2019 mitsubishi eclipse cross ls
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS

Hey anastasia good afternoon welcome to your virtual tour on the mitsubishi eclipse cross the chewing guard on now as i mentioned to you in a conversation i’ll go through all the interior and exterior of this car pointing out any scuff marks or any marks that needs to be added at first point of sale now before i start the virtual tour if you haven’t been here

Before what i understand this is one of our two pre-owned dealerships holding over 200 plus cars at any given time between two yards here in cairns make us one of the biggest pre-owned dealerships here now across the street there as well we’ve got the brand new toyota showroom lecture show service as well right behind it there also all right back to the vehicle

Now starting with the front of the car nice big headlights nice daylight driving lights there as well with your blinkers you get the fog lights fitted to the car front sensors i will point out it’s a little bit dirty from a bit of bugs and grime but the car will get a full detail washer and clean for you but that will get a detail no dramas there at all but any

Scuff marks or any marks i will point out that’s just dirt no dramas there at all the car will get a full detail for you just a little dirt mark there as well nothing too major the clear coat there as well it is in immaculate condition as you can see no dings or dents or anything at all whatsoever just a bit of dirt the windscreen there as well there’s no chips

No crack all in really really good condition zoom up from this angle here and then wake my way down the vehicle now genuine allo’s in the front i will point out there’s a little mark just here in the gutter when they got maybe it’s got close to a gutter uh but genuine alloys now these are your 18 inch alloys with plenty plenty of tread left there as well work

Your way down color-coded mirrors blinkers you’ve also got the color coded door handles as well fitted to the vehicle there as well back tire same thing plenty of tread no rush marks on this one fuel cap obviously on this side as well nice black offset there as well too with the vehicle work your way around the back now zoom in on the re-sensors there nice big

Brake lights nice chrome finish reverse camera there as well too nice little spoiler on the roof shark fin antenna there as well in the back just open it up plenty plenty of boot space there three anchor points if needs them as well the seats do lay flat there as well like so we’ve also got here your spare tire should all be underneath just here okay close

It up zoom up from this angle here work your way around just giving you that full 360 view and i’ll make my way inside the vehicle very very shortly all right jumping straight in very clean very neat and tidy plenty of leg room space three seater in the middle there as well you’ve also got a power bit point making the back there as well too roof lining all

In really really good condition driver side door power window central locking electric mirrors a couple of floors all the way through my apology i was driving the vehicle here at the front with my dirty boots a little bit dirty but like look the car we’ve got full detail washing clean very nice looking interior jumping straight in there’s a couple of floors on

The other side dash there as well all in really good condition windscreen there’s no trips no crack or anything at all whatsoever central locking okay i’ve only got the one set of key for the vehicle but the second set does arrive i will let you know but currently i’ve only got the one key with the car so we’re only advertising the vehicle with the one key okay

Over here we’ve got the owner’s manual service history booklets all in here for you services i can show so your first service there was done at fifteen thousand so standard fifty thirty thousand that was done forty five thousand there was done sixty thousand there was done seventy five thousand there was done and then eighty six there was done okay so your next

One isn’t drew actually nice ninety thousand that was done by pacific time so we’ve just serviced the vehicle for you okay so your full service history and your next one is endurance with 105 000 k’s on the clock give the car quick start all you do is put your foot in the brake and press the start button close the door as you can see there’s no warning so my hand

Brake and my seat belt okay 90 000 cases on the clock steering wheel here airbag and horn leather all the way through bluetooth voice commands cruise control you’ve also got the paddle shifts here as well to go up and down the gears manually you’ve also got the wipers so your headlights by apology automatic headlights and blinkers and your wipers are on this side

Okay over here nice big full air vents nice touchscreen display here as well okay you can also central control here of a button just to go through your touch screen this display just here as well too it’s in the console but over here you do your volumes you do have your home button there as well you got the apps button there too okay very very easy to use has

The lights are here air con temperature all in there for you 12 power point two usb points there as well automatic transmission reverse camera there as well when you put the vehicle on reverse center console here all right let’s have a click of a button in the middle and out you can go through different options there for the screen very very easy handbrake cup

Holders leather center console and a massive massive center console there okay so there’s your interior adjustable headlights there as well sensors on and off traction control all in there for you just going to open up the engine bay of the vehicle just so you can see and hear no funny textual noises all right clean down neat and tidy so there you have your

Virtual tour from the mithibishi eclipse cross i hope you enjoy and i’ll talk to you soon thank you

Transcribed from video
2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LS By Regie Cason

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