2019 ram 3500 mega cab why buy a
Altair Club Cars 2019 Ram 3500 mega cab. Why buy a mega cab? A review done like no other

2019 Ram 3500 mega cab. Why buy a mega cab? A review done like no other

2019 Ram 3500 mega cab. With Aisin transmission. For sale by DishmenDodge.com. If interested call and ask for Sean Gallagher.

Hey hey boys look what we got ourselves here found ourselves a mega cab good old man cab i’ve been looking at it i’ve been checking mega cabs out yep this one’s for sale at this man does my truck senna had dishman for some some work to be done i’ll do a video separately on that but while they have my truck in their factors i may have to hand me the keys which

Take a dishman as far as it goes this is a cummins obviously with an icing so thousand torque this is what i’ve been looking at guys a grown man could sleep in here diagonally fairly comfortably especially only only having the privilege of being a father of four kids i know it’s a long shot probably not gonna happen i’d really like my center console but if i were

To do a bench seat up front with the mate cam i may be pretty cool like a loaded up long or not long horn big horn good old cloth seats and uh ya know you’re pretty cool so that camera doesn’t do it justice sorry storage this ain’t it but you could do a little bit of storage in here not a whole lot there it’s just so convenient you know i mean i know i’m trying to

Do a review and sort of explain the while i’m driving to make a cab here but yeah that’s been on my mind a little bit shorter of a wheelbase a little bit more options so i mean yes it reclines in all the shebang this is a regular position here right now you have all that room in the back let me hop in i mean you could put stuff back here which is nifty you know me

In the video it’s hard to tell so let me come compare i mean about half an arm length this is about half an arm length right there more of long videos there you go we good old 8 inch space there meet he definitely could tell it to mega cab um not as far as you know being reclaimed because i’m not reclined right now now i’m recline you know um that’s not the only

Reason you know that’s not the only reason i’d won they cap i’m finding myself not using the bed as much as i’d like to but really wishing i had a little bit more you know interior space which is really nice so here you have it you know guys this video is very spontaneous and yeah i don’t know how let me get in here show you how a grown man could fit his booty in

Here so i myself big old booty it’s probably so i place my head right over here i mean in real-world scenario you’d probably throw a pillow right about here so i’m laying down i mean i’m not quite touching it but i’m not far from it i could easily see someone stuffing like a blanket in here so i put in their pillow in here so that the main support is still here

It’s still on on these seats but one your head be supported somewhere else and that’s that’s plenty of room guys that’s beautiful so anyways i know this is not awkward awkward video but for the real world people they’ll love it i think it’s perfect you know let me show you the room they still have this is a little bit leaning forward i recline a long when i drive

But that’s because of my back sometimes i’m upright and sometimes i’m really sciatic nerve issue my back so this is a regular position let’s add a passenger in here went out and bought some hardwood floor yeah that’s what you get out yoji get you don’t throw a fit that’s all the room you have in the back so you step outside here a car coming well so yeah i’m not

Big on mega cabs because the way they look from the outside but this is a while you know it’s well i’d be here but for guys that traveling this is perfect if you don’t travel you make yeah that’s a lot state now know if that’s quite true but the more room the better i get it um but from a perspective of using this truck everyday you know the seats are gonna be

Upright most of the time clearly right you still have room down down here it’s funny how you don’t look into something until you really need it with having all the little kids i have i could really see this useful you know get on their junk back there and then meaning this thing forward i can see myself maybe not that poor i could really see myself but only know

Like them little stores there so it will fit at home let me do another example that’s a good ol what eight inches maybe 10 inches back here you could throw them fold up strollers nice and easy back there so you know for all that it’s worth and you know rifle guy or hunting fellows you know through rifles down there whatever it is y’all see what i’m saying it’s it’s

A respectful amount of room where you could use something compact in there too all righty boys before i wrap up this video i want to show you under the hood i know no surprise there but once again this trucks up for sale at dishman dodge this video helps them great y’all want to visit different dodge to hit up my boy shawn he’ll like they’d like to say he’ll hook

It up for you and make it right and laramie they are leds but like ram sort of i haven’t driven this at night but i feel like ram sort of cheated some of the guys out i really wish graham would have done limited one of those quad led headlights man those things are just killer killer hand ways boys i might get going hopefully i know some what a minnow my new little

Videos for the reviews goes but this is more for the real world guys saying like how can i use a makeup for man it’s weird i still stick to what i’m saying you know i’m saying i hate the way the make it look make abs look outside i’d rather have a crew in a short bed than the mega cab in short but but you know worst comes to worst so hit up the boys out in salt

Lake well i think it was like 6 grand they’ll extend the frame for you and then they will go through the rocks they will hook you up and give you a long bed so that’s gonna be quite quite the boat there but if you need when you need i’m really starting to dig this mega cab dealing yeah there’s always boys hope this video helped somebody mellow bless you and may you all might find a way

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2019 Ram 3500 mega cab. Why buy a mega cab? A review done like no other! By PD Diesel Power

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