2020 bmw x7 m50i vs mercedes ben
Altair Club Cars 2020 BMW X7 M50i vs. Mercedes Benz G63 AMG | A Drag Race Between Whales

2020 BMW X7 M50i vs. Mercedes Benz G63 AMG | A Drag Race Between Whales

Drag racing high performance luxury SUVs isn’t generally our thing. But with the weather cooling down and winter rolling in, it never hurts to know who’ll make it to the grocery store faster. And what better showdown than to place flagship trucks from BMW and Mercedes head to head?

So oh so today we’re back at pocono raceway for race motives v-max challenge event which is essentially a road racing competition with some of the fastest cars in the northeast send it down the back straightaway for a solid 760 feet you get unlimited passes there’s plenty of runoff you can pretty much race anybody you want it’s just a whole lot of fun but

We’re not going to be competing for any trophies ourselves today even though there is a suv truck class nope instead i’m going to be racing these two behemoths this is the 2020 mercedes-benz g63 amg a staple in any beverly hills car collection over the years it’s become somewhat of a cult classic for flashy individuals and russian mobsters and that might be

Because it costs north of 170 grand or that it looks tough enough to eat a humvee for breakfast either way it’s a lot of truck and what i mean a lot i mean it weighs almost 5 900 pounds but to move that weight it’s also got a lot of punch powered by the 4 liter twin turbo v8 it makes the same 577 brake horsepower as the amg gtr but a ridiculous 627 pound-feet of

Torque mercedes claims at 4.5 seconds zero to 60 time which is respectable we’ve actually gotten it down faster than that but that’s a story for another time and of course even if you’re not into going fast you’re living large in this plush interior on the other side of the ring we’ve got the 2020 bmw x7 m50i they technically don’t have anything as ostentatious

As the g-wagon the closest thing they’ve got is this x7 well maybe actually the alpena xb7 but we aren’t that lucky it is a significantly bigger truck with the third row of seats but the interior is also quite a nice place to be however you’ll save about 50 grand with the x7 powered by the same 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 that’s in my wife’s x6 m50 it spits out

523 horsepower and 553 pounds of torque so it sounds like it’s at a disadvantage here which it is but it’s also lighter by 200 pounds and knowing bmw that 523 horsepower may actually be closer to 550. regardless it also does a 4.5 seconds 0 to 60 time but that’s completely irrelevant because we’re actually just going to be doing some 30 40 or 50 rolls and

Hopefully we have enough room back there hit 120 or 130. so this is really about mid-range punch and top and power let’s do it uh so so so the results kind of surprised me a little bit because i didn’t actually think the exxon would win i mean i always talk about how fast our x6 is and i’m pretty sure that that car would have mopped the floor with a

G wagon and a drag race but that car is also almost 500 pounds lighter than the next seven so i think the x71 because i was driving it jokes aside the m50 platform is seriously impressive now having driven both the g63 and the bmw i’d have to say that the x7 also handles significantly better on top of having a third row of seats and parents who have more than

Two kids will definitely appreciate something like that speaking of the inside i do love the tar 2 for ontario on the bmw but i will still have to give the win to the mercedes for interior design because it’s overall more luxurious and you know feels more premium and though the bmw does have road presence with that massive front grille and just its sheer size

It doesn’t have that undeniable stunt factor the g wagon but at the end of the day the g wagon is also an easy 50 grand more than the beamer honestly at that price point and you know i might be alone on this one but i personally would go with a bentega or maybe a depreciated dbx because every other person i know now has a g-wagon plus when i asked my mom she

Was like i can’t see the difference between that g63 and that uh wrangler over there so you might as well be buying a jeep product at this point but let me know what you guys think if you’re in the market for a big fat luxury suv would you buy the new g63 amg or save a whole boatload of money and just go with the x7 or maybe the xb7 or maybe something similar

From audi anyway that’s all i got for today i’ll catch you guys in the next one hey guys if you like this video help her brother out by giving it a thumbs up if you have any questions or if i said something weird let me know in the comments below you can also support the channel by sharing our stuff or maybe shop in the merch store and if this is your first

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