2020 audi rs6 vs mercedes amg gt
Altair Club Cars 2020 Audi RS6 vs Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4 Door Drag Race

2020 Audi RS6 vs Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4 Door Drag Race

Today we put the brand new 2020 Audi RS6 Avant C8 up against the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4 Door Coupe Edition One in a Drag Race. The Audi RS6 took the victory recently against the Tesla Model 3 Performance so we had to find something a little more powerful to see if we could have it beat.

Painting up give me another mile we’re back on a wet and windy run wait for another drag race this time it’s a face-off between two german v8 powerhouses first up the mercedes amg gt 63 s 4-door coupe o is powered by a four liter twin-turbo v8 engine and has an all-wheel drive transmission giving your claim nought to sixty to time 3.2 seconds and you’ll be up against

The brand-new audi rs6 just why the mercedes is powered by a four liter twin-turbo v8 and it also has all-wheel drive the rs6 is heavier but only by 30 kilograms nevertheless it was a slightly lighter gt with tip joes for the race actually this car we using today is a very rare version it’s one of only three edition one cars coming into this country distinguished

By its magna strike from front to rear yellow calipers and a big ironing board of a wing on the back more important to me is it’s got 639 horsepower and 900 newton meters of torque but i don’t think that’ll be enough does the traction on that rs6 was awesome maybe i haven’t seen already this rs6 the brand new rs6 just absolutely destroyed me in a tesla model 3

I’m trying to get a bit of payback with tiff but now he’s kind of pulled out all the stops he’s brought out a car that’s even more powerful and faster than this this particular car naught to 60 miles an hour 3.6 seconds 600 horsepower 800 newton meters of torque and it was an absolute rocket ship watching it from the tesla model 3 but i have got a little bit of

A secret weapon in fact the owner of this car jason wants to beat if he’s a bit of a racing driver himself he wants to beat tip in a race so what i’m going to do hopefully tip 102 this will have one in the bag for the rs6 this is my moment racing against if naday on the legend paul wanted to do the race but it’s my car so i’ve called dibs right i think whether

Race mode i think that would a little bit of drive this is gonna have the legs off the line but the launch has got a really good launched by i reckon there’s gonna be close to come the end automatic what paul got the flat old on him in it paul’s play all the tricks he’s got howdy owners jason in the rs6 cuz jason does have put a racing ferrari challenge winners

Obviously got quick reactions tiff needell you’re going down doesn’t go now hold in the faith you going a bit further that was a left foot break getting started that didn’t work until since the subsequent that was quick okay sorry tiff right so launch control with esc still on in sport mode it’s under wheels in the wet and it didn’t go then it went trying

To drive it normally wasn’t quick enough so now we’re gonna have launch control not with the sp sport with the sp off so now i can use the launch control and hopes will go better right – come on are you ready we are ready okay start better i’m not harper calling for the initial traction i’m pulling it initially but then it grip – when’s holy that launch on that

Howdy is just epic i thought you were gonna catch me give me another mile give me another one i kept getting a bit longer just to see i’ll never hand you it’s just that initial launch i notice you’re good in the audi it’s so good but that was good traction control off so so that was better yeah but just not quite good enough so in the dry weather a better loss

These mercedes may well have big meowy but in tricky conditions if you launch with esc and sport it scatters because it gets a bit of wheelspin have you launched i did now in race mode but with esc fully off then you just get a little bit of wheelspin at the start which let that howdy jump ahead of me and then it was almost level pegging with me creeping back so incredibly close you

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2020 Audi RS6 vs Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4 Door Drag Race By Lovecars

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