2019 ram 3500 mega cab limited s
Altair Club Cars 2019 RAM 3500 Mega Cab Limited – Squat Test Does It Squat More Than My 2018 2500 3/4 Ton???

2019 RAM 3500 Mega Cab Limited – Squat Test Does It Squat More Than My 2018 2500 3/4 Ton???

So this video was one I couldn’t wait to do to see just how much this truck would lower with over 2000# of pin. Do you think this is exceptable for a 1 ton pickup? ¬†Thanks for watching the video! Make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to the channel!!!

So my wife’s first time driving all right hold on you’re good keep on coming turn a little bit this way go that way a little bit there you go now there you go good job you’re a beast look at you look at you now hold on i’m trying to pull up let’s on that water drop out of there this is good a lot of wards coming out now all right so what you’re gonna have to

Do is you have to take a wide turn so you got the back up and you gotta come this way and swing out to go out this way or you go we could go that way either way how you doing to do this okay then she look good in that truck just trying to dump out some of this fresh water here i never had a chance to use this and my warranty is about to run out and yeah i want

To make sure the water pump is working make sure the pump was a leak or make sure the tank wasn’t leaking out you say and now this has the 81 gallon water tank and i was wanting to make sure everything was good to go if you are buying a new rv check every single thing that you have on that argue to make sure it works because you’d be surprised i’ve already had

A few warranty well i’ve had a lot of warranty things that have i’ve had to address on this thing but that’s pretty normal it’s just like owning a house we even when you buy a new house you’re gonna have stuff come up so yeah just want to just do a quick video showing you guys my wife tolling for the very first time she’s still a little scared but she’s doing a

Really good job with it i guess you know this being our first rv this is kind of nerve-wracking i mean i was a little scared too and i first started so what’s going on you two welcome back to my channel i want to show you guys this really quickly how my truck sits with the trailer on it stay tuned overall i’m really happy with how this truck sits i was actually

Expecting it to kind of maybe maintain the same ride height because this is not a heavy trailer i mean this is only 2,000 pounds of penguin i mean typically when you get over 2,500 pounds you really start to see the trucks level out i do not have any air bags on this truck because i don’t really think i need them for this size trailer i mean if i were to upgrade

To maybe like a montana or even like a cedar creek foot like by forest river those are gonna really probably make the truck squat a little bit more where i probably would need air bags but i don’t have any plans of buying another trailer in the future unless someone one of the manufacturers wants me to really test out their trailer and gives it to me for free which

I highly doubt that will happen but the truck handles really well it dropped about an inch and a half and again i’ll show that to you guys at the end i’m gonna lift the trailer off the truck because we’re dropping back off to the service facility here because we store it at our dealership that we bought it at they actually gave us free storage for six months then

They that was the only way that my wife would take this thing because she likes to negotiate everything but for the most part it rides really well it leveled out and it lowered the truck about an inch and a half my 3/4 ton it was about the same as this so i’m very surprised on how much this truck squats compared to that truck i was actually expecting it to kind

Of you know maybe like i said just kind of maintain that same height maybe drop maybe like a quarter of an inch maybe i was not expecting to drop this much but again it rides well and i’m happy with the setup i’m not planning on putting any airbags on the truck i did not opt to get the air ride either because i felt like hey i’m not towing that much and even if i

Do plan on towing in the future i probably will just do it aftermarket i mean those airbags from the factory about 1,600 olives you can get something on a truck for about 500 or 600 and you can go crazy and get the bluetooth equipped ones that can actually add air to the bags and get really crazy if you want to but hope this was helpful again at the end of this

Video i am going to show you guys how much the truck will raise up because i’m going to drop the jackson it from the fifth wheel here we’re leaving it here and so stay tuned for that

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2019 RAM 3500 Mega Cab Limited – Squat Test!!! Does It Squat More Than My 2018 2500 3/4 Ton??? By JB Reviews

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