2020 buick encore gx preferred s
Altair Club Cars 2020 Buick Encore GX Preferred ST P.O.V Review

2020 Buick Encore GX Preferred ST P.O.V Review

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Hey guys and welcome to car guy 1999 reviews as well as quark auto dealers today we have the 2020 buick encore gx preferred st so the st stands for sport touring uh it’s an 800 option it’s just kind of an appearance package uh chili red metallic card sturdy it just came off the uh transport truck where is it there we go you can see just absolutely awesome do

You love the chili red metallic it just looks killer your st badging buick encore gx is based of course on the opal atom uh adam for those of you who are curious at how it’s spelt the preferred package comes with cloth seats but it is the same car as the opel adams sold in europe 1.3 liter turbocharged three cylinder a total price of 29 340. so i got itch

Under the hat ah yeah all wheel drive we’re good steering nice and light you’ll hear has a very distinct note to it uh this is the platform mate to chevrolet trailblazer but you’ll hear it has a very very distinct engine note and that’s due to the three cylinder design except when it shuts off and auto starts stop then then it sounds like nothing sounds like me

Talking but as soon as you lift your foot off the brake starts right up or you have to really just kind of release pressure and it will fire right up i’ve also found if you go to decrease the temperature like things are getting you know if you’re getting too warm in here uh it will turn the engine back on um to help power the air conditioning see the needle just

Go straight into auto start stop and as soon as i release pressure starts right up i do want to take a deeper dive into how auto start stop works um because it starts faster than how a car would normally start so i’m not sure if it keeps it right on the edge of being star i don’t know how it works um so i’m definitely curious to see how it all works internally

So so do an acceleration here because you guys didn’t get one because of uh you know instances all right let’s see the handling oh it’s so good but again i’ve been driving sierra’s all day and then i stepped into the encore gx so quartz gonna handle a little bit nimbler more nimble i should say very very short wheelbase but not as short as a lotus elise look

At that that’s actually an exige brake pedal oh it’s awesome i’m a huge fan of this car i definitely prefer it over the normal encore same thing with the trailblazer i i uh appreciate the trailblazer over the tracks oops i just punched my rear view mirror so one test i am very curious to see is any torque steer in two wheel drive mode none whatsoever all

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2020 Buick Encore GX Preferred ST P.O.V Review By Carguy1999 Reviews

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