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Altair Club Cars 2020 Audi e-tron Sportback Electric Luxury SUV Features Test Drive

2020 Audi e-tron Sportback Electric Luxury SUV Features Test Drive

Audi e-tron Sportback 55 quattro

The audi e-tron sportback combines the power of a spacious suv with the elegance of a four-door coupe and the progressive character of an electric car its roof extends flat over the muscular body dropping down steeply to the rear in typical coupe style and flowing into the steeply raked deep pillars the lower edge of the third side window rises towards the rear a

Typical sportback feature the s-line model places particular emphasis on the sporting dna of the audi e-tron sport pack that is equipped as standard with 20-inch wheels and sport air suspension the more distinctively contoured bumper is flanked by more expressive air curtains which improve the air flow they extend below the headlights thereby creating a dynamic

Appearance even from a distance an s-line emblem adorns the radiator grille while the illuminated aluminum door sill trims feature a number s logo at the rear end the spoiler fitted as standard as well as a striking diffuser that extends across the entire vehicle width contribute to the outstanding vehicle aerodynamics in contrast to the basic model the attachments

On the s-line exterior are painted in the exterior body color including the wheel arch trims door sills bumpers and exterior mirrors howdy also offers the black styling package that accentuates the area of the singla from the side windows and the bumper the exterior mirror housings are also available in black as an option in every equipment lying along with the

Basic line there is the interior design selection and s lined interior the audi e-tron sportback features carefully coordinated upholstery materials colors and inlays for the front seats customers can choose between the standard design sport seats s sport seats and the customized contour seats with optional ventilation and massage functions there stitching pattern

Is reminiscent of electric circuits and can be enhanced with optional bright orange contrasting stitching and piping little details create highlights the optional contour ambient lighting package illuminates surfaces subtly and edges sharply it also issues a brief welcome jingle over the audio system when the motor starts when the audi e-tron sport back is driven

In an urban setting its interior remains almost completely silent thanks to sophisticated soundproofing and arel acoustic measures this ensures that hifi sound is even more enjoyable especially with the optional bang & olufsen premium 3d sound system onboard it allows the music to be enjoyed precisely how it was recorded without any artificial effects another

Attractive in fitment module is the audi phone box which sets benchmarks in terms of connection and sound quality as well as wireless charging as with all full-size class models from audi the e-tron sport back also features the mmi touch response operating system with two displays a tactile and acoustic pulse confirms when a finger activates a function on the upper

12.1 inch touchscreen the driver controls the infotainment telephony navigation and dedicated e-tron settings the lower eight point six inch display is used to input text and to operate the convenience functions and climate control the menu structure is intuitively logical and flat in the same way as a smart phone the graphics are clear and condensed in germany

The audi e-tron sportback is equipped as standard with the mmi navigation plus and the dab+ digital radio the top-end infant system supports the high speed data transmission standard lte advanced and comes with an integrated wi-fi hotspot for the passengers mobile devices the navigation system makes intelligent destination suggestions based on previous journeys

The route is calculated both onboard in the car and online on the servers of the map and navigation provider here which monitors the overall traffic situation in the region the wide range of audi connect navigation and infotainment functions complements the route guidance perfectly highlights include online traffic information navigation with google earth the

E-tron route planner the hybrid radio and car 2x services the most recent of these are the on street parking service which helps find parking spaces on the roadside and traffic light information in some cities the latter connects the car to the central computer controlling the traffic light systems and provides information to the driver in the audi virtual cockpit

The service thus contributes to an efficient driving style and facilitates a steady flow of traffic a further component of the package is the cloud-based amazon voice service alexa which is fully integrated into the mmi operating system of the audi e-tron sportback the driver can use it to perform a range of tasks choose placing orders and finding information

About many current events the service offers access to more than 80,000 alexa skills the audi e-tron sportback 55 quattro allows the driver to savor the interaction of efficiency performance and supreme calm each axle is fitted with an asynchronous electric motor that is fed with three-phase current by the power electronics with an output of 265 kilowatts and 413

Pounds foot of torque the two standard electric motors pack a powerful punch in launching the suv coupe from a standstill locally emissions free and in virtual silence the audi e-tron sportback 55 quattro takes just 6.6 seconds by shifting from drive range d2s and fully depressing the accelerator pedal the driver can activate boost mode here the drive generates 300

Kilowatts of output and four hundred eighty nine pounds foot of torque for eight seconds this enables the suv coupe to sprint from zero to 62 miles per hour in 5.7 seconds to stage planetary gearboxes with one gear range transfer the torque from the electric motors to the axles a switch which the driver can operate with the thumb and forefinger is used to select

The gears that is embedded in an elegant lever that is set low above the center tunnel and serves as a hand rest electric all wheel drive ensures outstanding traction and dynamism on any terrain with it howdy is writing a new chapter in the history of quattro drive it continuously regulates the ideal drive torque distribution between both axles within fractions of

A second in most driving situations the audi e-tron sportback relies exclusively on its rear electric motor for exceptional efficiency if the driver requests more output than it can provide the front unit is instantly activated this also happens predictively before slip occurs in icy conditions or when cornering fast or if the car understeers are over steers a key

Factor behind the sporty car durand outstanding transverse dynamics is the low installation position of the drive components resulting in a center of gravity that is much lower than in a conventional suv all of the heaviest components are concentrated in the center of the vehicle the axial load distribution with a ratio of almost 50 on 50 is perfectly balanced

The self steering behavior is neutral with components such as the 5 linked suspensions the progressive steering and the electro hydraulic brake system the suspension combines the latest technologies which together ensure agile vehicle handling and a high degree of comfort the standard 250 555 our 19 size tyres stand out with their ultra low rolling resistance

On request tires of up to 22 inches will also be available from the middle of 2020 one size larger than on the e-tron the dynamic handling system audi drive select fitted as standard in the audi e-tron sportback allows the driver to switch the method of operation of multiple drive components between seven profiles this creates a marked difference between smooth

Rolling comfort and sporty stable handling the adaptive air suspension with controlled dampers provides a major contribution to this versatile character at higher speeds the body is lowered noticeably improving air flow around it and extending the vehicles range and total the system is capable of varying the ride height by up to 3.0 inch the audi e-tron sport back

In conjunction with the s-line exterior and virtual exterior mirrors achieves an outstanding drag coefficient value of just 0.25 even better than its out e-tron sister model this is primarily due to the coupe body shape and the associated lower aerodynamic drag behind the car the high separating edge of the sportback minimizes swirl in the airflow in this area

Which ultimately also benefits consumption in the wl tp cycle the suv coupe has a range of up to 277 miles on a single battery charge roughly 6.2 miles of the increased range compared to the e-tron can be attributed to the aerodynamically more favorable body the optional virtual exterior mirrors whose wing shape supports integrates small cameras represent yet

Another efficiency factor the captured images appear on high contrast o led displays in the transition between the instrument panel and the door if the driver moves their finger toward the surface of the touch display symbols are activated with which the driver can reposition the image in addition the mirrors adjust automatically to three driving situations on the

Highway as well as during turnin and parking maneuvers they provide optimum visibility for each scenario the aerodynamic refinements tends to areas hidden from view among others these include the controllable air intake with channels for cooling the front brakes the aero wheels and the fully lined under body including the aluminum plate to protect a high voltage

Battery the driver assist systems that audi offers in the e-tron sport back support drivers and reduce their workload in many situations the audi presents basic and audi presents front safety systems are fitted as standard howdy offers the assist package city specifically for urban traffic it includes the intersection assist and rear cross traffic assist functions

As well as the lane change and exit warnings howdy presents 360 degrees the combination of audi presents front rear and side is fitted this system detects collision hazards and initiates targeted protective measures from full braking to tensioning of the seatbelts highlights of the assist package tour are the adaptive cruise assist which simplifies longitudinal

And lateral control as well as the efficiency assistant the latter uses data from the onboard sensors the navigation system and car 2x services and signals to the driver when it makes sense to take their foot off the accelerator pedal in combination with the adaptive cruise assist and traffic sign recognition the efficiency assistant can also brake and accelerate

The suv coupe predictively the turn assist collision avoidance assist an emergency assist functions round out the tour package howdy also offers the park assist the night vision assist and the 360-degree cameras that allow the driver to select from multiple views the central driver assistance controller operates as standard behind the driver assist systems in the

Audi e-tron sport back it continuously computes a differentiated model of the surroundings depending on the selected options data is received from up to 5 radar sensors 5 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors you

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