2019 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger 4×4 High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger 4×4 High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

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Oh i’m roger here prime motorcars mercedes benz and sprinter and scarborough maine wanted to do a nice video of this 2019 144 wheelbase high roof stone gray 4×4 sprinter van what a really nice color this is i’m so want to start right here in the front and point out it has a nice chrome grille and we’ll take a walk around the passenger side so the first thing we can

See here on the side of the van is we have the aluminum mercedes-benz aluminum wheels this has got the leather seating these seats are removable for you know for storage if you want you could up fit it as a campervan it’s great for families traveling it’s just it’s an all-around great van for all of that as you can see here – on the floor this is a rubber mat over

A wood floor very very easy to keep clean and we’ll get a shot of the roof-mounted air conditioner you can see it inside so in the summertime it keeps the van nice and cool the sprinter van also has auxilary heat it’s got vents on the driver side down floor and though towards the wall so in the wintertime – with the auxilary heat keeps everybody in the back of the

Van nice and warm we’ll come around the back of the van so we’ll start right here on the outside so it’s got the pre wiring here for a trailer hitch as well so you catch can be out it to this sprinter van and you can tow up to 5,000 pounds with that so if enthusiasts i like to go camping that may have a small camper a small boat you can tow definately tow behind

The sprinter van will open up the back doors here so as you can see – well with this 12 passenger van there’s still quite a lot of storage right here i know a lot of folks like to remove this back seat to have even more storage especially for people that you know play hockey or soccer on travel teams and stuff families really love using this type of sprinter van

For that as well and as you can see the sprinter has a really nice backup camera that’s mounted up here over the third brake light and when we get inside the vehicle i’ll demonstrate that – it’s really nice and clear so the back door is i have them opened up right now they’re opened up 92 nice straight back they also opened up 180 degrees so you can have both doors

And the way the hinge is designed it will latch the door in place too so if the winds blowing it’s not gonna just slam on you so a little bit more about the van before we go for our test drive as well so the mercedes-benz 4×4 sprinter van is powered by a v6 3 liter turbo diesel engine has 325 foot-pounds of torque with 188 horsepower so it has lots of power very

Very good in icy and slippery snowy conditions as well when it’s in four-wheel drive and for 2019 and nor they added the 7-speed 7g tronics transmissions very nice so now folks we’re gonna hop in the cab and i’ll go over some features of this sprinter van with you alright folks so we’re sitting here in the cab of the 2019 stone gray 4×4 passenger van high roof

What an incredible vehicle this vehicle has a lot of options on it very very nice a lot of safety features as well so i spoke about the backup camera i want to display that so you can see it’s nice and clear here in the screen so it has six different options – on the with the cameras so this has a 360 degree – so you have a sky view of the van looking straight

Down and when i turn the wheel you can actually see in this side and the side where your wheels would track also if you do if you would like to put a trailer hitch on there’s a camera here that makes it very simple to back up to a trailer to hook it so you have a yellow line right here that would line up with your drawbar with a trailer hitch so you could hook up

Very very easily also we have a wide-angle rear view camera view right here so you can see a lot more behind you then we have another view so this shows both sides of the sprinter van in your blind spot and then we have a front view and then we have a wide-angle front view so you can see actually what’s in front of you and it still shows your van sitting right

Here 360 degrees the most popular backup camera used is this one right here for backing into spaces this van also for your smartphone there’s a wireless charging pad right up here in the dash so you just simply place your your cellphone up here and it will charge your cell phone without having to plug it in which is a really nice feature we’ve got three usb ports

Up here and then this is where we would pair your cell phone devices right here you compare two phones this is also voice control and touchscreen so it’s very nice you have a really nice navigation system one of the really cool things this is the ten and a quarter inch screen it’s the largest screen we have available from mercedes-benz and you can blow it up you

Can blow the screen up and you can shrink it down depending on your preference this has a serious xm am/fm radio as well there’s a place here once the pro connectivity is activated you can pair media devices and then we have an info center here of the vehicle you can click on this there’s lots of things you can look at your engine you can look at your fuel consumption

And it also has a online operator’s manual here digital which is really nice and this is the the where we get the pro connectivity activated then you have pro apps you can click on that you can do you have a browser here so you can browse different things it’s not connected right now so it’s really not going to connect to anything at the moment and then we have

Your vehicle settings right here so this is where you can look at all the safety features whether you want to turn them on or off some of them you can turn off some of them you can’t and then you can go to assistance and you can scroll down and you can see we have traffic sign active lane keeping assist active brake assessed attention assess blind spot assist you

Can go to your vehicle and you can search for a gas station too so if you’re running low on diesel you can click this and it will find the closest gas station with diesel for you and then this is for your exterior and interior lighting and a locator lighting and the system’s you have like a quick access and stuff like that you can look at different things in here –

You have your wi-fi and bluetooth you can find a hot spot with the sprinter van there’s just a lot of nice features will come over here to the steering wheel so on the right hand side of the steering wheel there is a small control mouse here and you can control the mbu x system with that also like i said the m the m bu x is also voice controlled and then you have

A volume here to turn your radio up and down you also can answer your phone and hang your phone up on this side on the left hand side you get your cruise control there’s another mouse here too that you can control everything in your instrument panel you can take a look but everything that you can look at in the instrument panel that you can also view it on the mbx

System and you have your cruise control on this side and then this has heated front seats and electric seats which is very nice and then you have heated electric mirrors and also electrically folding so if you’re in a tight spot you can actually fold the mirrors in and now we’re gonna go for a short test drive and i’m going to drive by our inventory over here a

Little slow we have tons of sprinter vans we have 20 19’s we have 20 20s that are here we have my gas models we have rear-wheel drive we have lowe roofs high roofs we have a great great selection of inventory right now and you as you can see it’s a tight driving here in my parking lot there’s a lot of sprinter vans here just very maneuverable so i hope you’ve folks

Have enjoyed my video of the 2019 144 high-roof 4×4 sprinter passenger vans stone gray for anyone that would like to speak with me or give me a call about our inventory please feel free my name is roger gamblin my cell phone number is two oh seven eight three eight zero one six nine and i’m looking forward to working with anyone looking for a sprinter van thank you very much you

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2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger 4×4 High Roof | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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