2019 mitsubishi outlander sport
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport FWD – Stock # PK018615 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport FWD – Stock # PK018615 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

Here’s a 2019 mitsubishi outlander es uh only 5700 mile 200 with the clean carfax in black i really like new alternative here at only 5700 mile this is a front wheel drive model it is the sport version so it’s the shorter five passenger mitsubishi outlander let’s just kind of walk the car and show you what we’ve got see we have the smoked lens high intensity

Headlamp we do not have fog lights in the lower bumper fashion we do have some chrome accents kind of give you that nice black and chrome look it’s come around here to the side you see brush-faced aluminum alloy wheel with graphite pockets also obviously like new tires only 5 000 miles like new brakes and rotors it’s one thing we’re really proud of ourselves

Here at all things automotive we do use car mechanical check on all our vehicles find the results of that inspection signed up by the technician that performed it glove box of all of our cars peeked through the passenger side front seat you can see uh gray cloth seating with kind of a red uh insert there in between the bolsters otherwise two captain seats will

Uh console in between with an automatic floor shifter and otherwise granule and gray interior with a little bit of uh aluminum type accents let’s go ahead and take a peek you can see there we got the uh books right there and i said all the brakes and tires are light new uh let’s go ahead and take a peek back here in the back you can see uh ample leg hip and

Shoulder room even though it’s a compact uh five passenger suv but good little uh space back air for your rear occupants again all the tires match the wheels are in good shape around to the side you see the outlander sport badging again this is the front wheel drive model it is equipped with the backup camera there pop the hatch you can see uh 40 60 fold down

On the rear seat if you need a little bit more room nice cargo cover here also underneath the mats then the flooring we have your full-size spare as you can see they’re all tucked away i was just looking to see if we have a power supply back here sometimes they do but we do have tie-downs on the front little pockets on the side so a lot of configuration there for

Cargo continuing around to the side again just showing you all the tires match wheels are all in good shape it’s a clean interior and there’s no rip stairs stains rotors previous owner was a non-smoker and obviously with only 5000 miles still has a little that new car smell you can see their manual adjustment on the driver’s seat as well also we promised two sets

Of keys i have one of them here for you now you can see it does have the integrated key fob on the door we got your power windows locks and mirrors located right there let’s go ahead and hop in start it up show you the exact miles you see 150 744 miles can’t beat that on the 19. while the car warms up we do keep a copy of the carfax report you’ll find that on a

Dash of all our vehicles see no accidents or damage two hunters three service records it was a personal vehicle uh continuing the tour uh we do have um over here on the side is your headlamp controls excuse me high beams and turn signals as well we do have your intermittent wiper washers front and rear on the left stem audio controls here on the steering wheel

Through bluetooth below that cruise controls to the right side of the wheel do have your info button here as you can see that toggles the information displayed you see tripometer uh mouse to empty average speed so i’m just toggling that put the speed back with this button right here also am fm satellite radio as you can see here uh hd we also have the ability

Paraphone of course down here your climate controls usb 12 volt power supply shut off your traction control there floor shifter here pull handle for emergency brake two cup holders another 12 volt power supply in the center console there led map lights flip dimm for the rear view uh we have mirrored visors on the driver’s side non-illuminated and we have uh

Mirrored visors uh there as well let’s go ahead and take a peek underneath the hood see very clo quiet and clean no exhaust leaks food leaks no corrosion on the battery terminal well maintained obviously only five thousand miles looks like a brand new one under there shut the vehicle off we’ll hear you get into the last portion of the video now just to recap

Uh two under no accident uh all like new tires and brakes obviously only five thousand now last part of making for them buying decisions cosmetic appearance see just a little gap there on the fender doesn’t look like there’s been any repaint might be a design i’ll check the other side let’s continue around here there is a scratch on this driver’s door this is

Probably the biggest uh damage it runs down the driver’s door also runs here down the driver’s side rear door so that scratch we did touch it up that is probably the worst of the damage when i walked around the car otherwise we just have a few little stone chips which i showed you a couple little nicks here across the painted part of the bumper fascia no real

Dents or dings on the quarter panels bumpers a couple little scratches here when the corner of the fascia a few little scratches here on the quarter panel a few more there a couple little nicks here on the door sill no imperfection there fender couple little spots here on the front fender a few more here then across the front on the painted bumper portion

Here’s the scratch we touched up over here we got a couple little chips and dings on the hood a few stone ships as well let’s see here a few here a few minor scratches we buffed out a few more chips here a little sap there a couple more little marks on the hood so really we got those two doors on the driver’s side and the hood has some uh chip sap little little

Um imperfections but all in all guys it does still have the remainder of mitsubishi’s powertrain and comprehensive warranties transferable to the next center so you can buy with confidence if you’re interested a few ways of getting a hold of us come visit us 21518 great cove road in mcconnellsburg pennsylvania give us a call at area code 717-485-4222 hit option

One for sales or of course you could shop 24 7 online at www.allthingsautomotive.com again my name is kevin richards i appreciate your time watching this video hope you found it beneficial and i wish you an excellent day

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2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport FWD – Stock # PK018615 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA By All Things Automotive

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