2019 porsche 718 boxster pdk
Altair Club Cars 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster PDK

2019 Porsche 718 Boxster PDK

Introducing our very special ultra low mileage Night Blue Metallic 718 Boxster with a luxurious Espresso Natural Leather interior. An elegant styling combination for any prestige sports convertible.

Another very special car has just arrived this is the porsche 718 boxster the beautiful metallic night blue and what a rich blue it is it’s absolutely mega now this car is very special because air the specification but most importantly in a 2019-19 registration the car’s only got 5400 miles on it and you can see that throughout the full car from the exterior all

The way down to the interior but then you got the spec as well the 718 boxer is a fabulous motor you’ve got 300 brick horsepower not a 16 4.9 seconds it makes a great sound but it’s just a very classic looking car that makes sense it’s sporty it’s convertible it ticks every single box if that’s what you’re looking for the night blue is fabulous you’ve then got your

Daytime running light and you’ve got your front and rear parking sensors but what i mentioned about the five and a half thousand miles it’s the condition it’s stone chips and scuffs and scratches really just aren’t existed on this car at all now with all porsches you’ve got a low nose come so you do expect a lot more on there but because this car hasn’t traveled

Much it is amazing you’ve also got a very unique and special interior it’s got a very nice dark espresso leather interior which i’ll show in a few seconds going to the alloys absolutely in spotless condition 19-inch and just look great it sits so well under the matches frontandria going back to the interior the express expresso lever for me and that’s extended

On the door cars the top dash the center console behind the headrest but look at the condition of the level interior it is immaculate sports exhaust you’ve got the bose surround sound system pdk gearbox heated seats adaptive cruise control heated steering wheel all these are great extras extras that you want in a sports car but as i said before the condition

Of everything from the dog cars to the dashboard you’ve got your cup holders in there it’s just look at that the cat is amazing the roof is also in that lovely dark blue so i’ll show you when i close it in a few seconds so you’ve got a lovely night blue and if you look at the glitter in it it really is a special car led style rear lighting system that lovely

Boxster iconic single exhaust bang in the middle there with the labeling clear indicators on there as well but let me show you with the move foot because this car looks fabulous with a roof down but looks equally as good when the roof was up only takes a few seconds it’s one button down here how nice is that i love the color of the car and i love the hood on it

The car is genuinely amazing electric falling mirrors paddle shift all my headlights armatic window wipers you’ve then got the the two wear sports seats as well with adjustments there two keys brown leather interior that that very nice rich expresso color that they put on this is just fabulous the contrasting colors work so well you can see the stitching there

Just popping out everywhere media player which is the bluetooth apple car player preparation as well your navigation your climate control over there sport exhaust button the spoiler lift sport button traction control the heated steering button is just hidden behind here so when you press that it comes on you got your normal adjustments in and out up and down but

For me key features is mileage condition and specification it’s all online so you have a good look through it read through it it’s but the condition speaks for itself very special car in the night blue with that hold on wheels and the spec and five and a half thousand miles if you look at what’s available and do your homework you’ll see most of them are 15 20 30

000 miles on and asking for very similar money so this is really really a special motor my name is joe my name and number’s on the bottom of the screen give me a call drop me a text or whatsapp thanks for watching bye now

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2019 Porsche 718 Boxster PDK By Acklam Car Centre

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