2019 mercedes g63 amg brutal 4ma
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mercedes G63 AMG BRUTAL 4MATIC + Drive Review G Class Sound Acceleration Exhaust

2019 Mercedes G63 AMG BRUTAL 4MATIC + Drive Review G Class Sound Acceleration Exhaust

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Hello guys welcome to murrs vance kang and as you can see today we are here with the amazing mercedes-amg c63 the new generation it has a gorgeous diamond white color and in today’s video i will just show you the exterior we will also listen to the sound and we will take this car for a drive in the city just to see what kind of piece it is as you can see this car

Is optioned with the amazing mercedes lighting feature it comes here from the side mirror amazing option the new generation g class also has the new mercedes benz design key with an amg emblem in the front and on the back side the a photobook mzm them so let me just unlock the car and you can see the beautiful lights that this exterior has the black line on the

G-class indicates how far this car can go underwater the height of this car is amazing it is 95 1 meters and 95 centimeters tall this new g-class generation has increased in height in width but it’s reduced 100 kilograms so it is two thousand four hundred and eighty-five kilograms you can still see the indicator on the hood of the car the g-class characteristics

As well as the round shaped headlights from the front you can see it has the beautiful amg panamericana grille it just looks gorgeous you can see that this is still the g-class it has the g-class veins from the sides and the measures of the car but it does have the newest technology and the newest amg engine another hood so let’s have a look at what another hood

Amazing sound so let’s have a look at what’s under the hood of this beast the mercedes amg c63 this is the new mercedes amg engine a four liter v8 which produces 585 horsepower you can compare this to the gt-r engine with the same amount of horsepower as i mentioned this car is 2,500 kilograms but it takes it from 0 to 100 kilometres an hour in just 4.5 seconds a

Top speed of 210 kilometers an hour but if you have the amg performance driving performance then it has a top speed of 240 kilometers an hour so as you guys know the g-class the g-wagen is known for its crazy dimensions this car is one meters and 95 centimeters tall so it increased in height but what about the trunk space let’s have a look first of all amazing

Doors very firm just look at this trunk space you have so much area to move your luggage from the wide trunk you can have a glimpse of the beautiful interior it has a mass of 22 inch rims so now that we have taken a look at the exterior and we looked what’s under the hood let’s take this g63 for a drive so guys it has a gorgeous interviewer as you can see also

Beautiful ambient lighting so let’s start the engine it also has a large panoramic roof so as you can see from my hand you have a lot of head space that’s one thing for sure so we just tilt it a little and let’s start the engine amazing also what i did with the lights in front of us like sports seat belt of course so let’s take it for a drive also a gorgeous

Interior in light this call also stands out in public it just gets a lot of attention and it also deserves it because this car is huge even this set straight flipper it’s so far away from me compared to other models from the interior you can see it has the new amg steering wheel with two vertical lines and it’s hope alcantara and leather the site is a little

Bit better as well as the bottle and in the interview you have still the g-class feeling of all the edges but it’s so luxurious this look at the two digital dual screens in front of me they are both 13 inches it is full digital you can change the navigation system in front of me into for example the trip meter and a lot more i can also change the complete

Display just a feeling of driving this car is amazing we have two dual exhaust pipes on the side of the car so there’s always this intensive aggressive sound going from the exhaust here in europe especially in the netherlands you are way higher than other cars it’s currently in the sport plasma and it has 585 horsepower but keep in mind this car weighs 2,500

Kilograms so let’s see how fast this amazing you don’t expect this from a g-wagen 4.5 seconds to 100 kilometers an hour so i will just hit the record button next to the iwc schaffhausen watch and here are the vehicle settings we are in the tunnel so let’s listen here is the vehicle data and this will show you how much tire pressure there is the angle if you

Are on a cliff or not the g-force and the mode you are driving in so you can put it into the rock boat or the cent month and that will change the suspension of the core and the way the wheels operate all four views operate individually so if you are on a rock or on a sending road you always have full control of the car so not only the looks but also the sound

Attract a lot of attention compared to the previous sickness this one really steers like a limousine or sedan the previous g-class really had a different feeling when you drive that car so this thanks for watching mariinsky i hope you liked this video of the mercedes amg g63 if you have some suggestions just leave it in the comment section below i will just

Be enjoying this car so a lot of new videos will definitely arrived see you guys bye bye

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2019 Mercedes G63 AMG BRUTAL 4MATIC + Drive Review G Class Sound Acceleration Exhaust By MercBenzKing

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