2019 mini cooper convertible 3 c
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mini Cooper Convertible 3 cyl turbo test drive POV 0-60 review engine & top operation @ end vid

2019 Mini Cooper Convertible 3 cyl turbo test drive POV 0-60 review engine & top operation @ end vid

ThisMini Cooper belongs to our good friends that have the 2021 LX 570. They bought this car from the original owners at 9000 miles for some reason my freeway clip did not come through. But I will stay in the car cruise at 80 mph and 2700 RPM it had plenty of power and was very strong considering it’s just a three cylinder turbo. Of course we are talking about a tiny car here but this littleCar was well screwed together and felt like a BMW. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the video and sorry for all the jumping around I had a little bit of a hard time figuring this little car out. Engine shot and top operation is at the end of the video as well as me finally figuring out how to use the infotainment. Sorry I did not have a chance to redo the video which I would have liked to do due to time restraints. Peace

What’s up everybody joe with joe’s golden garage hope everyone’s had a good thanksgiving holiday i’m bringing to you today a 2019 mini cooper cabriolet very cool little car i have never driven a mini oh look at the little easter eggs this is mini and then mini right there on the ball pretty cool got some little wheels not sure what trim level this is i’m not

Up to date on my mini packages but i do see that it’s just a standard cooper so no s or anything like that it may be the three cylinder turbo it does have leather looks like it has nav and heated seats let’s check it out well we’ll start by looking under the hood i always liked how the hoods cut out around these headlights okay this is next impossible to open

Oh boy all right maybe we won’t look under the hood i’ll have to google that one let’s just go ahead and just jump right in and go for a ride oh my gosh this thing is small oh my gosh it’s so small but man i am six street and i have got tons of leg room i mean i can barely reach the steering wheel oh no rear seat okay this could be interesting could be a uh

Definitely a fun car for maybe one or two people at most uh this car belongs to the people that have the 2021 lexus lx 570 that i have just sold that’s right they bought it new september 11th and i sold it uh wednesday i sold it for a hundred and one thousand they paid 107 for it i thought we could make a little money on it or at least get our money back but um

Just didn’t happen just didn’t happen turned out the dealers weren’t quite as interested in those because they’re old and been around a while wow cool that was the start button there pretty neat let’s get a heated seat going what a neat little ride of the tires are low they do not drive this car very much at all this is like a fourth car for them oh yeah it has 12

957 miles they uh bought this just to go up to uh nice backup camera it’s just got great uh picture quality yeah they bought this little car just to ride up to the casinos of north carolina and uh just drop the top and have a little fun and what a perfect little car for that well in this tidy just tidy i wonder how we get our map boy it does not like the fact

That these tires are low i mean give me a navigation screen giving me something else to look at not happening all right i’ve been having to scoot the seat up this darn thing is uh got so much legroom i think i could enjoy driving something like this heck yeah man i don’t know if i’d really want a convertible but i could probably get behind just the uh little

Two-seater uh i mean two-door hatchback seemed like a good economical way to get around and go they did tell me that they bought this one from the original owners with 9 000 miles so they’ve only had it for about 4 000 miles uh the original owner sold it because they couldn’t get their small kids you know too small and uh the current owners of it now complain

Of course of the same thing too small can’t carry the groceries in it can’t get the grandkids in it you know but what did you expect when you bought it i mean you know um you just can’t make everyone happy huh i think it’s a cool little car and there’s a little countryman right there a little four-door now all right give it all the beans let’s see what we got

Wow pretty peppy not too bad and very smooth i mean it really is very very smooth golly i’m very surprised 65 miles per hour turning about 2 000 rpms i mean this little gauge cluster is really cool i wish we could get this to do something a little different definitely a little tardy but you know this thing is quiet i mean that top is tight as a drum nice

Leather seats i mean i know these things have been around now for what since 03 or 04 now largely unchanged um but it still feels pretty relevant here pretty cool i love the little push button uh start switch that’s neat um the climate control a little cool screen here with all the different colors huh pretty neat little ride the windshield is very upright very

Straight up and down like a jeep or something let’s uh shoot her down the interstate and see what we got sorry about the sun guys for some reason i got cut off back there on the interstate not sure what’s going on with the camera here drop a comment below tell me what motor is in this thing i don’t have a clue 2019 mini cooper cabriolet i might include a uh

Snippet of the top going down i’ll wait until i get back to the house like comment subscribe we’ll see you guys next time peace i figured out some of this multimedia i’m sitting here playing with these knobs and duh there’s a bmw type mmi down here so you hit menu you can get your driving information satellite radio telephone calls just your system settings

Fm presets vehicle settings mini assist usb openometer openometer let’s see what that is 23 hours of open top no 126 hours of open top it does not have nav that i can find but it does have you know some media functions and your satellite radio and such let’s see what else do we got there’s your phone calls like notifications i guess you can get text and

What have you i thought that was maybe the nav but it says mini connected so that’s like your mini assist manager mobile devices yeah this is a pretty basic little head unit here my mini you got all your vehicle settings and stuff like that driving information huh pretty cool pretty cute yeah pretty cute i thought we would uh do the top okay wow oh so it

Rolls back like a sunroof no kidding there it goes i’ll be dipped well is that not the coolest thing all right so there it is the top down now that is pretty cute y’all that looks like a heap of fun man no leg broom back there yep that looks like a blast oh all right guys like comment subscribe we appreciate you watching and we will see you next time small

Little boot with a little tailgate what isn’t that cute guys that is tiny holy cow that has to be the three cylinder it has to be i mean the whole engine is just two feet wide well i tell you what they did a pretty darn good job making a pretty smooth three cylinder that’s got some actual get up and go i can’t believe it’s got some guts

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2019 Mini Cooper Convertible 3 cyl turbo test drive POV 0-60 review engine & top operation @ end vid By Joes Golden Garage

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