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2019 nissan sentra i’m going to be showing you guys how to do the maintenance items uh basically i’m gonna do the air filter the wipers the cabin filter the oil filter i’m going to show you how to do it part numbers and everything it’s the 1.8 liter i’ll put links in the description for everything so check that out so let’s start with the air filter what you want to

Do is come over here it’s right here uh what i do is i take this air intake tube off you can kind of lift this lock tab up right here and then to the right there’s this little grommet part that needs to come out and just kind of wiggle and pull this up gently try not to just like rage pull this out because you could break the tabs but we’re going to remove this out

Of the way and then we’re gonna just set it somewhere safe out of the way and um we’re gonna release these clips right here these spring clips just like that and then this the front of this air box can actually come out you just tilt it forward and pull it straight up and this whole thing will come out and you could change out your filter uh this filter that’s in

Here was a wix filter i’ll show you the part number wix is not a bad brand i’ll put the part number if you want to get it on amazon i’ll put some links in the descriptions the one i’m replacing it with is a micro guard part number on the left bottom corner and put this guy in all right so you’re just gonna it really goes in one way you know it’s a rectangle it’ll

Fit in just like that and then we just put it back in the tabs on the bottom of this uh housing assembly need to put in you gotta line those tabs up and put it in first they’re down here these holes so put your tabs in there try not to let the air filter fall out and then just tilt it backwards and then put your spring clips back on spring clips over time they’ll

Break or fall off they’ll get lost i’ll put a link in the description for them as well if you ever need to replace them on nissan’s nissan’s it’s kind of common for these to um you know fall off and break and get lost all right so also it helps to push them from the bottom if you want to put them on it it just makes it easier than trying to latch them on from the

Top so this guy needs to go on line this bottom part up in the front here first like that and then just line everything up and then you’ll put it in place there’s a grommet over here a lot of times this grunt will fall off when you take this out so make sure you don’t lose your grommet put it back on here and then just put it back into place and get that lined up

And that’s your air filter so air filter is good now let’s move to the cabin filter i’ll be honest i’m not a fan of the cabin filters on nissans uh they stick them way under here i’ll try to show you um forgive me for this camera angle but it’s like way back here it’s that little door right there that has like a bunch of little mini squares on it that comes off

And then the filter is in there and we got to get the filter out of there so uh let’s get in here the bottom has a tab you can just kind of hit with your finger or not hit but you know release the tab and then there’s your cabin filter these cabin filters have like this tab on them it’s like to pull it out but if you just try to pull on it at all it’ll just come

Rip off it’ll rip off but take note that it’s on the bottom yeah see they think you’re just gonna pull the cabin filter out with that i don’t know what they’re thinking i mean it’s a nice thought i guess for them to put that there but so you want to reach in here and try to you’re going to try to squeeze and compress the the cam filter to pull it out and then um

Once you get kind of compressed and squeezed you can slide it out now the instructions on the cabin filter i’ll show you them they say to take the whole glove box out we’ll like take the screws out and pull the whole glove box out but i mean if you’re if you don’t have any like problems with being physical you could just reach down here and get this guy out it’s

Just kind of a pain i don’t know why nissan does them like this but they do here’s my replacement it’s a micro guard 40821 uh links in the description check those out try to match up the direction of the arrow say on the old filters to the new filter this one i’m just going to put in like this with this tab on the bottom because when i took the cover off the tab

Was on the bottom um but i’m gonna put this in like that so let’s go ahead and uh try to i’m gonna try to get some decent footage on how to get this in so i’m gonna squeeze it and compress it and then just try to slide this in that spot as much as i can without ripping it or damaging it you got to kind of be patient not just try to shove it in there um it’s

Actually easier to put in than take out because once you get it in it’ll expand and fill up the spot it needs to fill up like that and then once that’s done um basically just put the cover back on that cut the top of this cover goes on first and then the bottom should snap on like that and that’s it that’s how you do your cabin filter like i said these the

Directions i say to take the whole cabinet or the glove box out and everything i didn’t do that not in this video maybe in another video i’ll take the whole uh the whole like glove box out and stuff but just just for you guys to know that is a thing here’s the wipers 15 and 28 is the size i’m going to show you how to do these are basically the hook style which

Is the best in my opinion you’re gonna take like a flathead or like a butter knife and pop this lock up and then what you’ll do is you’ll slide the wiper backwards and it’ll slide off this hook just like that don’t let the hook fall and hit your windshield because then you’re gonna have a cracked windshield and you have to get it replaced so be very aware and

And watch out for that okay don’t let this swing down and hit your windshield then you’ll put your new one in and slide it into the hook so here’s the let me get the new one here this is a bosch pure vision pure vision uh just you just open the lock on yours yours may or may not have this they come in many forms so just understand that there might be something

You need to lift up so you can have this uh spot able to just slide into the hook and then you put this in front of the hook part and then you’re gonna just wiggle it and slide it into place be gentle and be patient but um i’m doing it with one hand so if i can do it with one hand you guys could do it too all right so i just get this in place and then slide it

Forward it should kind of snap into place and then you push this down to lock it so it won’t move and ever it won’t back out or nothing like that and that’s how you do that one and then the driver side is the same way it’s just a hook style driver side is a 28 check the description in the comments for links to these parts i’ll put like a like a vehicle pack so

You could just get like the wipers but all all um you know the correct lengths for you we’re gonna open this slide this backwards to to get off the hook now some of these will have like a little tab you had to push down before you could slide it backwards again watch out for your windshield don’t let that fall and hit it these ones don’t have that these are just

Like you just kind of slide this on but yeah some will have like a tab depending on what brand you get that you have to push down to be able to move it but this one has like this little lock on it so these are actually kind of the ones i prefer but all right now oil and oil filter here’s your oil filter right here and here’s your oil um so to get your oil filter

Off you know you just gonna get a hold of it and just twist it unscrew it lefty loosey and um you know when you get it like halfway off a bunch of oil is going to come out of it and uh you know it’s to be expected make sure you have something to catch it and then properly properly recycle your oil so what i do is after i get it kind of off i just kind of take

A sharp ragging get it off they call that the mating surface right there you want to get that clean with a rag make sure your gasket is on your old oil filter you don’t want a double gasket and blow up your engine just make sure this is clean make sure there’s no debris or pieces of gasket on there and then here’s the my replacement it’s a micro guard i’m gonna

Put replacement oil filters in the in the description in the comments i’ll probably put like a nissan one on there uh and like maybe an aftermarket one so you’re going to get your new oil filter you’re gonna get the gasket a little wet with oil so then this will slide on nice and it won’t like grab and get dislodged and have an oil leak that’s what you do that’s

Like um textbook stuff you know you get the gasket a little oil on it and then you turn this on get it pretty snug and uh you know there you go that’s your oil filter now here’s your oil drain plug it is a 14 millimeter you’ll get this loose and then once i break it loose you just kind of uh twist it and then the oil will come out catch the oil recycle it properly

You know you know what i’m saying now the uh the drain plug gasket is usually the new one is a copper nissan gasket i’m gonna put links to it uh these are a little tedious to get off but nissan recommends replacing that copper gasket every time all right so uh put this on get it screwed in like that like so you don’t got to go make it tight on these i think like

Uh 17 uh seven i’ll put the torx back in there here’s where your oil goes in your oil i believe is zero w20 check the uh yeah right there on the bottom of the sticker 0w-20 check the description now the owner’s manual if you look at it as far as capacity it’ll have two options basically those codes are for like these just are like if it’s a 1.8 or like a 2.0

Or something so the 1.8 is the 8de number so that’s what i got so it’s going to be 4 and 1 4 quarts replacement hey what’s up guys i want to tell you about this new soap i’ve been using by a new company called quantum soap it’s a men’s soap company they make multiple different bars of soap with their own ingredients and fragrance they even have a dark matter bar

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