2019 ram 2500 mega cab mega cab


This 2019 RAM 2500 MEGA-CAB MEGA CAB MEGACAB BIG HORN LEVEL 1 HEMI IN BRIGHT WHITE FOR SALE IN FOND DU LAC OSHKOSH WISCONSIN 54935 is the vehicle we did walk around review of today.

This 2019 ram 2500 mega cab short box bighorn level one is stock number one two one seven seven z we are here at summit automotive in fond du lac wisconsin you’re new and used ram and heavy duty truck headquarters this 2019 ram 2500 mega cab has the 6.4 liter v8 hemi engine this truck has been fully safetied and inspected by our service shop has a fresh oil and

Filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and it is super clean inside and out all the way around we’re going to check out the whole vehicle inside outside all the way around and uh make sure that you get the best representation possible we shoot all of our videos in 1080p 60 frames per second so if you have hd capabilities on your computer

Tablet smartphone or television turn them on right now because it is your best way to check out the quality condition and options of the truck before seeing it in person and if you like the video and want to subscribe to our youtube channel where we do videos of our new and used inventory each and every day in the lower right hand part of the screen is a subscribe

Button click that and then click the bell notifications you’ll get updates on the videos we do each and every day here at summit auto comes with the 20 inch polished aluminum rims they’re in really nice shape and it has firestone transports lt285 60r20 tires and they got right around half the tread left on them frame and underbodies in really nice clean condition

Other than a little bit of tire shine on there didn’t see any corrosion uh front fenders in excellent condition this one does have the led lighting so you get the led headlamps led running lights and led fog lamps stick around to the end of the video we’ll turn all those lights on so that you can see just how nice and bright that those lights are lower valence is a

Nice shape headlight lenses are nice and clear and the hood is in really nice condition as well passenger side front fender no dents or dings on there and the passenger side rim excellent condition as well really like these 20 inch polished aluminums on this truck coming down this side of the truck take note of how clean the body is how reflective and mirror-like

That paint is we take these hd videos so if you are far away or even if you’re close by and just cannot make the trip down but you’re still interested in purchasing the vehicle you can see the truck here the truck and of confidence in the vehicle that you’re looking at before you even get here so when you do get here there’s absolutely no surprises and you can make

A smart and informed buying decision from wherever you’re at and if this video helps you make that buying decision let your salesman know that you saw the video and that brett sent you back rim excellent condition no scuffs or scrapes and the back tires have just about as much tread as the front tires frame and underbody just like the front absolutely perfect has

All the remaining factory exhaust and all the lower rockers look really good on this truck coming around to the back of the vehicle has the led tail lamps rear bumpers in nice shape i didn’t see any dents or dings on there this one does have the full towing package which includes the receiver h4 pin and seven pin wiring the tailgate is in really nice condition too

Didn’t see any dents or dings in there and the bed is in pretty nice shape does have a little bit of scuffs and scrapes a little bit of light duty usage but that’s what happens to trucks when they’re used as trucks nothing that a bed liner couldn’t fix coming down the driver’s side just as clean as that passenger side no dents or dings on the box and this back rim

Is in excellent shape as well down the rest of the side of the truck doors look really good didn’t see anything wrong with them has the heated fold up tow mirrors they have blind spot monitoring directional signals 360 cam and then led side lights they do fold up like so they also power fold in inside the big horn level one package gives you the two-tone gray cloth

Interior no rips no tears on the seats they’re in really nice shape does have a power driver seat both these front seats are heated you do get driver side lumbar factory all-weather floor mats auto headlamps and power pedals you do get audio controls on the back of the steering wheel power windows power locks power mirrors you get the cloth bolster and wood grain

Trim on the doors and these mirrors do power fold in i always like showing both sides so that you know that both sides are working properly last thing on these mirrors is you get the power blind spot mirror if you look at that outside mirror on the left there is power so that’s kind of cool and it’s really helpful when you’re adjusting the passenger side mirror

We’ll turn the ignition on and check out the miles and the radio and everything that this truck has to offer on the interior forty two thousand three hundred and sixteen miles digital speedometer time display instrument cluster is very nice and clean comes with a leather wrapped steering wheel this is a heated steering wheel as well you do get cruise controls on

The right gear selector bluetooth and information center controls on the left and remember it has the audio controls on the back of the steering wheel this one has the 8.4 4c radio am fm and sirius xm radio capabilities you also have your heated seats and heated steering wheel controls you also have your backup camera which is right there you have your cargo cam

And you can zoom in on that cargo cam and you can zoom in on the receiver hitch to get hooked up to your boat camper trailer first time every time they’re your side mirrors for uh to park trailers and stuff and you can adjust those to go to either side of the truck which is really handy if you’re back in some a trailer or camper boat up and then lastly it does have

Your projection manager and all your other different apps where you can project your cell phone to the screen via android auto or apple carplay and if you have a navigation system on your cell phone projected to the screen and it’s like you have the nav right on the screen we actually did a demo on android auto on an 84 if you want to check that out it’s in the

Upper right hand part of the screen so click that and check us out there anyways uh you have your heated seats and heated steering wheel buttons down here more climate controls you have your eight-speed automatic transmission push-button four-wheel drive factory brake controller stability control tow haul does have two usbs two usb-c’s and an aux jack you get the

Keyless entry right here with the remote start that sliding storage tray passenger side floor mat and seat are in excellent condition i didn’t see any rips or tears on there and the headliner is in really nice condition on this truck smells very clean in here i’d be shocked if it was ever smoked in you got your map lights up there home link buttons for your garage

Door security systems and lighting systems we’ll take a quick look at the back seats and then we’ll start it up and check out under the hood back seats are just as clean as the front seats no rips or tears back here does have the latch child safety system for any child car seats you may have fixed glass rear window seats are in great shape all weather floor mats

Back here so these seats go down in two different ways the first way is that backrest goes down like so you get a nice high load floor you also get a storage area back here here’s a factory carpet floor mat for the back seats or back flooring i should say and then you get latch tether anchors and stuff back here there’s also a storage bin underneath there and

Then the other way is that these seats hold all the way down when this front seat is up let me pause it for just a second and i’ll adjust all right you can see that i got that seat down now i just had to move that front seat up just a little bit but you can see how it goes down really nice and flat you get a really nice flat area all the way across back here so

If you actually needed to take a nap or if you’ve got pets or something that you know nice flat area that’s that’s a great thing to have there as well and then they go up nice and easily like so you get child safety locks on the back doors bottoms of the doors all look really good and we’ll start it up and take a look under the hood starts right up no check

Engine lights or anything like that i would personally like to thank you for checking out the video today and hopefully from this hd video you’ve been able to tell just how clean this truck is all the way around inside and out there are those ultra bright led headlamps running lamps and fog lamps under the hood we have the 6.4 liter v8 hemi engine 410 horsepower

Engine bay is very clean runs very smooth once again this truck has been fully safetied and inspected by our service shop as a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this truck is 100 ready to go there is your mission sticker i’d highly recommend this truck from a quality and condition standpoint and to see more pictures

Of this truck or one of our other 450 new and used cars trucks suvs minivans wranglers half tons three quarter tons one tons you name it we got to go to that website right there www.summitauto.com full pictures and descriptions of every single vehicle from two locations all at summit auto dot com and if you like to check out more hd videos you can go to youtube.com

Summit auto remember to like subscribe and share on this video and all the videos that you see there in fact in a second you’ll see a link to subscribe to our youtube channel in the upper left a link to more ram 2500 truck videos like this one in the upper right a link to this vehicle on our website in the lower left and link to one of our latest youtube videos in

The lower right click those check us out and we’re super excited to help you with this ultra clean 2019 ram 2500 mega cab short box bighorn level one in bright white clear coat thanks again for checking out the video

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