2019 ram 1500 lonestar a truck f
Altair Club Cars 2019 RAM 1500 Lonestar, a truck for Texas a review by Texans

2019 RAM 1500 Lonestar, a truck for Texas a review by Texans

This week I drove the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 Lonestar, or Bighorn as it’s know in other markets outside of Texas. This is a Texas focused truck and we put it through the Texas test. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed and leave a comment to let me know your thoughts on the Lonestar package. Thanks for watching.

This week i’ve been driving the 2019 ram 1500 lone star now i’ve driven quite a few different 2019 ram 1500s over the past few months so let’s see all the different trim levels and where this thing fits in all right so you start off with the tradesmen which is basically the workhorse the work truck of the ram 1500 lineup and then you get the lone star or the

Bighorn in texas it’s called the lone star everywhere else it’s called a bighorn next you get the laramie which i’ve reviewed and then you get the you rebel which is off-road focused which i’ve also reviewed and then you get the long horn or laramie longhorn which is a much more premium focused truck which i’ve also reviewed and finally you get the limited which

Is their top of the line truck that you can get now i’ve made a special playlist just for the 2019 rams that i’ve reviewed so if you’re interested in any of the other ones besides the lone star you can go check out those reviews in that playlist all right so let’s take a look at the exterior of the truck and let’s take some time to look at the differences between

This lone star and their other trim levels so up front you’ve got this chromed out front bumper as well as a chrome grille surround and a few other chrome bits here and there also what the lone star you get these fog lamps standard next along the doors here you get this chrome strip and the doors you get a full chrome rear bumper and of course that lone star badge

Standard with the lone star you get 18-inch wheels these are optional 20-inch wheels and of course they’re chrome also optional on this truck is the wheel the wheel side step as an option with the lone star you can get ram box but this one does not have ram box but it does have this factory installed cover you can also get the lone star with a monochromatic sport

Or black packages under the hood is rams 5.7 liter v8 hemi engine you can also get the 3.6 pentastar v-6 no matter what you engineer choose you get an 8-speed automatic transmission alright it’s time to jump in the car it’s way too cold out here but let’s check out some interior features take a quick second to show you this thing this was sent to me by i do they

Reached out to me and wanted to send me one of these for free they’re not paying me for this this thing right here is a jump starter for your car it can also charge phones or ipads or whatever but it’s pretty cool i used to carry one something similar to this around with me because our our old van used to better use the diet used to crap out a lot so i had one but

Is much bigger and whenever this company contacted me and wanted me to take a look at this thing and review it for them i told them to send it on so again this is a i do it’s a car jump starter kit i’ll leave a link down below again it’s not an affiliate link it’s just a it’s just a link to their product because it’s a pretty cool thing if you’re interested in

A full unboxing of this thing on my other channel me and the little one back here did a fun little unboxing of it so if you’re the future than that i’ll leave it up in the i cards for 2019 the interior has been completely redesigned with all new features tech and premium materials the lonestar offers for interior trim levels and a choice of a six passenger bench

Front seat like we have in this review or the optional five passenger bucket seats you get a 60/40 split in the rear seat this truck also has best-in-class legroom as will demonstrate right now that’s my driving position that’s how much room i have huge backseat as far as tech goes in this loan start ram 1500 you get standard a blind spot monitoring system you get

The 8.4 inch touchscreen uconnect system with apple carplay and android auto and you get a standard 3.5 inch driver display you also get automatic folding side mirrors this truck is equipped with the cloth seats which i think are actually a really nice material for being cloth seats and they’re really comfortable to sit in and drive you get a lot of modern tech

Like usb see and in other trim levels you can get wireless charging and a little tray to hold smartphones driving wise it’s a really comfortable truck standard you get a coil link rear suspension but you can also option up to rams active air level suspension you can also get 4×4 optional with the off-road group package now if you’ve watched any of my other ram

Reviews you’ll know i really like the ram and the way that they drive and with the lonestar it’s no different this is a smooth driving quiet comfortable truck that’s great for the family especially with this bench front seat fuel economy wise this thing is rated at 17 miles per gallon city and 22 miles per gallon highway and you get a 33 gallon fuel tank so on a

Full tank you’re looking at a 4 to 500 mile range comparison wise obviously it compares to all the 1500 trucks and i’ve already gone through this in my other reviews but the way that i see the truck market right now i really like the ford f-150 and the ram 1500 those are both kind of tied with me for first place on what i like and then the toyota tundra is a really

Nice truck but i think it lacks in technology then you have the new nissan titan which is a little bit bigger than this in a really nice truck but that’s still i think lacks in a little bit design and some technology and then you have the gm trucks gmc and the and i like the design of the gmc trucks not as much the chevy trucks but i think those also lack a little

Bit in interior and in the quality that they drive so again i really like these ram trucks i would definitely recommend this lone star addition to anybody looking at one here in texas but let’s take a step out and wrap this video up alright guys well i hope you enjoyed that video if you did please give me a thumbs up leave me a comment down below let me know

What you think about the ram 1500 lone star or any of the 2019 ram 1500 s be sure to go check out that playlist and see the other reviews and as always thanks for watching

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2019 RAM 1500 Lonestar, a truck for Texas a review by Texans By texasGarage

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