2020 bentley flying spur review
Altair Club Cars 2020 Bentley Flying Spur review A truly sublime sedan

2020 Bentley Flying Spur review A truly sublime sedan

There is something fundamentally right about a British luxury machine dipped in the color green. The shades may change but somehow the historic truth is that it always just works. From the moment I first laid eyes on the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur you see here, clad in a color called Verdant, I felt all was right in the world. (Editors’ note: This was months ago, when optimism was still possible.)

2020 bentley flying spur review a truly sublime sedan there is something fundamentally right about a british luxury machine dipped in the color green the shades may change but somehow the historic truth is that it always just works from the moment i first laid eyes on the 2020 bentley flying spur you see here clad in a color called verdant i felt all was right

In the world editors note this was months ago when optimism was still possible but the clean look of this car isn’t just about the paint it’s also about the trim this car features the so-called black line specification which turns the machine’s typical brightwork dark and creates a more muted modern look so it’s a blend of the old and the new then and that’s

The moral of the story here with the 2020 flying spur a classic brand putting out a modern sedan into a world increasingly full of suvs machines like the bigger bentley the bentega so how can a car like the new flying spur compete it’s a rough road to climb but it starts off well with an overall design that’s striking and dynamic without any cues that shout for

Your attention yes those infinitely faceted headlights are far from subtle yet somehow even they seem less lurid when cloaked in dark and trim those lights and that nose are like those seen on the new continental gt previewed way back on the 2015 exp 10 speed 6 and look at least as good here on a four-door body here it’s the stronger sharper lines that set the

Flying spur apart particularly the crease that defines the rear fender the queues are familiar enough to make the bentley text across the rear unnecessary yet the flying spur has its own distinct shape on the outside on the inside things are a bit more familiar traditional even with the usual bentley quilted leather and knurled switch gear readily found it’s

Cliche but while you won’t find anything unpleasant to touch on the inside that isn’t to say everything’s perfect yes everything from the weighted metal plungers for adjusting the vents to the lovely 3d leather door cards are sublime but some of the technology here is troubling the rear seats feature a trio of tablets the outer two running android lollipop now

Six years and six versions old they’re dated clunky interfaces are a stark contrast to the modern phone your average rear seat inhabitant would carry but they’re the only way to access the car’s infotainment system from the otherwise stellar back seats up front the flying spurs infotainment system is functional and clean offering most of the modern features you’d

Expect like possibly good voice recognition and apple carplay but alas no android auto the best feature of the bentley system however is that when you want to just relax and drive at a touch of a button the entire 12.3 inch display called of course the bentley rotating display pivots and hides behind the dash replaced with three clean analog gauges when flipped

Like this you start to realize just how distracting a massive modern digital display can be i surprised myself by preferring to drive the car with it tucked away likewise bentley has done a fine job of making the digital gauge cluster behind the wheel look classy and simple despite still providing all the information you need for your drive and what’s it like to

Drive more sprightly than you might imagine built on the same basic platform of the porsche panamera the flying spur has some fundamentally good dynamics aided by a rear steering system that virtually shortens the wheelbase the result is far more nimble than you’d expect when you first sink into the plush driver’s seat and rip the fat upright steering wheel far

More eager than you might expect too thanks to the 6.0 liter w12 under the hood the latest flavor of this now venerable motor is up to 626 horsepower in the 2020 flying spur paired with 664 pound-feet of torque tack on a smooth yet quick-shifting zf8 speed dual clutch transmission and in 4060 front slash rear split all-wheel drive system and you can get yourself

To 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds foreign thank you foreign

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2020 Bentley Flying Spur review A truly sublime sedan By Top Cars in The World

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