2019 ram 3500 limited crew cab
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2019 Ram 3500 Limited Crew Cab

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We’re in Las Vegas driving the 2019 Ram HD trucks month before they come out! In this video, we do a walk around of the new 2019 Ram 3500 Limited. We show you features of the new truck and point out things we like!

What’s up guys camile here with geisel resource i’m sitting here with the 2019 ram 3500 that we actually just had the chance to drive downhill we’re gonna be taking it back up in just a couple minutes here but i wanted to take the time and show you guys some of the cool features about this new truck so the new limited’s have i mean they’re they’re majestic i mean

There’s they have so many features that that you just wouldn’t even imagine what we would be on a pickup truck you know even just a couple years ago but we’re gonna start off just you know check it out when you open the doors they actually have these built-in power steps so if you want to do those close one of those on your truck you don’t even have to buy the amp

Steps or anything anymore they have these built in we’re gonna take a look at a couple things as you can see power seating over here or the power seats they have a brand new compartment i actually think this is really sweet how it opens up it kind of slides in rather than you know opening up there’s kind of like a little cubby right there where you can store stuff

Same storage down here everything’s lined it almost feels like a like a velvety lining back there you can see the custom stitching all around the cab i mean with the seats everything something that’s really cool about these new trucks is they’re brand new twelve inch you connect display so if you can see that this display is actually split up into two different

Sections right now we have navigation up top and then on the bottom we’re actually listening to sirius xm right now and that not only did it get you know a brand new screen that’s available on some of the higher-end models but it also got a brand new sound system so before they were using an alpine sound system and now they’re actually using the harman kardon sound

If you want to take a look at some of the speakers for any let’s show them the speaker so that’s really really sharp i mean they sound fantastic – we’re gonna play a little bit of music on our way back up so you can listen to it just make sure you stay tuned probably got some tweeters up here in the doors as well that’s pretty neat so if brand-new – there’s some

Speakers up there – i’m actually gonna hop around on the other side of the truck and kind of go over more detail from that side so with these trucks they also got a whole new i mean – engage layout so if you come over here and take a look at that at the gauges all the gauges were redesigned you still have you know your fuel gauge over there you got rpm speed we

Got boost over there and then you can actually flip through the screens and take a look at whatever you want to know about your truck so something that’s really cool about these trucks is i don’t think this one has it hooked up but the last truck we were driving it actually had the trailer tire pressure available for us to look at and they also have an available

Auxilary camera that you can hook up to the trailer you’re towing or behind the trailer or even inside so you can take a look at your precious cargo so here we have just some you know the gauge summary gives you a bunch of different temps something that’s really really cool about these new ram trucks is they have the built in a brand new cruise control mode adaptive

Cruise control which is actually gonna when you’re driving it’s going to kind of it’s it’s kind of like smart cruise control so when you’re pulling up to a vehicle it’s actually gonna slow you down so it’s definitely a convenience factor and it’s definitely definitely a big safety feature that these trucks feature and not only does it work when you are driving the

Truck regularly but also when you’re pulling a trailer which is huge so now let’s go over some of the things in the back so the crew cab is or the mega cab is still going to be the only truck that’s gonna have the reclining seats and we’re actually in a crew cab right now but as you can see it’s i mean there’s still a ton of room i’m actually gonna pull the seat

Up so you guys can see so these seats will lift up which will allow you to actually have one flat platform back here which is something i think is really cool the mega cabs do this as well as just a higher platform but it’s a flat storage space if you wanted to keep anything here there’s actually a hole cut out for your cupholders which i think is pretty sweet

Too rear air is also available you got two usb and usb c plug ins i believe back here and an extra outlet so that’s really convenient and ram definitely spares no expense when it comes to you know using premium materials i mean just take a look at the stitching on the leather i think something really cool i just noticed if you look at the bottom of the seats the

Underside there’s actually lights down there so at nighttime you can you know more easily see what’s going on underneath you if you’re looking i know a lot of times i put my shoes back there or something and my personal truck so that’s definitely a big help and then there’s also really cool and you can go ahead and open yours up brennan there’s a little strap

Holding it but there’s actually storage underneath the seats too its closest towards you you little strap oh so this one’s actually got a looks like a sub built back in here so the other side is storage and then you have an additional speaker so that’s really neat but let’s take a look at some of the features of the outside of the truck neck so make me up front

Take a look they got a brand new grill about his big rig as it gets i mean these trucks just look massive and i believe there are some improvements with airflow as well take a look come a little bit closer this common section is probably the most quiet cummins i’ve ever heard i mean you can barely even tell it’s a diesel from up close let’s take a look at what’s

Going on over here so with the cummins trucks there’s actually going to be two different motors that are available for the dooleys equipped with the ice and transmission those are actually capable 400 horsepower and a thousand pounds of torque for other models from the 2500 i believe it’s going to be 385 horsepower with 800 for 850 torque so there’s definitely

A big improvement over you know last year’s fourth gen rams but wow what a what a difference i mean this thing is just so quiet and that brings me to another point to these trucks i mean they use a different type of glass and material to purposefully make it extremely quiet on the interior as well did a nice job putting these things together on the inside of the

App they have a couple different variation of headlights so these are going to be your led projectors then they also have led reflector headlights and then also regular halogen reflector headlights so as you can see this is a nicer trim it’s a limited so it’s going to have the macdaddy headlights on it and then these trucks also have a bunch of different camera

Views quite a few different features we’re gonna try and make a video specifically about the new features just stay with us stay tuned and we’ll give you more information if you have any more questions about these trucks that there’s anything you want to know leave us a comment we’re gonna try our best to figure it out and you know if we don’t know it right away

We’ll try and figure out for you and write you back but if you like what you’re seeing make sure you follow us on diesel resource on instagram and facebook at diesel resource and subscribe to our channel

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