2019 ram 1500 classic
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2019 Ram 1500 Classic

Heres a video walkthrough of a 2019 Ram 1500 Classic.

Hello everybody today i’m taking a look at this 2019 ram 1500 classic this particular one is a quad cab with the express package so you’re gonna get the smoked headlights foglights color matched front and rear bumper blacked-out ram logo coming over to the side you’re gonna get the 20 inch blacked-out rims on a goodyear wrangler tire the tire size is a 275 60 r20

Gonna get these splash guards right here here’s your classic logo pretty standard black door handles again this is the quad cab you’re gonna get a little bit of chip and stone protection right here this one does come with rear wheel house liners coming to the back you have more blacked-out badging there’s your color matched rear bumper tailgate release backup

Camera your standard four pin and seven pin connector as well as your trailer hitch real nice i mean this is pretty much 2018 marketed as a 2019 hence the classic as you can see so if you like this body style you can still get them let’s take a look at the interior alright so starting off over on the left side we have all of your window controls the front two windows

Are automatic up and down behind that we have your lock and unlock button and then in front of that we have your mere controls over here we have all of your lighting settings coming up to the speedometer tachometer area give your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right and a nice little lcd display screen in the middle to control the screen in the middle

There’s this little control pad over here and you can use it to select what you would like to monitor right now i’m just gonna keep it on speedometer really nice above that we have your hands-free call button over here we have your cruise control on/off buttons as well as your gear limiter up top coming up over here we have a little glasses storage compartment right

Here with the ram logo nice standard 3 inch touchscreen display you know all your controls right here as well as over here i like that they give you physical buttons with the touchscreen capability volume over here too nor seek right here you also have the option to turn the screen off if it’s too bright at night which is nice then you have your back button to the

Right down here we have your hazard button as well as all of your heating and cooling controls over here we have your shift dial and then under that we have your drive four wheel lock four wheel low two wheel drive under that we have a 12-volt outlet then if you would need more storage we have a little drawer that pulls out and gives you some nice storage right there

You can definitely put a couple phones in there if you’d like or any personal valuables you don’t want people to see above that we have your traction control on/off button as well as your tow haul mode over to the right we have a little surge cubby right here and under that we have a usb port coming over to the passenger side we have your little storage shelf right

Here and then your glovebox under that again this is the express trim so pretty basic interior the seats definitely feel nice though this being an entry-level truck here we have the center console with three cupholders lift this up and you have some storage in here you have some change storage right here and then you have two usb ports as well as an auxiliary port

Right there this rubber piece does come out in case you need to clean it this becomes a seat just by lifting up seat buckle right here and then under that you do have the ability to move the seat forward and backward just slightly the passenger does have a vanity however the driver does not and up top is your dome map lights pretty standard interior the classic is

Definitely marketed as a 2019 but if you like the body style of the classic you’re still given an opportunity to get it i think the reason they’re doing that is because of production that are still producing 28 teens technically even though they have 29 teens out i know in years past some auto manufacturers have done that they have ran two models simultaneously

I think chevy did it a couple years back but uh overall pretty impressed with this interior again for the money it’s a really good deal i would say let’s take a look at the back and see how much leg room we have so before i get in i kind of want to show you the storage that this vehicle has again this seat is one bench seat if you want the split bench seat you’re

Gonna have to opt for a higher trim but to lift the seat up you just grab onto it and pull up and you do have a storage on both sides which is nice it’s cool that they give you this right here too so that way when you put the seat down you can’t really see under it which is awesome so getting in is easy they have handles everywhere pretty much around this vehicle

We’re in so with the driver’s seat situated where it would be if i was driving i have maybe an inch of legroom i am 511 so if that’s any help for you guys out there you do not get behind the seat storage with this one and you do not get an armrest so it’s a pretty basic three bench seat you do have two cupholders in the bottom dome right there little headrest right

Here that’s about it let’s take a look at the bed open the bed like normal trucks pull it it’s not an assisted however it is very light you do have four tie-downs as well pretty standard and then two fingers and it’s up let’s take a look at the window sticker so i don’t know how well you’ll be able to see the window sticker because of the tint so i’ll just kind

Of read the key parts to you this is a 2019 ram 1500 classic express quad cab 4×4 the base price is thirty four thousand seven hundred ninety five dollars this vehicle does have a 3.6 liter v6 along with an 8-speed automatic transmission your standard equipment is going to be in this rectangle right here if you can see that and your optional equipments going to

Start here okay this rectangle you do get the express package which is code to 2j for $2,200 and you do get the express black accent package which is five hundred ninety five dollars the total price of this vehicle is forty-two thousand eight hundred and fifteen dollars all of your mpg information is going to be in this rectangle right here this vehicle is rated

At 23 miles per gallon highway 16 miles per gallon city for combined fuel economy rating of 19 miles per gallon i’d like to thank the glare chrysler dodge jeep ram for allowing me to come to their lot and do a video walkthrough on this vehicle if you’re interested in a old generation ram they’re getting a bunch of the ram classics in in different trim levels this

Is just the first one they have right now so i will put the contact info in the description below like always thanks for watching and have a great day you

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2019 Ram 1500 Classic By DeLo Enterprises

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