2019 rolls royce cullinan off ro
Altair Club Cars 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan Off Roading

2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan Off Roading

“The proposition of this car is an engineering masterpiece, its off-road capability, whilst maintaining the world-famous ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ of Rolls-Royce,” comments Müller-Ötvös. “When we began engineering this car, these were the guiding principles.”

It was important the beginning of the design project that we really understood what cullinan could be in terms the way that it would be used there was something very unique we felt with color and right at the beginning where our challenge our chance if you like was to match this absolutely luxurious world perfect crass wish you absolute comfort and well-being on

The interior with this this is more hostile world challenging environment putting this little luxury capsule into that space tackling this rugged landscape gave us our first understanding of what cullinan was really capable of and the role the architecture of luxury plays in making its soul capable the architecture of luxury is rolls-royce’s proprietary all

Aluminium spaceframe architecture designed by rolls-royce engineers that will underpin every future rolls-royce this car is luxury in its purest form rolls-royce luxury blended with perfect practicality and off-road capability – 15 on a good day visibility zero on a bad day huge style glacia road takes us to the retin bark and teefin bark glacis the snow is

Over six feet high in places but his perfect powder for ski the new drivetrain system engineered by rolls-royce for cullinan had one key job to do we began with the simple principle to bring the famed rolls-royce magic carpet ride to all other terrains possible our challenge was to combine the maximum luxury comfort for the on-road together with the off-road

Capability like we have today a completely new front and rear axle deliver astounding levels of control over lateral roll and shear forces and deliver a high degrees of agility and stability this together with the latest generation of self-leveling air suspension and four-wheel steering contributes to incredible drivability and comfort for passengers whatever the

Driving conditions well in cullinan we implemented the first time an all-wheel drive really can feel hey come on that’s completely in you rise twice this is really an all-wheel drive behavior which is completely unique in the worst ways history in addition the flagbearer stereo camera system integrated in the windscreen sees the road or terrain ahead adjusting the

Kullen and suspension proactively when driving off-road the electronically controlled air suspension uses an air compression system to actively push down any wheel it detects losing traction to ensure every wheel is in contact with the ground the final piece of the puzzle which ensures that the rolls-royce cullinan is effortless everywhere is one single button

One push of the off-road button is all it takes to harness the full suite of rolls-royce engineering and unleash the power of cullen ins off-road capability from the austrian alps the cullinan went on to face one of its greatest tests the dunes of the arabian peninsula you covenants engineering and design is not simply conceived to conquer any environment but

By its nature create a wholly new one one of luxury everywhere even in the middle of the desert luxury remains in easy reach being the first three box suv in the world means you can remain the coolest thing in the desert encapsulated in your own ecosystem even when the rear compartment is opened it’s a rolls-royce after all you

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