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Altair Club Cars 2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van 2500 | Stock #M0750 | UltraAuto

2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van 2500 | Stock #M0750 | UltraAuto

Check out this 2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van 2500 available here at Ultra Auto.

Hello guys it’s adrian here at ultra so if you’re from the previous little short video you know we’re talking today about a 2019 ram 2500 promaster this one has the nice updated front uh grille nice little hood here we got the nice wrap around headlights these ones uh are pretty awesome vehicles they are all over the place but hard to come by so inside we have

These super nice comfortable seats we have power windows power locks we have air conditioning tilt power locks a lot of fun stuff back up camera two which is very important this one look at those seats so comfortable fuel doors right here a lot of guys don’t know that when they come to buy them and then they forget where they are and they give me a call so in the

Rear guys so it is again high roof it is a short wheel base in the rear it’s a cargo van obviously so good amount of space inside has a nice barn door slider door on the side over there but yeah you can jam pack this with whatever you need if you’re in construction work you can load up with all your tools all your equipment your shelving if you’re a furniture

Mover whatever you got to do this thing is ready to go to work and do whatever you got to do now coming out of this side following me over here check out those wheels they’re silver they’re pretty nice we have a sliding rear door that does lock into place and then yeah you can get into the van on always like i said things are ready to go to work there honestly

The kind of the lamborghini the ram van kind of makes sense if that makes sense they are hard to come by and when they’re out here they only last about a month and they’re gone guys so definitely one you want to pick up but let’s go jump inside and check out the interior okay all right guys now that we’re inside so power windows power locks you can lock the cab or

You can lock the cargo box super nice steering wheel we are sitting above the windshield is nice because you can see what’s ahead of you against your radius on this thing by the way is insane it can do little loopy loops and get out wherever i got to go uh we got all of our headlight buttons right here our windshield washer fluid all that stuff is all i call them

There voice recognition so you can hands-free call anytime it does have all your audio settings too so you can change the infotainment center without touching it 69 000 kilometers on this one so super low just rolled over today so 69 000 kilometers again guys automatic transmission tow mode in case you need it climate control is right over here so we do have air

Conditioning which is always nice especially in the hot days then uh electronic steering uh controls we got um basically stability to control my bad steering so yeah and then we got our locks compass up on top to tell you where you’re going you do have a review camera which can be done uh without going in reverse get out of that yeah you can only do your trips all

Your phone as i mentioned and you also have radio settings so you have fm and am which is super nice you can turn off the screen mute it whatever my favorite thing about these vans guys is it has its own little clipboard here so you can put all your paperwork as i mentioned these things are ready to go to work uh you have some extra cup holders and it’s really about

It like you know they’re basically here to make you some money so awesome vehicles if you want to convert it to it’s awesome they’re enjoyable to drive they’re actually very comfortable and they have a nice insulation in the inside so you don’t actually hear any road noise um i guess the older ones didn’t and it was kind of annoying right so got this nice divider too

Which is nice not all of them have that and like i said it’s got like a fabric sound dampening dampener there so it’s enjoyable to drive but uh yeah and then final floors all that stuff and super comfortable seats so that’s really about it guys on the interior there’s not a whole lot but like i said they’re great conversion vans or good ones to go straight to work

And make some money and yeah that’s about it all right guys so there you have it a 2019 ram 2500 pro master as i mentioned this thing is ready to go to work convert whatever you got to do and remember this one will make its payments for you if you’re taking it to work anyways and if you’re going to convert it it’s going to be one heck of a road trip so guys check

It out for yourself come on it down and visit me we are open weekends now on sundays so come take that into consideration because yeah we’re always here for you or just give me a call any time to schedule something up or basically put your name on it 780 902 triple six zero again against adrian your guy here all toronto take care bye for now we’ll see you soon rolling in this beast

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2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van 2500 | Stock #M0750 | UltraAuto By Ultra Auto

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