Charging pad which is nice and large so you can fit a nice big smartphone in there so that is good but that’s basically all you can fit in there there’s no additional stuff and it’s very shallow not a lot of depth to it then you have your two cup holders and then you have the center armrest which does have a little bit of padding to it but it’s not super comfortable

Yeah and once again with the stitching here if you put your elbow right on the corner which i end up doing all the time that’s what will hurt my elbow so yeah so yeah and a lot of car companies do that uh you know i just it seems kind of odd but maybe we’re just not putting our elbow in the right place yeah i think i think it looks really cool aesthetically but

At the same rate like i’m not putting my elbow in the middle of the thing all the time so i don’t know yeah anyway though um you have also right by that center armor is this little slot here which in other cadillacs like the xt6 that’s where the wireless charging pad is but this is just an extra little cubby to fit your smartphone but that’s a really cool copy i

Love that that you see in all the cadillac models but anyway you open up the center armrest and you’ll see a usb jack a usb c jack an sd card slot as well as a normal power outlet and there and a good amount of space you know i can fit my sunglasses case and stuff like that in there not massive i think you might have a little bit more space maybe in the ct5 but

This is pretty par for the course in vehicles in this segment um so that’s okay and honestly you could just take his word for it because once again this does open towards the passenger so i can’t see in it i can’t utilize it so it’s basically bad for me yeah so um i just yeah i don’t know why they don’t have a double hinge or just have it hinge in the back so

Everyone can see it uh it’s kind of an odd choice but um yeah it is what it is uh it’s a little bit driver focused i guess in that regard even if everything else is pretty passenger friendly here yeah i just feel like when you need something it’s better to like ask the passenger to grab something than it is for you to distract yourself from driving to be grabbing

Something in the center console but you know that’s just me whatever i agree it’s i don’t know why they do that but uh yeah having a hinge in the back is like what everyone’s done for decades and why now all of a sudden they’re like switching everything up i’m not sure but anyway so moving beyond that though other passenger notes here talking about the back seat

In the ct-4 now this is where it’s smaller you know so this doesn’t have it’s the same wheelbase as the old ats by the way so you don’t really get any extra space over the old ats so if you’re hoping this had a little bit more room you might be a little bit disappointed now it is usable i’m five foot nine i’m sitting behind myself i still have about two inches of

Leg room to spare back there so it’s not like it’s unusable but if you’re over six feet tall as a driver or a passenger you know you’re probably going to have a fairly useless back seat and that is one area where the ct5 again has much more rear legroom that is actually basically best in class in its upper class i mean you have a ton of space in the back of the

Ct5 so if rear seat space is a concern for you spend the few grand more get the ct5 you’ll be happy you did but if you do want to stick with the ct4 here you also do have a fairly limited amount of headroom it’s not super roomy there either but again i do have sufficient headroom when you look forward you’ll see that there’s dedicated air vents which is nice for

A vehicle in this segment as well as a normal power outlet back there but no usb jacks back there that is something i believe you can get in some of the other competing vehicles there’s also a full down center armrest with two cupholders built into it and so nice to have those amenities it’s it’s a nice back seat just not a lot of you know leg room that’s really

The only problem trunk space here in the ct4 is also a little bit on the small side but compared with most of the competitors it’s probably not too bad i’d say maybe you might get a little more space in like an a class or something because that’s a little bit boxier possibly um but i’d say it’s par for the course of that kind of stuff and i’m also comparing this

With something like a genesis g70 it’s a very similar amount of space to that even though that actually does kind of undercut this or you know be about even even though you have more power in the g70 i think the g7 is still the value king i will talk more about pricing in my driving review here the ct4 if you want to hear more thoughts on how this compares to its

Competitors but i think you know compared with all the small german front-wheel drive based competitors like the a-class the m235i things like that uh the audi s3 i think this might feel a little bit more spacious than those and so it does have that going for it but um yeah you’re definitely going to want to go up to the ct5 if you want to have a little bit of

Extra space but i really like the small dimensions of the ct4 because it’s fun you know driving something a little bit smaller it feels a little bit sharper and more playful and stuff um so yeah you can go watch all the thoughts on the driving in that video um but that’s about all our thoughts here on the interior overall it is still a nice interior it looks nice

You know i think their fit and finish and stuff is better the last little thing to mention is this bose stereo that is another little downgrade you get over the ct5 the ct5 is the bose performance series this is not the performance series it’s just the regular bose system as you have a couple less speakers it did sound pretty good but i did notice it wasn’t quite

As impressive as it was in the ct5 um so that was another reason in my opinion to just go and spend a few more grand for the ct5 but overall the ct4 is still a really nice place to spend time but anyway let us know your thoughts on the ct4 in the comments below thank you guys very much for watching we’ll see you on the next one take care

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