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Altair Club Cars 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew | Video tour with Spencer

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew | Video tour with Spencer


Hi peter spencer from prime motorcars mercedes-benz in scarborough maine we got your message this morning regarding the 2019 sprinter and seeing that you are all the way in california we are all the way in maine we figured we put together a video tour maybe bringing a little bit closer to the vehicle we do work with clients all over the country i have customers

All over san diego los angeles and pretty much everywhere in between so happy to answer any questions you have figured we’d start with the exterior of the vehicle give you a quick little you know kind of walk around here so a 2019 model traded here at our dealership very low miles some fantastic condition a lot of nice features and of course the most important

Component of the vehicle is the fact that it is a 4×4 so it’s the four-wheel drive now as we come along the side of the van you’ll see this is our 144 wheelbase it’s the short wheelbase and it’s the crew van so what that means is we have our driver and passenger seat one row here three extra seats and then open space in the back those seats are removable as well

If you need the extra space but a perfect kind of combination of a work or conversion van mix with a little bit of passenger space it’s a really really nice combination let’s take a closer look at the interior inside the sprinter we can take a closer look at the interior a lot of updates for the 2019 model year a lot of nice changes and a lot of components from the

Mercedes-benz automobiles so some nice features and starting with the steering wheel here we do have our horn right here in the center of course phone and volume control on the right cruise control functions on the left another nice option is the distronic that’s the radar-guided cruise control not an option you see on an everyday sprinter van comfort features

Include things like heated and power seats memory seats for both the driver and the passenger your power windows and then down here is your 4×4 and your high and low gear box so it’s a true four-wheel drive high low gear box you can change in and out of here easy and to do and then as we move across the screen this is our mb ux system so this has a lot of new

Features it’s a brand new system from mercedes-benz this is a 12 inch touchscreen also not every single mercedes-benz sprinter was built with this option it’s a limited piece so there aren’t as many mercedes-benz printers with this full touchscreen display so navigation bluetooth multimedia radio all run right from here below that you have your climate control

And then you have you know other other features like your heated windshield windows in the back your defrost your air conditioning all that’s run right from their backup camera standard on every vehicle actually shows right in this rearview mirror so you won’t be able to see it but what happens is on this screen a little mirror pops up it’s a nice piece to have you

Know other safety technologies things like your blind spot monitoring you know your your your your abs your braking control system there’s just so much in these vehicles i could talk for for hours and hours and i’m sure you don’t want to watch a video that long with that much information but i am happy to answer any questions you have you can call me directly on my

Cell phone 207 two one zero four seven nine six i am available via email as well my emails s.r.o that’s s ro e @ dr prime comm once again peter we wanted to put together a video you being in california us being in maine bringing you a little bit closer the vehicle hopefully answering some questions for you in the process anything we can do to help thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed

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2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew | Video tour with Spencer By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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