2019 subaru wrx sti for sale
Altair Club Cars 2019 Subaru WRX STI For Sale

2019 Subaru WRX STI For Sale

2019 Subaru WRX STI For Sale

Hello everyone this is our 2017 subaru sti with 67 748 miles beautiful white pearl paint this looks incredible in person i really am not confident that any of the photos or video will do this paint justice from like five to ten feet away it just looks like a regular boring gloss white but when you get relatively close to it it reveals so much more personality to

You it’s it’s really fascinating to look at the paint is gorgeous condition of the front end looks really good just a few rock chips here and there but nothing major some really small ones pretty infrequently scattered among the front mostly on the lower portion of the front bumper kind of collects in the uh lower area of the front bumper opening and around the

Fog lights but it’s not very obvious they are pretty few and far between its overall the front looks pretty good front driver side fender no issues there front driver side wheel looks excellent no rash chips scruffs nothing looks awesome driver side mirror no rock chips somehow 67 000 miles with no rock chips that’s very impressive front driver’s side door no

Issues these cars have rather large protruding side skirts and i’m very impressed that this doesn’t have any rock chips or any damage on it that’s also very uncommon in these cars typically they do have some uh obvious kind of wear on the side skirts but this car does not this car is very clean looks excellent this car has definitely been taking very good care of

Throughout its life driver’s side rear quarter does not show any signs of wear driver side wheel and a couple rock chips in the spokes nothing major really insignificant wear not something you’ll probably ever notice does have rally armor mud flaps does have an aftermarket exhaust it’s not loud or obnoxious has a really deep aggressive sound to it it sounds amazing

The great thing about the uh boxer engine that’s specifically put in the sti for this generation um it doesn’t have that honda four-cylinder sound it has that really deep rumble to it and it sounds phenomenal so the exhaust in this car sounds really good does have a rear diffuser from the factory quad exit exhaust tips look really nice face of the rear trunk doesn’t

Have any issues wing looks great the back bumper doesn’t have any marks on it and this car actually has a strip of paint protection film running along the entrance of the trunk because typically in cars that’s a really high wear area just from sliding cargo in and out of the back and uh the ppf strip here is in perfect shape if that’s any testament to the condition

The car is in that’s very impressive the back bumper looks phenomenal nowhere across that passenger side rear quarter panel you could really see the paint come to life over here as the sun glances across it all that metallic flake and all that pearl really is something to look at beautiful paint color and you can kind of see some of the color and the personality

Come out in the wheels as well also lots of metallic and it’s not just a regular gray there’s also kind of some blues in there too looks really nice this wheel looks really good no flaws there rear passenger door i really love how the paint also accentuates every little line in the door you can see exactly where every transition is in the door it looks really

Cool it brings a lot of things out that you wouldn’t typically see with just a regular gloss color front passenger door also incredible condition no flaws side skirt no rock chips or anything looks great passenger mirror again no rock chips i really don’t know how it’s even possible side side mirror caps are typically like one of the highest chipped up areas on a

Car in both mirror caps in this car don’t have any flaws at all which is very remarkable front passenger fender looks perfect and the front passenger wheel also does not have any defects looks phenomenal i’ll go ahead and walk around the vehicle from a one foot distance to give you a better big picture idea of the overall condition of the vehicle here at exotic

Motorsports we have to do these comprehensive walk around videos to give our out-of-state buyers the confidence and peace of mind they need to purchase a vehicle from a site unseen if they choose to do so walking around a vehicle from a one foot distance is a lot more indicative of what you might notice on a day-to-day basis if you’re on the vehicle yourself it

Helps to separate the larger more obvious flaws from these smaller less significant ones giving you a better overall perspective the true condition of the car this is a super clean sti very well optioned pretty much stock it has a cobb intake and a cat-back so you get those fun turbo induction sounds as well as the blow-off sounds and you get the nice deep rumble

That subaru offers you gotta love that it really makes the driving experience so much more enjoyable we do have black leather interior with red contrast stitching alcantara door panel and center insert here one touch windows in the front does have harman kardon audio some carbon fiber inserts across the dash push the clutch in push button start six-speed manual

And does have a reverse lockout which is nice i really do like the way that the uh transmission is kind of set up on these cars dual zone automatic climate control navigation bluetooth these are not super common features in this car cruise control there gauge cluster options here and here you have other info like climate control um you know boost pressure things

Like that then here obviously the gauge cluster you have differential options mileage you know trip fuel economy things like that pretty basic love the red accenting the carbon fiber there in the center really clean cup holders does have heated seats in the front again not a very common option with these cars so you do have sport and sport sharp which is more

Of like a normal and sport mode and then intelligent when you push it in is more like a comfort or economy mode um so sport sharp increases the throttle response and the boost pressure sport makes it so throttle doesn’t open as aggressively and you don’t run as much boost which results in a more kind of well-rounded driving profile and then intelligent there’s

Almost no boost at all and it pretty much forces you to get decent gas mileage excuse me uh we do have alcantara seats with red accenting looks really nice door panels are in great condition the dash is all you know looks phenomenal steering wheel doesn’t have any wear steering wheel looks really nice none of the buttons are faded or have any kind of wear on

Those either i wonder switches into logs are typically the worst defenders and those look great you have toilet sensing headlights and here in the back so i am six one one ninety i’d fit in the back comfortably my head just barely contacts the roof here the ceiling barely contacts it um overall i’d say i’m very comfortable don’t really have to worry about that i

Have leg room so you can fit full four fully grown adults in the back um or i’m sorry in the car overall so it’s uh if you know you’re worried about interior space or anything like that this does make for a good family car for my car enthusiast people out there trying to justify you know getting something fun and they’re trying to claim it’s a family car this is

Possible as a family car it is a very fun one at that so here under the hood we’ve got our turbocharged 2.5 liter four-cylinder boxer engine paired with symmetrical all-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission the only modifications done to this as i mentioned are the cat-back exhaust and the cobb intake here which gives you all those fun turbo sounds

From the uh the induction noise when it spools and then the diverter valve recycling that air when you let off the throttle sounds really really cool definitely addicting it’s really hard to keep your foot out of it idle smooth sounds fantastic runs and drives great is ready to be enjoyed for a long time coming these cars are phenomenal they’re a lot of fun for

Not a lot of money they’re practical they’re reliable and they look really good so that is our 2017 subaru sti if you have any further questions please feel free to check out this car on our website at exoticmotorsportsoka.com thank you for watching

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2019 Subaru WRX STI For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma

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