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Altair Club Cars 2020-2021 Toyota Prius Prime | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 0PP8570

2020-2021 Toyota Prius Prime | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 0PP8570

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Hello and welcome to another video walk around my name’s chris and today we’re gonna be looking at 2022 you’re the prius prime this is a five passenger hatchback in magnetic gray and under the hood you’ll find a 1.8 liter four-cylinder hybrid driving on 15-inch wheels just to quickly name a couple of exterior features you get with this prius prime and that includes

Your backup camera and a proximity smart key system helping us inside is our key fob here it’s got our lock and unlock button like i mentioned this prius is of a proximity smart key system so if you ever keep up in your pocket we can press these two lines on the door handle to lock the vehicle its unlock it’s as easy as putting our head inside the door handle

Here now why don’t we look inside the door on top you have your power windows locks and mirrors bottom you have some storage space and this does come equipped with black cloth seating and on the bottom you will find your manual seating adjustment handles to start it up just push the brake in and press that big blue power button right behind the wheel there we’re

Gonna take a look on the left side of the steering wheel first now here you have these arrows to help you cycle through any audio that’s playing you also have your volume buttons hands-free calling and your voice recognition system on the right side this cluster will help you navigate through your multi information display on the bottom here you’ll also find

Your heated steering wheel and to your two safety sense buttons with lane departure alert and dynamic radar cruise control and your cruise control speed settings are right behind the wheel there moving on to our screen right now we are in the home screen on the right side it displays any audio that’s playing on the left side you get two displays any device that’s

Connected and on top here you have your energy monitoring which you can also press and you can also view your trip information here as well as your history you go into a verse you get a nice backup camera as well if we go in to audio you can see you have your standard am and fm options you also have a choice between cd usb and a bluetooth device moving down to

Our climate control system you got these nice smooth buttons of course for your temperature intensity and your function here you’ll find your eco mode as well underneath you have your shifter as well as your eevee mode down below we have some storage space here this is where you’ll also find your driver and passenger heated seats and behind the two cupholders

You will find your 12 outlet as well as your usb and auxiliary taking a look in the back here you have some storage on the bottom just like the driver’s side door and of course we are continuing with the black cloth seating if we move inside here behind the front passenger and driver seats do you have some extra storage compartments we can also pull this out our

Piece down as usual giving you access to two cup holders and a nice little armrest and these seats do fold down all we got to do is pull press that button now we’ll give you access to your cargo to access the cargo we got a button right under the to go to emblem just give that a press and that opens nice and easy for us you can see in the back you do have plenty

Of storage space it does tuck in on the left and right a little and like i mentioned the rear seats do fold down in case you need that extra bit of room this prius does also come with a little cargo cover taking a last look at our prius prime once again some of those great interior features include your driver and passenger heated seats bluetooth capabilities

And a heated steering wheel there’s still a lot more i didn’t get a chance to show you so why don’t you come on down and take it for a test drive we’re located here to go to northwest edmonton on the corner of 137 thousand se number trail thank you watch this walk around video my name’s christian and as always drive safe

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2020-2021 Toyota Prius Prime | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 0PP8570 By Toyota Northwest Edmonton

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